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  • Erickaimenyi for verse 24
    Truely, He provides for all who call HIM FATHER
  • Oladeji Benjamin Olalekan for verse 15
    What appears to me that the Author of Life stands to address is to explain what life is.I think no one knows it better than Him for scripture refers to Him as Author of Life.Sometimes definition of a thing is difficult and option in the face of such dilemma is to describe the concept or a thing itself and this is done by elimination and substitution methods.The method used by Author of Life in that weighty expression is elimination method.He is saying that 'when defining what life means,start with this radical approach:remove from your thoughts and calculation POSSESSIONS'!In the world and its system,they have their measuring indexes of different things including LIFE.But as far as the Author of life is concerned,where the world ends its calculation(that is POSSESSIONS) of what life should mean should be our initial point of separation and departure.We use things in the Kingdom not vice versa.Jesus leaves us to look for meaning of life outside property possession whether in tangible or intangible because they are not part of 'universal set' of what life is.So wealth is a misguided index of what life is.God bless you.see Matt.6:25-34,Jn 10:10.
  • Sunder N. Daniel for verse 32
    Lord has declared us to be his children. Therefore he wish to give us good things which we must accept with thankful heart S.
  • Harry grubham
    The verses that I believe to be very important are when the Lord tells us not to worry. what good does it do? Trust in the Lord and all will be well with our SOUL! Our body is just on earth a short while.
  • Farzana for verse 7
    he is very humble n peaceful.
    he always shows the love n care of jesus
    i like to read it
  • Dixie for verse 6
    God cares for all of his creation.
  • John G
    Just reading Luke while listening to David Jeremiah. What a blessing
  • Vuyisile for verse 53
    Jesus' name will separate families because they will have different faiths and religions.
  • Susanne Rivera for verse 46
    The lord of that servant will come at a time when he is not looking for him, and at an hour when he is not ready for him, and he will have him cut in two and will give him his part in the fate of those who have no faith;
    - Basic English Bible

    I believe that the Christian who know God's word but are not prepared to do for His kingdom, play foolishly, waste their time to enjoy worldly and or busy for Him, and act like unbelievers, even though they know His word. They have a responsible but ignore His command, Word. They don't look up forward to Him. Then Jesus will cut them off to put with the unbelivers, hypocrites, and unfaithful. They will receive some stripes to beat in Hell. A verse said that without work faith is dead. Do you agree? Thanks, Susanne
  • Donnycom for verse 33
    i think,after reading a lot of commentary on this and other various scriptures regarding actual HARD SACRIFICE to be a christian,that i never knew people could be so clever when attempting to change what jesus said into something more is almost laughable how christians want to fool themselves into thinking that they can get fat and comfy and sail on into heaven in an easy chair.jesus was a very UNambigous about when he gets to separating the sheep from the goats...!there is gonna be some surprised people who have been fooling themselves to a very unpleasant end.
  • CV KUMAR for verse 10
  • Thomas
    Yeah! It's The Way an The Truth!
  • Matthew
    Please remember that the first generation has been punished by the water, but those who don't believe in Jesus and donít do his will will be punish by fire. Please if the lord warns you, come back to him and ask forgiveness and do his will (Luke 12:49).
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 20
    Jesus has just told a parable about a certain rich man. The rich man had more goods than he could store up, so he thought to himself, without being mindful of God, I shall build larger barns to bestow my goods. Then I will say to my soul, take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry. Instead God said thou fool, this night, thy soul is required of thee, and to whom shall these goods be given? We have to remember God owns it all, and we are only stewards. We will have to give an account of our stewardship when we die. To whom much is given, much is required. It is wise to give those goods away while you are living, to the glory of God, and for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Beware of covetousness, for the life of a man does not consist in the abundance of the things that he has. Seek first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, then all these things will be added unto you. Matthew 6:33.
  • Kenneth for verse 20
    I feel it is telling us that all the riches you acquired during this life on earth will be completely worthless when you die. It also speaks to the fact that we know not the hour we are going to leave this life. Knowing this, I think we should put our focus on being ready for heaven at this time. Note that the passage said nothing about heaven or hell, but know you are going to one or the other for eternity. Believe me whatever you leave behind someone is going to enjoy it whether you like it or not.
  • Judy Hall for verse 24
    I love the Lord and Luke 12:24 assures me of his Love care for his people.
  • Jim Beatty for verse 27
    I've just started reading your post and other peopleís testimonies. I enjoy it very much. Would you consider putting the quotes from the "Complete Jewish Bible" by Dr. David H. Sterns on your post also. He is a Messianic Jew and brings a lot of light to the Word of God. Thank you J.A. Beatty aka THE-JAB
  • Jay
    Verses 51-53
    1.Simply stated Doctor Luke, through the leadership of the holy spirit, is verifying the fact of being a born again believer who has made a commitment to follow and obey the holy scriptures;
    2.This commitment will cause (cost) division not only among strangers, friends, distant relatives, but also those family members of your own immediate family that do not or have not made the same commitment that we true believers have made;
    3.This is one of several draw backs of being saved later in life rather than being raised in a bible believing, separated family;
    4.In the book of Matthew, Jesus likens the division to a sword (Matthew 10:34-39);
    5.This is usually a difficult path to trek, but trek we must if we are going to please our heavenly father.
  • The question is what does division mean in its general context? What I have just finished doing is researching the Hebrew versus Greek definitions of division! Through studying I will conclude in saying that we are not getting it because we are interpreting the Greek content when I believe we use the Hebrew definition it means distribution. Deliverance redeems after reviewing these meaning. One would say Deliverer and redeemer of the masses? To separate the few believers from those who are unbelievers.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Luke 12:32 Fear not little flock, for it is the Father's good pleasure to give us the Kingdom. We must seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto us.
    When we remember the poor, and take up our cross daily we are laying up treasures in heaven that will not pass away. The only inheritance that we should be concerned about, is what is being stored up in heaven. Jesus is the judge, and He will have us to give an account of how we used the treasures that He gave us, for the glory of God. So be like the ravens, who neither sow or reap, and yet our heavenly Father provides for them. So how much greater are we than they?
  • Carolyn for verse 20
    I feel the Lord is teaching to store up your riches in Heaven, for on this earth your inheiritance is worthless unless you have inheirted the Kingdom of God through Jesus. That is the only true thing that matters for everything else will pass away.
  • Nana Ama
    Wow the words of Jesus is so inspiring. He revealed to us the kind of God we serve. He revealed God as a loving Father who know everything we need and provides them.He urges us not to worry about a thing and that we should just have faith and believe that our Father God is Good.
  • Sherylynn Taylor
    this is a great chapter this is the way Jesus walked to always be watching and praying and have your lamp filled with oil like the five wise virgins to keep focused on his coming allways looking. in Jesus Name i pray
  • Danny
    I'm sure that God loves me and you,it's just amazing how few people know that! because the love of God will keep you, how he said in Psalms 91 how he set his angels in charge of they!! this is divine protection, what more can you ask for, now tell somebody
  • Craig for verse 38
    In studying Scripture, it is essential, I think, to know of the background by which characters wpeak and act. I am very interested in learning more about such a background. The religious empirical thinking machine commonly called THE CHURCH is an empty, vain, blinding system of damnation concealing the truth and reinforcing error. If it takes the balance of the rest of my life, I should wish to unlearn what these false teachers imparted to me. In that sense I can only say, that Yahuweh (The original Character removed by such a wicked and erroneous system as I have described) is able to give me and others like me shomar the Hebrew word corresponding to our English WATCH and chachamah another Hebrew word corresponding to wisdom and tahor another Hebrew word meaning cleansing from such an erroneous and wicked church teaching as I have sat under, Craig
  • Gil thomas jr.
    Who measures how we;ve done in life And judges our success ? Our God, who gives rewards 2 those Who live n righteousness. God wants u 2 spend your time n treasure building His kingdom,not your own.
  • Andria for verse 28
    When things are tough in our lives we should remember this verse to keep us strong and know he cares. In these times and the way things are in life- tough. They were bad years ago too, in the years Jes
  • Royal
    My understanding is that we are living in the latter days and as Christians we need to be vigilant, holy and vocal on things pertaining to the Kingdom or the world will eat us alive
  • Aby
    i like Mom's comment here GOd Bless you maam for the thoughts you expressed are the same i have. Lord make me humble make me doer and not just a listener may all those who come in contact with me be able to see your love through my actions i just wish and hope Holy Spirit rains down on each of us believers who then can go ahead and tell the good news
    should be prepared because Christ will come like a thief no one the hour or time except God himself so we should keep on watching.

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