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  • John madden for verse 31
    Seek his kingdom put it first..he is preparing us for his kingdom.and he has prepared it for us
  • Yes this is indeed the truth the disciples forsook all, Jesus forsook all, Paul forsook all, this is a direct command and is re affrimed in some passages Luke 14 any one who does not forsake all thst he has cannot be my disciple, which is scary since we are all called to be disciples but who actually will become one few to disobey this is to disobey Jesus many are called few are chosen. Not all who say unto me Lord Lord shall enter the Kingdom but those who do the will of the Father this is part of the will. There will be a separation of sheep and goats, and there should great wondrous power in the heavens above and the earth below anything less i just don't see the point, The greatest time on earth becomes the weakest time on earth, anyone who believes in Jesus the word of GOD shall do the same works of the Son of God and greater works because Jesus has gone to the Father, This is the will of God to rely on him totally to pick up your cross be prepared to die and follow Jesus to Calvary anything less is to me boring. He who endures to the end shall be SAVED.
  • Malok deng for verse 8
    God want us to be a witness to Him every day. Everywhere every time by His grace I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ for it is a power of God unto salvation.
  • Lorraine Zwahlen for verse 20
    All of this tells us something basic about the interdependence of men and nation.Whether we realize it or not,each of us is eternally "in the red".We are everlasting debtors to known and unknown men and women.
  • Apostle Frances Tates for verse 48
    We are all sent to this earth with purpose no escaping, no excuse for not surrendering. We were bought with the price of purified blood, pure righteousness. Disobedience is a sin
  • I too am assured of his love and care he has been a strong tower in my troubled, insufficient life, and has brought me through.
  • I too am assured of his love and care he has been a strong tower in my troubled, insufficient life, and has brought me through.
  • Blessed
  • John madden for verse 5
    Confronting doctrines are not popular with most folks today even some christians.jesus christ was the most confrontive teacher this world has been subject to .
  • Blessed
    be ready for JESUS IS NEAR
  • Jemima N Asare for verse 32
    No need to fear in life. He gives whatever is necessary for life and Godliness.
  • To me this is one of the more important verses within the scriptures that is severely overlooked by almost all of today 's Christians. I have put numerous hours of study into these verses Luke 12:36-40 and have thus far drawn the conclusion that Jesus was possibly clearly detailing to believers that there will be more than one snatching away Rapture . My conclusion is that Jesus will snatch away believers for the Wedding in heaven, but then will also return on two more occasions not to gather up for the Wedding, but to snatch up "new " believers - for the Wedding Supper. I am still studying to discern such time frames as to when these other two gatherings of "new " believers could take place, but feel they may fall in accordance to the seventh seal and then the seventh trumpet. These two invitations to the Wedding Supper would would fall in alignment to the belief that the Wedding Supper takes place for 7 years in heaven during the tribulation period on earth keeping in mind that a thousand days on earth is equal to one day in heaven . The good news to this is that not only will the true believers of today be part of the Wedding with Christ but will also be pre-tribulation gathered up Raptured !!! I will update as I further discern this aspect of the scriptures.
  • Bozki
    Jesus Taught us not to Worry, But to have Faith in God and to seek first the Kingdom of God and and His Righteousness,...First, God Blesses us because we have Faith in him, and our Faith made us whole, Truly If we only have Faith in God it triggers Him to pour out his Blessings. and Secondly, He pour out more his Blessing because we seek first the Kingdom of God, which is doing the things that what God wants us to do, and His Righteousness is that doing this things only for the Glory of His Kingdom....God Bless...
  • Michael for verse 48
    This sounds like where Uncle Ben found his quote "with great power comes great responsibility "
  • Lilian
    Jesus wants us to walk with faith and not by sight. Jesus is feeding us with his words for his words gives us life, peace, joy and blessing in abundance. All this things will be added unto us but Seek the Kingdome of God first and obey his commandments. Jesus loves us and he dont want us to be worried, not to doubt of his power only believe him that he is the Son of the Living God who can only protects and save us until rapture in mid air. Jesus is coming soon to take his Church back. Blessed for those who will be found in the church listening to his words, serving God, praising and thanking God will be save once rapture is happening. Jesus loves us and we must prepare ourselves for salvation.
  • Tammy for verse 34
    Your treasue 's should be for things of the Lord, how you can be more effective for him and showing the world God 's love and awesomeness. Trying to win ppl over to God, helping ppl here in this life know hope and Love in God.
  • Bruce Haywood for verse 26
    What does this verse mean? What is the least thing?
  • MockingBird for verse 6
    God even takes care of the small insinigavant things How much more will He take care of me. All I have to do is call upon Him !!!! Praise God forever more.
  • Dan Hines for verse 31
    God is so wanting to reveal himself to us.To build our faith in every aspect of our days ,that if we seek him first He will supply all and more then we need resulting in an amazed reaction and building of faith.
  • Zephyr Burns
    I truly needed to read this chapter, especially verses 30, 31. I recently went through a troublesome time a few days ago, almost took my faith away, but me being a child of God no one can harm me cause God has got my back. Just as he said no weapons, meaning someone can set all kinds of traps to harm you, but shall not prosper, Amen, thank you Lord!!! All I can say is keep the faith, trust and believe God will pull you through. Amen!
  • The reader is reminded of two important facts. First, parables are intended to be metaphorical in nature. Some Christians react rather violently to the prospect of a child of God being cut asunder or beaten with many stripes, concluding that such harsh treatment could never be the lot of a saved person. Thus, they instantly assume the unfaithful servants in the parable must be referring to those who are unsaved. As we shall see, the entire parable applies to the saved, and one of the keys to interpretation is understanding that parabolic language is figurative. Second, throughout the parable Jesus repeatedly refers to that servant and his lord master see v.42, 43, 45, 46, 47. The Lord is obviously Christ and the servant is a saved person. Unsaved people are never referred to as servants of Christ. Furthermore, the repeated use of the phrase that servant clearly indicates that Jesus is not referring to four different people one saved, three unsaved, or some other combination . Instead, this is one servant, who has four possible lifestyle choices. Cr. James Hollandsworth KingdomPreparation Reward or Loss
  • Evelyn murrell for verse 48
    Luke 12 48....
  • M
    we need to be careful about the things that we say and about the things that we do thinking that we are getting away with our wrong doings and saying because GOD sees all and HE hears as well and all of these things will be reveled,GOD word will not return to HIM void.
  • RADIANT for verse 48
  • Gloria
    Nothing else matters,only our dependancy on GOD through Our LORD Jesus is of any value. We should be watchful waiting, for He surely is coming back to fetch us. Oh glorious day!
    verse 4,5.Here JESUS teaches us not to be afraid of anyone who could only harm or kill your body,they can 't touch your soul,but warns that every man will die one day and 'GOD ' is the only one who could judge and punish you permanently.If you live properly you will get eternal life that is what JESUS has taught us humans by his coming to this world.
  • Enwood
    God is my provider.
  • Sylvia Majetich
    Jesus clearly sets forth our value to the Father.How can we not magnify him above all. His great provision is ours for ever if we hold fast his way and his truth.
  • Erick Mubairo
    The Kingdom Is Coming
  • Lagail Black for verse 4
    I Love this site. I was searching the web for specific bible verses and was blessed to find this one. And concering Gods wisdom and how he has blessed man to come unto him.Our God a mighty mighty King. All l can say is my God

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