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  • GiGi again - In Reply on Luke 11 - 1 year ago

    part 2

    But when it comes to righteous indignation (or better, anger) we really need to be careful that we are "majoring in majors and not majoring in minors". I've been in "church" situations where some address the pastor over insignificant matters, causing unneeded strife. Other times, people just brush off or look the other way concerning behaviors that are adverse to the godly way we are to behave and concerning teachings that are outrageously heretical or blasphemous. So, there is a "thin line" often between being truly acting from right motives and sinning when faced with something that we ought to be righteously angry over. But, we live in a culture, especially within the church that values "niceness" over honesty and being very "real". And people tend to be more receptive of flattery than honest, proper correction or even just an honest response.

    In our society, sinful behaviors and words are not only to be tolerated, but accepted on equal level with the values of Christ and the belief in the exclusivity of the Christian Gospel over other religious beliefs. I face that in my own family, which is really at the root of the deep divide that exists. I don't know where all of this 'equity of acceptance of all things" will lead our society, but I do not think it will lead people to Jesus, for sure.

    With all of this said, Jesus is the one who ultimately deals with the hearts, attitudes, and mindsets of other people. He may use us to bring truth, light, and conviction in others as well as consolation, encouragement, and uplifting of others who are downtrodden in their sins and seek a remedy.
  • GiGi - In Reply on Luke 11 - 1 year ago
    Hello, Richard.

    I have met so many Christians who insist that Jesus never got angry or chastised or berated anyone. But He did, without sinning. He was always appropriate in any admonition or rebuke, getting straight to the heart of the matter to those who needed this. Yet He was gentle and compassionate to those who needed a loving, more soft-handed response from Him. He gave every person the words and works they most needed in those moments. We cannot, of course, know the minds and hearts of others like Jesus did and still does. But we can learn to discern what our response to others should be like. We learn to do this with our children in raising and nurturing them. Sometimes they need firmness and an unpleasant consequence, other times, grace, forgiveness, and understanding them in their weakness. Other times, we can give straight out instruction, and other times we let them try and fail at a task, learning to problem solve.

    I do think we should never excuse in ourselves bad manners, ill feelings, nor rudeness to others, but in walking with the Spirit we can come to know what is the best and most appropriate things to say and do. For instance, this week I needed to advocate for my siblings in matters concerning how our oldest sister, who is power of attorney and executor of our Mom's estate is not only handling these funds, but in requesting that she disclose bank statements and an accounting of what is paid out, for what, and to whom. I knew that it would not sit well with her or a few other siblings who usually are on her side of the deep divide in our family (decades old), but I knew that I needed to address this sooner rather than later, for her benefit as well as for my other siblings who are all equal heirs. My request stirred up some emotional responses from some, but others were thanking me for addressing this issue. But my conscience is clear, as I meant no harm, nor had any ill intentions in this.

    continued in Part 2
  • David - In Reply on Luke 11 - 1 year ago
    Agapeo ALWAYS One of the most interesting observation in my walk, we as believers are to put on all meekness and humility

    not saying door mat but genuine humbleness of mind. Instead a lot of so called Christians have a self righteous attitude

    and with unbelievers if you don't believe your going straight to hell. Show me that kind of mind set with Jesus Christ in

    the Gospels and I'LL EAT THE BOOK. Now when it came to those in power yes he called it the way it is, but to those who

    came to Him with genuine heart to be delivered they got delivered. The way I see it judge not for thou shalt be judged,

    and above all walk in love because that's what delivered me. Also consider 2 COR. 4:4 WHO HAS THEM BLINDED the same

    god that did the same to me. Bottom line our occupation we plant we water but GOD GIVES THE INCREASE. BELIEVERS

    AND I'M SAYING PEOPLE I KNOW tell me how evil the gov. and people in office are well their people and so were we. My

    bible says to pray for those in office not ridicule but doctrine. We who choose stand and walk must stay on mark to

    not let Gods love in us wax cold Math 24:12 because it was the LOVE OF GOD that delivered us and melted the hardness

    in hearts so lets endeavor to keep it soft and as Ephesians 4:32 tenderhearted thats the goal that will deliver oithers if they

    choose to believe and continue to make us whole. We already know everything in this world will wax or become worse and

    worse so my mind endeavors to think about things above Col.3:1-5 because that's all that really counts.
  • Fred Scanlan - In Reply on Luke 11 - 1 year ago
    How are we too be?

    The first thing that comes to mind, is a need from the Holy One! Only He knows what we need and when! If I know these things, then I should be happy!

    Maybe Im not as happy as I should or could be ,and if not why?

    The things around us are changing all the time. Are we consumned it seems with that which is past, and present, thinking somehow in this life, we should be happier than what we are? Are these the signs of the times? Or, are these thoughts the consequences of abiding in Him? Are these the offences that He speaks that will come too those who worship Him?

    Are these things of the spirit of God!

    So, How do we get to that place? Tell me How!

    How do we get to the place where this Holy One will take our place, will become one with us? I hear the prophets and apostles words, I see Jesus walking and healing, and yet I am not filled! Maybe, I am not saved?

    How can I know this love that passes all understanding? Must I be touched? Is it true that this corruption must put on incorruption? Why can we not experiance this incorruption now? I hear the voices! I hear the questions, I sence that these wish to see Him , this one called the WORD! Cry out! Cry out, for ourredemption draws nigh.

    If you are in this place, than you are in Him! Love one another in all things, for the evil one has come and desires your soul!

    Watch! I say watch! Repent and be Baptized
  • Richard H Priday on Luke 11 - 1 year ago
    The "socially incorrect" Jesus. Anyone that passes off Christ as demonstrating what the world considers "humanitarianism" in love toward everyone and acceptance is in for a rude awakening; particularly when reading Luke 11. We start off with His careful explanation on a type and model of HOW to pray (apparently based on similar patterns by John the Baptist to HIS disciples (v. 1). This; of course is found elsewhere in slightly different form in the Gospels. Then; there is the explanation on perseverance in asking the giver of all things for good gifts (i.e. the Holy Spirit in v. 13). Christ almost gets through this account without any unpleasant statements until that last verse when he states that they are "evil." So much for putting the Disciples who were; BTW saints as ALL true believers were (minus Judas Iscariot) at some sanctimonious level above the rest of any sinners saved by grace.

    At this point; all bets are off. Jesus has to deal with the hearts of Pharisees; with their thoughts; or comments about Him using the Devil's (Beelzebub) power to cast out demons; and to the crowd in general saying that they are an "evil generation" seeking a sign (v. 29); then warning about light being darkness in us (or Satan appearing as an angel of light).

    Finally; in verse 38 we see what would be considered (to say the least) bad manners after an invite to a meal. A simple concept of lack of handwashing which seemed trivial ended up in a railing accusation to the hypocrisy within for Pharisees in general. Then; to add insult to injury after He was informed that the lawyers were insulted He went after them!

    (I would imagine there was a lot of indigestion there at that time).

    The concept of righteous indignation especially among "religious" folks today seems like an ancient artifact. If judgment begins at the house of God; who is sounding the trumpet today?
  • Bron - In Reply on Luke 11 - 1 year ago
    Yes God is very Good and is so patient with us and our errors . And faults etc. I at one time believed in the trinity doctrine , but the Holy Spirit is a greater teacher , than men's doctrines, I felt like a dark cloud was removed when I saw the truth of it . Amen !
  • GiGi - In Reply on Luke 11 - 1 year ago

    From childhood this verse has been very special to me since it promises that the Father is so good and will give the Spirit to us when we ask HIM for this wonderful gift of Himself to us, the third person of the Trinity is given to us to abide in us and bring us in union with God. How precious is this promise!
  • S Spencer - In Reply on Luke 11 - 1 year ago
    Amen Bron.

    God bless.
  • Bron on Luke 11 - 1 year ago
    Luke 11:13

    If you then , being evil , know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him ?

    That was Jesus speaking .

    Wow do you understand this ?

    No need to take God at his word , just ask him in obedience, and trust him . Of course you desire to be led by the the Holy Spirit and not doing your own thing right ?

    The word of God instructs us .

    When you are blessed by the Holy Spirit in any measure you will know it , love , joy , peace are fruits of the spirit . So do not settle for a dead word only . God and his Holy Spirit are life changers . Amen ?
  • GiGi - In Reply on Luke 11 - 2 years ago
    Good evening Gary,

    It seems that there have been maybe 6000 years of recorded history from Adam to know. Genesis tells us that day and night began verse 3 (Day 1) But we do not know how much time elapsed between Genesis verse 1 and 3. Time did begin with creation, as any movement requires time (rotation of planets, burning of gases in a sun for example).

    Romans 1:20 tells us that there is a revelation of God in nature. And Scripture is His revelation as well.

    So, things that are discovered in science is part of this natural revelation, but science is not as exacting in this topic as the age of the earth because it was not directly observed by humans. Time was not recorded before humans were created and kept track of the days and seasons. So, we can certainly inquire of science what is theorized and also found in artifacts. many of the things concerning space, laws of nature, and age of things is presented by way of mathematical calculations and physics. Way beyond my comprehension for sure. But, even so, I am glad that there are curious and intellectually brilliant people who delve into these things. Think of Galileo and Copernicus who proved that the earth was a sphere, not flat, and that the earth rotates and orbits around the sun. Many religious top dogs of their day condemned their ideas, but these have been proven true after all.

    The Scriptures is not a history or science book. It is God's revelation to mankind for us to know He exists and what He has done, said, and promised. It is our manual for salvation, not our science text to explain all of the mysteries of the created world.

    Within the context of spiritual revelation and natural revelation, there is a vast amount of knowledge in both that we will never discover in this age. In the resurrection, we will know so much more, but even then, we will never know all that God knows nor all there is to know about Him. Yet we will know what He deems is needed for us to be eternally satisfied.
  • Charles Robert Northup - In Reply on Luke 11 - 2 years ago
    1 Timothy 6:20

    "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:"

    Because science says that, but the bible shows around 6,000+ years Matthew 1:17

    "So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations."

    You have from the beginning to the flood then the 2000 yrs since Jesus was crucified as well. Now before Abraham you men living 8 t0 900 years.

    So if a person wanted to be biblically learned in the age of the earth you can study it in Chronocals where the genealogies are listed from before the flood and the age of each person.

    Science is based on man's theory 1 Corinthians 3:19

    "For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness."

    So does it matter, you either believe or you don't if you do believe then God's word is the authority remember man doesn't believe the creation, they believe a large mass exploded and trillions of perfect round planets, moons, and stars came from that explosion. Hebrews 11:1

    "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

    A believer's source of information, beliefs, and opinions is God's word. For out of the fulness of the heart speaketh thy lips. Read God's word, for faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God

    King James Version (KJV)
  • Glenn - In Reply on Luke 11 - 2 years ago
    Truth is ;. It doesn't say ,.. so we will not know that answer,. till we get home , an have our original spiritual body back an total recall of the whole situation

  • Gary on Luke 11 - 2 years ago
    If the earth is around 5 billion years old and let's say it is then my question is why did God choose to create the earth 5 billion years ago instead of 100 zillion years ago?
  • Benjamin Calvin on Luke 11 - 2 years ago
    Good is the Word of the LORD!!!
  • Kate on Luke 11:12 - 3 years ago
    This is an excellent opportunity to share your feelings.

    God bless you
  • Homer Baker - In Reply on Luke 11:13 - 3 years ago

    Even though you are saved once, you can drift back into sin so deep without repentance you are lost again.

    My opinion through Shepards Chapel.
  • Chris - In Reply on Luke 11:8 - 3 years ago
    You can find it in the Gospel of John chapter 14, verses 1-3.
  • Shirley Pritchett on Luke 11:8 - 3 years ago
    I would like to know where to find in the bible about .. there are many mansions and I go to prepare a place for you
  • Starbux on Luke 11:8 - 3 years ago
    Part 2 Bible plan for tongues

    Acts 9: 17, 18,

    Paul, called Saul then, who wrote a lot of the new testament, recieved the Holy Ghost.

    1 Corinthians 14:18:

    Paul mentions he thanks God he speaks with tongues more than you all!

    Paul wrote chapters 12, 13, and 14 about spiritual gifts, the proper use of speaking in unknown/other tongues.

    Acts 10,

    a man name Cornelius, a gentile, a devout man of God, who prayed always to God, had not yet known of or recieved the Holy Ghost.

    Peter was sent to him and his household by the Lord, he preached to them the Gospel, and the Holy Ghost fell on Cornelius household, all gentiles! The bible says because they heard(visual sign and sound)them speak with tongues and magnify God! Then they were baptised! Acts 10: 44 - 48.

    Acts 19: 1 - 7:

    Paul came to disciples of John, asking them if they had recieved the Holy Ghost SINCE THEY BELIEVED! They said they never heard of the Holy Ghost! Paul laid hands on them, when the Holy Ghost fell on them, they spake with tongues(Visual sign/sound). They were baptized in water.

    In conclusion:

    Mark 16: 17,

    Isaiah 28: 11, 12,

    John 3: 5 - 8,

    Jesus spoke of a new birth to enter the Kingdom of God; a Water and Spirit birth/called the Holy Ghost.

    He said there would be a visible sign;

    like wind you cannot see, but there is a SOUND.

    In his Name believers would speak with new tongues.

    Isaiah prophesied this would be the rest/refreshing for the people.

    In the book of Acts this is fullfilled consistently when the Holy Ghost was poured out!

    God's Spirit in you: the rest/refreshing, a visual sign of his presence in you, speaking from your heart out of your human mouth a new heavenly language, pure, beautiful and Holy!
  • Starbux on Luke 11:8 - 3 years ago
    The bible plan for speaking with tongues.

    God gave visual signs throughout the bible of his presence.

    God chose speaking tongues as a visual sign when you recieve the Holy Ghost!

    Jesus said out of the abundance of your heart, the mouth speaks. Matthew 12:34.

    When God gives you his Spirit, he puts it in your heart; Galations 4: 6.

    So what is in your heart comes out of your mouth.

    Jesus said:

    Mark 16:17:

    Believers will speak with new tongues.

    Isaiah 28: 11, 12,

    prophecied it is the rest/power, to cause the weary to rest; refreshing.

    John 3: 5 - 7:

    Jesus spoke about a new spiritual birth you will recieve when you are born again. Then he added: John 3: 8:

    The WIND bloweth where it listeth, and thou HEAREST the SOUND thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is EVERYONE that is born of the Spirit.

    Who did he say?


    This scripture is fullfilled in Jerusalem in the upper room, the Holy Ghost was first poured out: Acts 2: 1 - 4:

    And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.

    And suddenly there came a SOUND from heaven as of a rushing mighty WIND and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

    And there appeared unto them cloven TONGUES like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

    And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to SPEAK WITH OTHER TONGUES, as the Spirit gave them utterance.

    Here you see that SOUND from heaven as a rushing mighty WIND is Holy Ghost/speaking with other tongues!

    Acts 2: 33:

    Peter told the jews which were speaking in another tongue/language, this is the promise of the Holy Ghost that they now SEE(VISUAL SIGN), and HEAR(YOU WILL HEAR A SOUND.)

    Acts 2: 16 - 19.

    Peter told the jews the prophet Joel spoke about it.

    Acts 8: 14 - 20:

    Simon the sorcerer saw when Peter and John laid hands on jews, he SAW POWER(THE VISUAL SIGN) when they recieved the Holy Ghost, and offered money for it!

    Acts 9: 17, 18,

    Paul, called Saul then, who wrote a
  • Rick Mentzer - In Reply on Luke 11:13 - 3 years ago
    CCorrect once you are born again it cannot be undone it is spiritual, that doesn't mean that when your born again you immediately do Gods word that requires study working it changing your thinking.
  • Gary Lee - In Reply on Luke 11:13 - 3 years ago
    You can lose your salvation if you turn and reject the truth and follow after Balaam. Read ( 2 Pet 2:15-22) For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than , after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. Remember the devil walks around like a roaring lion try to devour whom he can. Trying to take the righteous off the path and he sometimes does succeed. That's why it is important to grow daily in the knowledge of Jesus Christ so that we are able to withstand the wiles of the devil. Let yesterday's victory be a foundation of faith to stand on so that we can build on it today and become stronger for tomorrow we will be tested once more.
  • Steven Spencer - In Reply on Luke 11:13 - 3 years ago
    Hi David. A picture of salvation is like when you was a little walking across the street with you parents, you're in the middle and both parents have you by the hand, "they're holding your hands you're not holding theirs" . Jesus says in John ch 10; I give them eternal life and THEY SHALL NEVER PERISH, no man can pluck them out of my hand, my father which gave them me is greater than all and no man can pluck them out of my Father's hand. salvation is a gift for those who believe, but if you try to add to it you are attempting to hold their hand and you will always question your grip.
  • Mild Bill - In Reply on Luke 11:13 - 3 years ago

    "And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day."John6:39

    Are you trusting him to have saved you, or do you have to earn it, and if it is earned, that's not grace.
  • DAVID STEWART on Luke 11:13 - 3 years ago
    once justfied in christ is it possible to lose your salvation and grace or are you permanently

  • Alex on Luke 11 - 3 years ago
    My comments about that Woman in luke 11 : 27 that was praising Mary saying blessed is the womb that bare you and the paps you have sucked which was MARY ,BUT Jesus was refering to another Woman when he said rather blessed are them that hear the WORD and keeps it which is the WORLD that is gonna hear his voice his seed etc and bring forth fruit unto God. Jesus said the field was the world where that good seed will be sown in their hearts and that good seed is the living word the very seed of God thus he truly the son of man as all men will give birth to Christ in the last day, Jeremiah saw all men in travail and birth pains when he spoke of the new covenant which is a birthing covenant , I WILL know them All from the least to the greatest which is an intimacy with God that is gonna result in a heavenly birth of Christ in all of US thus the Church is the bride that is gonna birth Christ a greater then MARY in a sense . Actually rather blessed are them that hear his words and keeps them as Jesus said. Read Jeremiah 30 : 6 Y do i see all men with their hands of their loins as woman in travail and birth pains a time of Jacobs troubles her Child is a heavenly Jacob which is the H.G. the ISRAEL OF GOD. Jeremiah saw all these things in the spiritual realm. when he saw the manchild that was gonna rule all nations and destroy everything not of faith. Gods battle ax. There is a greater MOTHER then Mary which is humanity. Remember David saw the whole world at rest and full of his GLORY in that last day. Jesus asked who is my mother ? then he said them that hear my words and keeps them simply b/c his word is gonna impregnate the whole WORLD and that is what God wanted when he made that GREAT PROMISE OF MULTIPLICATION SAYING I WILL MULTIPLY THY SEED AS THE STARS OF HEAVEN. thus the sower and his precious seed that new covenant . As Solomon said that thy NAME might be great in ALL the world . ok lemme go rake some leaves
  • Markcus Burch - In Reply on Luke 11:5 - 3 years ago
    John 14:9; John 1:1,14; Isaiah 10:30; John 8:58; Colossians 2:9; 1 John 5:7.
  • Pat bivens on Luke 11:5 - 3 years ago
    If you have seen me you have see god
  • Chris - In Reply on Luke 11:5 - 3 years ago
    Just to add: I also see that Jesus' sin bearing act which was based on such great Love for us, also meant a temporary loss of fellowship & communion with the Father - one that He constantly enjoyed prior to this time ( John 14:10, John 17:5, John 5:19,20).

    In His great agony & distress, such an estrangement would have been almost unbearable, even comparable to the responsibility He carried by having all our sin & guilt placed upon Him. At a time when comfort, any comfort, would have given some small relief, the Father remained quiet, not allowing anything to hamper or hinder that ultimate work of salvation. Jesus knew this, but in His Humanity, His Cry was not just because of the pain in the flesh, but the pain of losing that constant blessed fellowship & ministry which was His right by His position in the Godhead.

    I wonder whether Jesus' anguish & pain was also not felt by the Father - that it must have been a difficult response by God to remain incommunicado & estranged even for a short period of time. The break in any fellowship can be painful. But when sin is not the basis for pain & suffering, the agony becomes so much worse, yet it's ensuing result became the hope & joy of the world.
  • Bbeeaann - In Reply on Luke 11:5 - 3 years ago
    "This is something I am sure is easy to answer but I just have wondered about it but when Jesus was on the cross why did he say My God My God why have thee forsaken me. I thought maybe that he was in so much pain he did not know what he was saying? Thanks."

    One must first understand the Godhead before one can understand how Christ could pray this prayer. The triune Godhead is comprised of three persons who are one monotheistic God. The scriptures reveal these persons are known as the Father, the Word, and the Holy Spirit. This truth is found in numerous verses in the Bible, Gen.1:26; 3:22,Is.48:16, John 1:1-4, 1 Jn 5:7 to name a few.

    The next thing a person needs to understand about the Godhead is that it has three attributes that make it unique. These three self-existent attributes are omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience. The Godhead is everywhere present, all-powerful, and all-knowing. The Godhead is perfect and cannot be tempted by sin, as James 1:13 explains. God required a perfect man to approach Him to redeem mankind, and thanks to Adam's fall, that man did not exist. This is why the Word laid down his self-existent attributes in the Godhead to live as the last Adam with is title as God to be tempted by sin and pay the penalty the law required to redeem mankind.

    This truth is found in Is.9:6, Hebrews chapters 1 and 2, 1 Timothy 3:16, and other verses.

    Colossians 2:9 explains the fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Christ bodily. How do we know this is true? Christ was not omnipresent while on the earth. He dwelt in time and space in a single location(Jn1:14). Jesus was asked about the events of the tribulation, and he told his disciples the Father knew the day, not him( Matt. 24:36). Jesus was not omnipotent stating the Father did all the works through Him( Jn 14:10. After Christ rose he took back his self-existent position back in the Godhead to come dwell in all of mankind, which would require self-existent omnipresence. I hope this helps.

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