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  • Simo on Luke 1:37
    These scripture is testifying dat even everything fail but in god ther is nothing impossible, these verse is making simple for everyone to understand when u put ur trust to god he makes an imposible becumes posible.
  • Pastor Ann on Luke 1
    There's power in being spiritual and righteous waiting upon God when Mary was told though there was alittle fear but she accepted and believed and said be it unto me according to thy word luke 1:38 and amazingly God did as he had said so the word of God doesnot lie.
  • M on Luke 1
    what is so wonderful to me is that Zacharias recognized the angel and fell upon him, so if an angel appeared to us in a human form will we recognize an angel, personally I have felt the present of a host of angels around me for protection,it was an amazing feeling, because I could sense their presents around me.
  • Lisa Ubiwa on Luke 1
    verse 19 20 got me excited. Angel Gabriel did not find Zachariah 's response funny. He is an angel who stands in the presence of God, he has heard and have seen the result of words spoken by God. Now, for a man to doubt these words was an error..he struck Zachariah with dumbness. We have to take the word of God seriously because it is alive and full of power. Heb 4:12
  • Johnny on Luke 1
    I just discovered a very interesting thing in Luke chapter 1that as believers we should be proud of and walk tall focused with our eyes fixed in our Lord Jesus, the Father and the Holly Spirit . 1.the two women Elizabeth and Marry were living uprightly before God . 2.the two women ,the fact that they were found fixed the eyes in God they were blessed above measure and gave life to the whole word coz Heavens were opened for them. 3.they both experience the visitation of God through the same ANGEL of God in a deferent way but the blessing is the same . people of GOD the HOLYSPIRIT will come over you and the power of the HIGHEST WILL FOLLOW for you to birth your miracle. Stay blessed.
  • Brenda on Luke 1:25
    that God is so thorough getting ready to present His son that because Zachariah doubted he was stuck dumb he went home and he and Elizabeth conceived , they still felt ashamed but when Mary came ....... these chapters I hope went into peoples hearts knowing God and His angels have everything in control that His word is good "call upon the name of the Lord said " I will show you great and wonderful things " says the Lord
  • Bernadine Smith on Luke 1
    i like reading luke
  • Tabikiarie on Luke 1
    Verse 37 my verse, For nothing is impossible with God.
  • Tabitha on Luke 1:28
    Surely Mary was favoured among many women of her time. God just choose her to carry the messiah. She stood out. She is blessedd
  • Arnold on Luke 1:37
    yap its true God never foresake his people and when he promises he does so.conclusively nothing is impossible with God.
  • Arnold on Luke 1
    its really interesting and it makes same one to do not loose hope ie it empowers spiritually.
  • Niko` on Luke 1:49
    Elder John R Madry have us this scripture on Easter Sunday afternoon 2015 and commended his Spirit to the Lord April 22nd. Love you Daddie.
  • Tsholofelo on Luke 1:37
    Nothing is impossible with God for those that believe AMEN
  • Mafusire on Luke 1:17
    every name given had a meaning.Elijah its a name simulteneusly and a function at the same time. also Jesus means The Saviour so the spirite of Elijah is a functional spirite
  • Leoniaclark on Luke 1:37
    The lord said he will never leave me and he never did I trust and believe in his word nothing is impossible for the lord my god AMEN...
  • Busi on Luke 1
    When God says something that seems impossible to us we should not question Him for He is the Master of everything, if we question Him he can even shut our mouth up until He accomplishes what He wants to accomplish in and through our lives, and whatever He says it shall come to pass and we must always listen and believe what He says to us
  • Mike D on Luke 1:8
    Zacharias was a priest in the line of Aaron and was doing his turn in Ministry
  • Mike D on Luke 1:6
    vs 6 shows the integrity of the soon to be parents of John, that they were worshippers of God, and walking in all commandments and ordinances of the Lord, carefully living out their faith. It would be important that John had a solid upbringing. It will come out that John was filled with the Spirit of God from the womb, however he still was a sinner and would need guidance through those formidable years. His parents were perfect for the task.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:5
    Verse 5 gives us a time frame, in the days of Herod the king of Judaea, which is consistent to the time of Christ. This verse also introduces us to some key people. Both Zacharias and his wife were in the blood line of Aaron. They would become the parents of John the Baptist who was to be the forerunner of Jesus Christ
  • Mike D on Luke 1:4
    Theophilus had an understanding of the apostles teaching and may have even been taught by Paul himself. What Luke is saying here is you can take what I have written to the bank, it 's the real deal.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:3
    Luke is making note that what he is sending Theophilus was from years of research, from many different sources. Luke had access to Paul for over two year we find in Acts 24 and Phillip in Acts 21. In that time he would be able to meet many of the Apostles and others who walked with Christ.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:2
    vs.2 even as they, that would be the Apostles and other disciples. Remember Jesus had many more disciples over the 12 original disciples. Luke gathers the information both written and orally from the men who walked with Christ from the beginning of His ministry. Luke was not an eyewitness that he eludes to however he has done everything possible to put this writing together that is consistent and aligned with those who actually walked with Jesus.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:16
    Vs. 16, John would be the forerunner for the long awaited Messiah. He would bring a message to repent for Lord 's Christ is coming.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:15
    In verses 15,16,and 17 Gabriel gives information about this special child, first of his character and then second, of his purpose or ministry. In verse 15 it states he shall be great in the sight of the Lord. Jesus says later that none born was greater than John. It goes on to say he will be different from the rest, that he will abstain from any wine or strong drink. There is something also that is stated in verse 15 about John that isn 't said about any man in the entire Bible, and that is that he would be filled with the Holy Spirit before birth, in his mother 's womb.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:14
    Gabriel begins in this verse to comfort Zacharias that the thing he has long prayed for is about to be answered. The reproach of being childless is about to be removed and others will rejoice with them at his birth.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:13
    We find from vs. 19 that the angel is non other than Gabriel. In all cases when an angel comes with a message we see fear struck in the heart of men, which is followed with the comment from the messenger, fear not. He is given special revelation from God that Elisabeth will conceive and bear a son, and then in verse 13, even gives the name that this child should be called, John.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:12
    Zacharias 's response is no different than any other person who found themselves in the presence of an angel. Most fall on their face in fear. When ever an angel is visible there seems to have been an unmistakable features about them. At times their clothing was brilliant white. Whatever it is it gets men 's attention.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:11
    There has been a silent period form the book of Malachi to the time of Christ of about four hundred years. God has through the Old Testament used angels in the affairs of men. They are to minister and aid men and are never to be worshipped. That alone is reserved for God. At times they have taken human form an always a male in scripture. Other times they are invisible working behind the scenes. This is the first time in the New Testament where we see an angel.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:10
    Being a multitude present shows this probably happened on the Sabbath.
  • Mike D on Luke 1:7
    Having children was a big deal in this time. Having a male child seemed even bigger. They had both wanted children for a long time and probably felt the reproach of the others who were able to do so. Their consistent prayers were an indication of their faith, believing God for the impossible. Even at that probably all hope was passing with the years as we see Zacharias unbelief when greeted by the angel.

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