Luke 6:28 Inspirational Image

Luke 6:28 Inspirational Image

"Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you."
Luke 6:28 (KJV)

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"This is not easy to do. It does not come naturally,its work."
"It's not easy to do, but God will always take care of your situation when you're doing things for the right reasons. I pray, ask God for guidance, and let Him take care of the rest."
"Amen ... hard to do you need to work at it and it will come"
"Hmm.... Well if you take to heart this passage and truly do good to those who would harm you and pray for them after awhile u will see change. I have seen it many times - it's a wonder what kind words and actions can do for those who do not have peace in god."
"If we are serious about being Christians (which means 'to be like Christ') this is one of the things we must do. Not only to be obedient to God's will, but for our own piece of mind and sanity. All of God's commands are for our own good really."
"So very hard to do...."
"This is the Word of God. Sadly, most Nigerian pentecostal churches pray for their enemies to die. We were God's enemies when He sent Jesus to die for us. Let's pray for our enemies, Jesus would'nt even allow Peter to harm those who were about to kill Him. 1Peter 2:23."
"Amen I will do this in Jesus name"
"Amen, this one is a hard one !!!!!!"
"Hard lessons"
"It is easier 2 4give than 2 4get, especially when d wicked one continues repeating d evil acts. May d gd Lord help us all."
"It's hard but with God's help i will succeed."
"Thank you, i need to do that"
"Yes,by the mercy of our god!!!!amen!!"


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