Luke 18:27 Inspirational Image

Luke 18:27 Inspirational Image

"And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God."
Luke 18:27 (KJV)

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"Like getting me to go back to church. Glad to be back."
"God is in control of weather he said in the last (DAY) the weather will get your attention you ant seen nothing yet . This is to come summer will be winter,fall summer"
"Amen we can do nothing on our own but where GOD LEADS US WE CAN DO EVERYTHING THROUGH GOD WHO STRAIGHTENS US"
"If u will give up everything confess your sins repent from them and seek the face of God. I can tell u this it will work for if it will work for me it will work for anyone. seek the heart of God and anything is possible."
"Yes! he is de Alpha & Omega"
"Nothing is impossible with GOD."
"Truth ^^"
"Fee Musumeci amen sista"
"GOD Can & Will Help You & Love You & Forgive You ,He LOVES YOU . Thank You Jesus For Your Love To Me & All The Blessings You Have Giving To Me All The Yrs Of My Life . O Father Put In My Path The Lost & Hurting That They, Will See Your Love In Me, In Jesus Name Amen ."
"Nothing is impossible with God!"
"Amen!! Everything is possible with GOD!!!"
"Halliluyah! Halliluyah! Halliluyah! Thank You Lord God Almighty! Amen!"
"I love this CONFIDENCE that we can have! :) ~~Ora"
"Possible and EASY For GOD!"
"(kjv)Isaiah 43:13. Yea,before the day was i am he; and there is none that can deliver out of my hand; i will work, and who shall let it?"
"...The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Luke 18:27 (KJV)"
"AMEM!!!!!!! ALLL THE TIME man will fail you GOD won't!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Amen! Brother William"
"Amen!.luke 1:37 there is nothing imposible with God..."
"Amen, God of heaven, the creator of heave and earth, mankind wil never fail, its we who fail to understand Him"
"Amen...LordGod. ..the way..the truth and the life...the true saviour to everyone. ..keep more faith to him and believed. .."
"Amin. Puji TUHAN"
"Big Yes....."
"Es una gran verdad Amen"
"I agree Lord"
"I am the Alpha and the Omega. Think not what you know but what I teach. someone stuck a twig in the sand."
"I know His blessed power, I verify it with my heart and soul. My life is only complete when my mind is set and focused on Him."
"If My people who are called by My name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14"
"Its true!!!"
"Jesus/Y'shua never stutter or stammers. He NEVER misses when He speaks and lets us know great and mighty things that we do not know. He is the ALL Awesome, Almighty God who we can fully trust! He will do just what HE says! Pastor IAM"
"Like when there seems to be no way God will make a way..It happened so many times for us.God knows best."
"My life verse... In 1986 when I got saved I asked God 13 things my heart desire impossible for me to do and to happen. But in 1989 all 13 were answered and given. Truly there is nothing impossible with God and I can't but love and serve Him to the rest of my life. To God be the Glory."
"Nothing is impossible with God...amen"
"Praise God, my neighbor got the door on the other side open, and my husband was able to leave for work to Virginia."
"Right now getting into our truck so my husband can go to work seen to be impossible to us right now, because we can's get the door to unlock (open), is it's the weather or what. Lord, u can made the door do what its need to do right now, in Jesus' name Amen!!"
"So says a book written by goat herders in a mostly illiterate part of the world"
"Thank u God for lovein even me.. u r a awsome. God."
"There is nothing my GOD can't do."
"There's nothing else to add, just praise HIM... "Hallelujah"!!!!!!!"
"This is what the doctors say"
"Thus perfectly true"
"Yes ooooo. Amen"
"Ys its true wrds..........,"

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