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4/11/2022, 7:19am by "COMING ALONGSIDE": I'm praying God will supply all of your needs. I know how hard it is to raise a child alone. Maybe someday someone will help you do that. The scripture encourages us to be closer to Jesus's Body for support. One day I was sitting at an open window doing bills and I heard the children outside have a conversation about having to spend summers with their other parent ( as in cases of divorce). They labeled theirselves "Divorced Children." It broke my heart. I went outside and ministered the love of Jesus to them. They seemed to accept that "the other parent" loved them too. Loss hurts everyone: grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. It takes huge effort to share your child with other "family." I had to work, and did not want my son alone from 4pm to 530. I budgeted money for a tutor (from my church) to come to my house and help my kid do his homework. It worked out really great, if they finished early, they played catch outside. Dinners were a lot more relaxed. This was a 5 day a week gig. You can find tutors at church or through their school office. The tutor would be a high school student who wanted to earn money for college. It gets us through choppy waters to where, things are more orderly. Shared routines. I got to do the fun things with my son; spur of the moment stuff. It helps you realize life isn't over. There are possibilities. This is what the Body of Christ is here for. mishael

4/11/2022, 2:01am by "Suze": Stick with Him and He will surely stick with you , much love in Christ .

4/10/2022, 3:50pm by "S": I was very sick and widowed, and I continued to tithe to where the Lord directed me, to those who could not pay me back; And my Lord God has not failed to provide for me and my child, Thank you merciful God

5/26/2015, 4:37am by "Jemima N Asare": No need to fear in life. He gives whatever is necessary for life and Godliness.

8/28/2014, 4:11am by "marie comfort": I 'm a widow and last night I gave a donation to Iseral and this the Lord spoke this scripture to me. Thanks for beeing there Marie

11/10/2013, 11:00pm by "Sunder N. Daniel": Lord has declared us to be his children. Therefore he wish to give us good things which we must accept with thankful heart S.

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