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4/10/2014, 3:47am by "MockingBird": I work at times so hard to attain and all I have to do is Trust God His Word and Rest in Confidence that he is doing what He said He would do and already has done. Much of the time all I have to do is look into His word and find out what God has already done Take it at face value and believe it and stand on it and receive it. God has already done what He said !!!!

1/16/2013, 3:38pm by "Jim Beatty": I've just started reading your post and other people’s testimonies. I enjoy it very much. Would you consider putting the quotes from the "Complete Jewish Bible" by Dr. David H. Sterns on your post also. He is a Messianic Jew and brings a lot of light to the Word of God. Thank you J.A. Beatty aka THE-JAB

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