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  • BSP
    The priests played a serious role in representing the people before Jehovah God and offering sacrifices in their behalf. The greater High Priest, Jesus Christ, has a similar role today.
  • Mike
    I heard Christ died for our sins when I was desperate. 2 people were sent to me and showed me. I get it ...I will never die and live happily everafter. His death burial and resurection was to save us from the wages of sin by actually supernaturally forging those that get it into one body, the body of Christ while he was in hell.
  • Melyssa
    Makes you think, how much blood had to be spilled before Jesus died on the cross for us.
  • BSP
    Verses 2-4~The people were to give a sacrifice if they sinned because of ignorance. We are sinners and we should pray to Jehovah God for forgiveness and help when we sin.
  • Stephen
    I'm so thankful to God for the death and resurrection of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. How wonderful to be under Grace than the burden of the Law!
  • Lila Evans
    thank God for the love. that he has for us.for if God didn't love us the way that he do our sin would have taking us straight to hell.thank you Lord for giving the world another chance.
  • Irene123
    To Tony on Lev, 4 - all the O.T. was a 'schoolteacher' to bring us to Christ. It's all a 'shadow' of the N.T. Jesus' sacrifice was the fulfillment of the O.T. The shedding of blood in the Old was foretelling of Jesus shed blood. That' why the old had to be repeted many times - because it was not PERFECT; Jesus was PERFECT.
  • Rebecca
    Animal sacrifices provided a means via which the Israelites could be forgiven of sins, because Christ had not yet died. The animals were sacrificed as a substitute for the sinner (because the wages of sin is death), in much the same way that Jesus was sacrificed in order that our sins can be forgiven. So Jesus fulfilled the sin offering by dying in our place, allowing us access to eternal life.
  • Robert W.
    Tony, this chapter deals with instructions to the children of isreal on how to atone to sins through ignorance. This only applies to Hebrews.
    Read the first verse.
  • Tony
    This chapter 4 of Leviticus is strange. What is the symbolic meaning of this chapter? I can't reconcile this in any way with our LORD's sacrifice. There has to be a deeper meaning that I cannot understand at this time. Anybody?
  • Ruth
    I enjoyed reading this scripture because its to the point.
  • Kingsley
    sin is a very serious isue more serious than a carnal mind can imagine
  • Margaret
    Thank Almighty God for his perfect sacrifice
  • Mary mari
    the sins of ignorance committed by a common person,needed a sacrifice; the greatest are not above, the meanest are not below divin justice.we need to use frequent self-examination,with serious study of the scriptures.

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