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  • Sergio on Leviticus 27
    To answer your question, just go straight into His Word. Jesus is "the Word", He is the same as He was yesterday. Remember, Jesus didn't abolish the law, He completed it. The old testament holds enough examples about tithing. As Believers, we can't keep going to the "letter" or theology of Gods Word. As well as separating the bible as two era. It's one book, one God, one Word. Jesus is the same as yesterday, so He will be the same in the New Testament as He was in the Old. Peace
  • Mutt - in Reply on Leviticus 27
    The 2 great commandments are mentioned every time. The first in to love the Lord thy God with all they heart,mind and soul and the second is to love thy neighbor as thyself. By keeping the 10, you are keeping the 2.

    Are the 10 commandments part of the Mosaic Law and if so, then one must keep the whole law, true? If one lets God empower them to keep the two Great Commandments,
    no, Jesus fulfilled the 10 Commandments (lived a sinless life). So being a Christian, you would want to do the things that He told you to do,correct? He says And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things I say? You aren't saved because you try and keep the law, keeping the law is the fruit of being saved
  • Ce - in Reply on Leviticus 27
    New Testament Scripture, "If you love Me, keep my Commandments" ( John 14:15); in these types of discussions, in general, why aren't the two Great Commandments also mentioned since they are mentioned in the NT also? Getting tired, Are the 10 commandments part of the Mosaic Law and if so, then one must keep the whole law, true? If one lets God empower them to keep the two Great Commandments, will it cause them to obey the Ten Commandments also?
  • Pat H - in Reply on Leviticus 27
    Nita, Your tithing is between you and God. When we go to church we are entering the Lord's house it is Holy so when you tithe it should be form your heart and God will bless you. If the church leaders use tithe money for any reason than holy reasons then God will deal with who does this , but not you. I hope this helps.
  • Linus udo on Leviticus 27
    leviticous chpt 27 , verse 5 ,touch most of the people ,this simple explain that what God has for u are bigger than ,what we are fighting for ,unknown , read more and
  • Irene123 on Leviticus 27
    Tithing is not 'limited' to the O.T.; Matt. 23:23. Even tho' the 4 Gospels are still the O.T. age (Jesus hadn't died yet, ascended and sent the Holy Ghost as per Acts2:38). The testator has to die before his 'will' can be enacted. The N.T. was Jesus will. Jesus teachings in the O.T. Gospels were for the N.T; just as our 1st grade learning is for our H.S. graduation. O.T. to Jesus' teachings to N.T
  • Irene123 on Leviticus 27
    Tithing: One cannot judge their church on what it does with the tithe. Because, even if they give out yearly printed documents on what they have done - there's no way to know if that is what was done. The only criteria for judging the truth of a church is - Acts 2:38. This was the very beginning of Jesus' church. Very few 'churches' baptize in the name of Jesus.
  • Dominic on Leviticus 27
    tithing is limited to the old testament.read carefully.the jews tithed twice a year when they harvested their crops.they never tithed money.they gave free will offerings to support the temple if they had it.the crops they tithed were for the priest and the poor people in the synagogue.when JESUS came he changed all the rules.
    Luke 12:33, matthew 19;21.
  • Charlene Robinson on Leviticus 27
    As I continue my study on tithing I have made up my mind that my tenth is render unto God and if the church does not do what God has set fouth for the church to do with the tithe that I pay then I pray that God would deal with the church.
  • Andy on Leviticus 27
    Galatians 2:16-17. Is really the answer, Are you still sinning? Christ is not the minister of sin, and your burden to pay tithes will not atone for it.
  • Mark on Leviticus 27
    Nita, if you 're having issues with your current church in regards to leadership, then I would suggest finding another church which you can support. The tithe is important as it reflects your trust in the Lord for all you have and are. Sadly, some people look for a 'loophole ' to avoid paying their tithe by presenting examples such as you have. Ask the Lord for direction in finding a new church home or if He wants you to stay where you 're at.
  • I am trying to learn more about tithing, i 'm finding the church we tithe to has some serious compromising in leadership. should i not be concerned about where i tithe and what its used for as long as it is a church? please help me underestand.
  • Brenda Romine on Leviticus 27
    Leviticus 27 34 Again, these commandments were given to Moses on Mt. Sinai by the Lord. People think they are supposed to obey the ten commandments, but if they believe that why don 't they follow all the other commandments, statutes, and judgments given to Moses on Mt. Sinai?
  • Yetunde Babatunde on Leviticus 27:31
    I now understand better that there are considerations in the bible for those who want to pay part can 't pay all at once. used to pay just the amount i calculated as tithe before even when i paid part. But now, I know better.
  • Michael on Leviticus 27:14
    Interesting verse. How does a man sanctify his house? He just asks the Lord to bless it?
  • James on Leviticus 27
    Why is it that there is a difference in valuation man and woman Are the male and female the same in the eyes of God and why is there higher value for man than woman
  • Walter Ayax on Leviticus 27:34
    SOLOMON'S TEMPLE when rebuild again,or appear on the surface of ground,hope if I still alive to see what Bible mentioned.
  • this verse is confusing,what is it talking about,mynew american standard version doesn't seem very clear
  • WALTER on Leviticus 27
    Well I Started Reading Chapter 27:29 Because of a tv show trying to understand why a Man was killing people who were sining. He call Himself a god But After Reading The Whole Chapted i was getting that it Was About If A man was Serving another man he could not be redeem but put to death. and than i got the Part of paying Tithes 10% of of what our pay was before taxes? I Need To keep Reading For More Insight....
  • This confuses me a little. I have always been told to give ten percent as tithe. Does that equal out to the fifth part???

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