Leviticus Chapter 26 Discussion

  • Curtis delgardo on Leviticus 26
    what is this chapter telling us as Christians and how can we apply this chapter into our lives?
  • IMKane - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Paul admonished Timothy to rightly divide the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). All Scripture is for us, but not all Scripture is to us. That said, to whom is Leviticus 26 written?
  • Rick - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    IMKane Leviticus is written concerning the law under moses leadership given to Israel. In His Service
  • Rick - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    IMKane The book of Leviticus pertains to the law given to children of Israel under moses leadership. In His Service
  • Jaclyn B Myers on Leviticus 26
    Where does it mention Trump in the bible
  • Brenda Holland on Leviticus 26
    Scripture teaches that the law and the prophets were until John. We are under grace. We trust the perfect sacrifice, then obey, serve and love because he first loved us. Jesus fulfilled the law. Their FAITH was counted righteousness. The law was given to teach them and us that we cannot attain perfection of ourselves. Certain feasts were given to the Jews to keep forever to remind them of who they are. I am not a Jew. God has always been more concerned with our faith and obedience than any sacrifice. We must trust Jesus the perfect sacrifice for our sins and believe his Word.
  • Set Free From the Slavery of Sin - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Many think we can Never be Perfect and in a Wordly way we Can't but in God's Way we Can. He tells us to be Perfect like He is Matthew5:48 He is Love 1John 4:16 to put our Carnal flesh to death by The Spirit Romans 8 and Aim to be Perfect Hebrews 6:1 in Love 1John 4:11-21 When we are Born Again of Gods seed 1John 3:9 we will not Sin1John 5:18 our Old Carnal Nature has gone our Nature is Righteous.
  • Brenda Holland - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    I agree in that when we accept by faith God's plan, we are made new and our souls cannot sin. They are preserved and hid in God until the day of redemption. Our fleshly bodies however can commit sin which needs cleansing daily. The eternal part of us that will spend an eternity either with Christ or without and is preserved. No one, can break that seal. Our souls are saved not our bodies.
  • Light in the Darkness - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    No where in Scripture does it say we continue to Sin untill we die if we are Born Again of God's Seed He tells us to Work out our Salvation not meaning work for it to put our Carnal flesh to death by The Spirit Romans 8:15-2Tim2:19-21- Colossians 3:4-6 to be Perfect like He is Matthew 5:48 -Hebrews 6:1 We will No longer Sin Read all of 1John 3 and -5:18-20-2:28-29-Jn 8:34-36 Rom6and8 Danial12:10.
  • I AM THAT MICHAEL ISAAC DALE: on Leviticus 26
    The wicked fabricate a dispute and lie of their own death saying, We all willfully sin. Yet, it is written of Christ, Whosoever abides in him sins not: whosoever sins has not seen him, neither known him. He that commits sin is of the devil for the devil sins from the beginning. Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin And whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Believe thou this?
  • Paul Douglas on Leviticus 26
    To love God is to keep his commandments.... 1 John 5:3, John 14:15, Ecclesiates 12:13. The Saviour did not take away your sins. He ended the law of sacrifice only. The Most High God hates Sinners, Sirach/Ecclesiaticus 12:6. If anyone willfully sins, the sacrifice cannot be used to repent that sin, Hebrews 10:26.
  • Diamond - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Also you're misquoting the context of Hebrews 10:26. There remains no more sacrifice for sins because Jesus paid for our sins in full, Hebrews 10. So how can one sacrifice for a sin that has already been sacrificed for. That's like paying on your car note when its already paid in full. Their willful sin is turning from the blood back to sacrifices and their own works.
  • Diamond - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Yes he did! To say otherwise is not to believe in Him as the Messiah. Romans 3, Romans 3, John 1, 1 John 2 2, Rev 1, Hebrews 9, etc! You are in danger of Hebrews 10:29. The new Hebrew believers wanted to go back to works and doubted on the covering of Jesus's blood. The debt of our sins are gone forever. Only chastisement and loss of rewards are left for sinning believers.
  • Paul Douglas - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    So, you willfully sinning will not be paid back by the Messiah's sacrifice for one of your sins, since you willfully transgressed the law on purpose. This is why the gift of grace kicks in for you to repent and get it right before you die or the earth ends, cause then comes judgement.
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    The willful sining that you speak of causes loss of inheritance ruling with Christ. Only children can inheirit, so nonbelievers are not the subject. Inheiriting the Kingdom is not the same as entering. You can enter a house it doesnt mean you inheirit it. Salvation is not the issue as He has bought and paid for you. The Holy Spirit seals you until He comes back, Ephesians 4:30, 1 Cor 6:19-20.
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    We get better at sining less when we renew our mind with the bible, our spiritual food for spiritual growth, Ephesians 4:22-24. But some believers are babies in Christ and dont grow and walk as unsaved ppl, 1 Corinthians 3. But being a carnal believer doesn't mean your not saved for even Paul says he was, Romans 7:14-15. We work for rewards ruling with Christ in the new heaven Earth.
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    We all willfully sin. We lie, lust, covet, hate, argue, etc. Try to go one day without sinning, you can't. Thats why He died for us. We can try to sin less but will never be sinless. Sin is not the issue for believers, its fellowship. We will never get it right, if we could Jesus wouldn't have to had die. Grace is undeserved mercy for sinners who believe.
  • Paul Douglas - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Laws, statues, and commandments are not done away with like many Christians think - there are over 600.. Sacrifices were only ended. Grace gave us time to get it as right as possible before your death on the end of the world, then judgement will come. All of this is with respect to the Messiah - the son of TMH. Colossians 3:17, Hebrews 9:15. Faith Works are a must James 2:22.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Sacrifices were only ended. For the Christians. I wonder why the unsaved Jews quit sacrificing.
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    I never said they were done away with. I said that the payment for salvation has been paid in full. Faith with works is for men. God knows our hearts and can see our faith without works which is salvation. Faith with works is discipliship. Showing nonbelievers your works to bring them to faith. Salvation is a free gift, discipliship is hard work.
  • Paul Douglas - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    The Messiah was killed on a tree, and it was a sacrifice to end all the over and over sacrifices for our sins, and to give us grace. There had to be a sacrifice conducted by the Levites for each sin. Heck, they were sacrificing everyday! That is what came to an end - sacrifices! So continue thinking that laws, statues, and commandments are ended 1 John 5:3 and suffer a harsh judgement.
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Once we believe we are giving a spirit born of God that cannot sin bc sin cannot enter heaven thats why we must die first. Our flesh is sin itself as it wont stop sinning, Rom 7 . As we know we are His we can try to sin less to avoid temporal punishment onEarth. 1 John 5. Which is why Christ had to die. He gave us a new man spirit of God which is always at war with our old man flesh .
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    We do not get eternal judgement aka hell, John 3:18. Believers go to the Judgement Seat of Christ, which is for rewards and or the loss thereof. 1 Cor 3, 1 Cor 9 25, Rom 18. God is just and merciful.He shows mercy in all who believe will be in heaven and just as only those who serve Him will have an inheritance in heaven. 1 Peter 1 :inheritance resevered in heaven, it is not heaven.
  • Paul Douglas - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    The laws statues, commandments, were only given to the Israelites, Romans 9:1-5, Salvation is only for the Israelites Luke 1:68-75, you must walk in faith and works James 2:22. The new Kingdom is for Israel, Jeremiah 31:31, Hebrews 8:8. To get eternal life you must do the commandments of God Matthew 19:16, 1 John 5:3, John 14:15, Ecclesiastes 12:13. God hates the sinners Ecclesiasticus 12:6.
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Salvation is for all who believe.We are His adopted ppl. The New Kingdom will be for all believers. The difference between Jewish believers and non-Jewish believers, is that the Jewish believers are Christ's Bride, and we the Church, are apart of His body.The new Heaven and new Earth will be for all believers, but only certian believers who have served Him will enter into the City of New Jerusalem
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Those who believe but are disobedient there will be chastened on Earth, early death, and or loss of rewards, but salvation is always secured. 1 Cor 3. Our works and obedience are for fellowship with God. Think of an earthly parent and child. When the child is bad do you say its not yours or do you chasten them in love? Proverbs 3:11-12, 1 Corinthians 11:32, Hebrews 12:5-7.
  • Paul Douglas - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Salvation is only for his people - Israelites, to save them from their enemies and all that hate them. Salvation means nothing else. Luke 1:68. whatever nation took you into captivity is your enemy nation. Esau - Edom will be devoured for being our enemy. Obadiah 18. TMH hates Esau Romans 9:13. There are only 12 gates to the Kingdom and it is for Israel Rev. 21:12., Heb. 8:8.
  • Diamond M Crumpton-Scott - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    What are sacrifices for? Sin. Ergo sin is not the issue anymore for salvation its belief in the Messiah Jesus Christ. We will never keep the law. We can try but we will fail thats why He lived a perfect life and died tor us so we can live through Him. For believers who do not obey Christ or the commandments the punisjment is not Hell. Thats what He saved us from.
  • Paul Douglas - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Salvation is in following the word of god by the way of the messiah.. Hebrews 9:15. ..for eternal inheritance, by way of following his commandments Matthew 19:16. words of advice, you should willfully attempt to follow the words of TMH, with faith and works, james 2:20-22, by the way of the messiah Colosians 3:17. Your judgement will be based on faith, works, and your acceptance of the savior.
  • Paul - in Reply on Leviticus 26
    Hebrews 10:26 The savior's sacrifice only comes in place when you DO NOT willfully did not know sin, but when you do know right from wrong what is law , and you WILLFULLY transgress the law sin anyway, his sacrifice will not be used for that sin, and you must repent, and get it right before you die or earth ends, before judgement. Mat. 5:17 fullied his sacrifice. Act 3:18.

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