Leviticus Chapter 25 Discussion

  • Debra on Leviticus 25
    What does revelation 1 verse one mean?
  • Chris - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    This introduction to the Book is given by the Apostle John, when he was exiled on the isle of Patmos. He declares that the prophetical message he is about to share with the Churches & believers in general, comes from Jesus Christ Himself, given to Him by God, & delivered to John by Jesus' messenger.

    Though the statement within it, "which must shortly come to pass" has caused concern amongst some that the events of the Great Tribulation & the Anti-Christ have still not happened after all these centuries, we need to understand this Book as giving a revelation of the condition of the Church in these last days & the increasing deterioration of society leading up to this final judgement. In other words, unlike what the 'prophets of today' tell us, who give us hope that our lives are becoming better & the world is in much better shape, God's Word tells us that ever since Calvary, we have been on the decline, as the Cross has set the demarcation line separating those running to it in faith for salvation & those who violently oppose that Work. Technology & man's knowledge may have increased, giving us a more comfortable lifestyle, but his rejection of God's Love in Jesus, has marked him as very unwise & destitute of the Truth leading him to utter ruin, his judgement & the coming final closure of the age.
  • Veronica Ewing-Clarke on Leviticus 25
    what does the year of jubilee means
  • Chris - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    The Year of Jubilee for Israel, came after the completion of 49 years (i.e. on the 50th year). And during this year, people were released from their debts, slave owners had to grant freedom to their slaves, & property returned back to the owners. It was a year basically dedicated to rest - similar to the institution of the Sabbath, the 7th day of the week as a rest day for Israel. So even those with farms & crops had to desist from working - so it was a time for both the man & the land to recover (there were Sabbath years as well for the resting of the land) & maybe people would attend to the more weightier matters of life.

    And for the Christian, the Year of Jubilee foreshadows Christ's future work at the Cross. Through His death & resurrection, the sinner coming in repentance & faith, is also relieved from the punishment due to us & being enslaved to sin - finding our complete & eternal rest in Christ alone.
  • DALE STAHLBERG on Leviticus 25
    What is the purpose of reading understanding Leviticus in these days with the living Jesus Christ is among us?

    Please try to explain in depth your answer.


    Seems as though God had a reason for telling his people not to eat meat that has been killed buy another animal. My take is for us not to get sick, and also because God only wants food for our consumption to be pure because we are to be pure.

  • MARTIN - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    John 5;47...but if ye belive not his [moses] writings how shall ye belive my words?....faith is at the root of this...trusting in god...
  • Kurt - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    When I read your question, it is a typical one that comes up when you buy into the-sensationalism-of-dispensationalism. However, if you are interested in studying the plan of redemption, from Genesis-through-Revelation (both the FIRST testament, and the SECOND testament), you will find that a c-a-r-e-f-u-l study of the book as a book of instruction shows how the Father and Son had these things inspired for a reason. Did your question come up when King James, and the Bible students of his day put together the 66 books of scripture?

    Blessings in your study,

  • Avraham Roos - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    I have seen Psalms 79:6 alternatively been rendered as "Pour our They wrath upon the heathen" and "Pour out They wrath upon the nations"

    What could be the significance of the difference between these two words?
  • The End of Days - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    The Election passed from the Jews, to the Gentiles; after Jesus's (Messiah) crucifixion on the Cross on Golgotha in Israel.

    There were many prophesies about him in the Torah.

    Isaiah 13:1-22

    Isaiah 21:1-

    Isaiah 23:1-18

    Isaiah 42:25

    Isaiah 45:4-5

    Jeremiah 25:29

    Jeremiah 46:1-28

    Zephaniah 3:8

    Isaiah 35:4-5

    Isaiah 53

    Isaiah 60 Gentiles Election

    What happened in the distant past; was always there and spoke about what would happen in the future.

    The plague of COVID-19, has surely speeded up the Prophesies of the End Times.

    When Jesus catches up his born again Christians to himself, and takes them into heaven:

    The Election to the Jews will be restored once more. Scripture says that God the Father and the Son of Man, are one. They are working together, and with The Spirit also. All the old prophesies will finish falling into place; as read in our daily newspapers.

    Things like the Russians helping one Palestinian nation fight against another; all fighting against Gods Covenant with Abraham; in regards to the Land. Israel will have to hold onto the Land till the bitter end (as said in the Covenant). The nations that will meet at the valley of Megiddo are ready.

    This is all written and recorded. I suggest you investigate the Bible and see for yourself what it says. In the Bible, 3 plagues come on the world from China and 2 other eastern nations. By accident or plan, I don't know. I do know locusts are covering the continent of Africa, Middle East, to the East. See? There are many signs of the times occurring together. Don't wait till after the Catching Away to decide. The Antichrist will be the most compelling figure that has ever lived

    Pray now, that Jesus will open your ears to hear, and your eyes to see it. Say it now as I pause to pray for you: Lord Jesus, anoint this one to see, and to hear Your voice. I ask it in your holy Name, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Help him read the old scriptures in a new day.

  • Bob Grove - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    I was taught your belief, and it came from JN Darby of the Plymouth brethren back in the 1830s . The Christians like George Miller of Bristol rejected this whole made up fabrication way back then . Scofield Bible promoted this heresy and it became popular among many but still a heresy .

    Your opening statement is false , the Apostles where all Jewish the first church that was Jewish too Peter preached to those that actually crucified the Lord in the book of acts 3000 or more converted mostly Jews .

    Salvation is to Jews and gentiles . Even to this day , yes some inpart rejected the Messiah , but not all . Israel in whole will be restored when Jesus returns in Glory . So much more could be said . But this doctrine you put forth is false and many believe it to their own damage.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    I agree.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Hi, I believe Luke was a proselyte for what it's worth.

  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    I do not want to be contrary, but there are scriptures that are coming to mind.

    Isaiah 42:9 Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.

    God says by his prophet that he will tell his people (Israel) what is to come to pass before it happens. Things coming to pass would include both the blessings and judgement. No prophet from between Malachi and Jesus has predicted the extreme and severe and by my heart horrific events that many Jewish believers have suffered.

    Deuteronomy 18:15 The LORD thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like

    unto me; unto him ye shall hearken;

    This Prophet , Jesus, fulfilled this passage. It is from this Prophet, Jesus Christ on that will predict what is yet to come to pass before it passes for all people including all Jews and Gentiles.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Hi, Will the sceptre return to Judah when the Messiah returns? Is the tribe of Judah still honored by it's brethren as Jacob promised, in the position of the tribes. I think this promise was to be unbroken.

    I am interested to understand this promise because I believe that when the Messiah comes again, time will be no more, only the harvest.

  • Mishael - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    The Harvest has been ongoing. I believe the Holy Spirit is that; He sets up divine appointments. Especially if someone is praying for another's salvation.

    When I got saved I was heavily into evangelizing. I still am. I can do it in the prayer room and I can pray to the Lord of the Harvest to bring us all in range of each other.

    I got a lot to pray about. I finally watched that movie: the Passion, made by Mel Gibson. Very violent. I'm thinking about all the Catholics coming in here with so many questions about what they believe in and, what we believe in. We need to pray for a revival in that church before it's too late.

    Rituals don't work too well. Only knowing.

    I hope Chris comes back soon. He knows all about what they are taught. That's why all of the Body of Christ needs each other. Jesus is counting on us to learn ways to reach the lost. To care about their mortal souls. My neighbor is older too, Catholic, and she's perfectly happy that nobody tells her to repent.

    I even wish Bob Hilt would come back and use his scripture location memory to minister to Catholics (instead of the Jews).

    All we can do is let Jesus know we're available to learn something new.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Yes, we are there now!
  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    I have walked inside of the old Catholic Church building in the old part of Albuquerque, NM and up front is a casket in a glass case and inside the casket is a replica of Jesus. I have also seen this same presentation at another old Catholic Church building in the bottom of the Copper Canyon in Mexico. The body (replica) of Jesus still in the casket in both places. Are there more?

    Perhaps someone has an answer how this could be?

  • Sandra - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    not sure why you would look for those. Jesus was never in a casket, and He is alive.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    As Mishael said it is hideous and I agree. And yes, I do not suggests that many should see the same thing, as it is very upsetting. I imagine if there are two forgotten old churches that have not removed their caskets from the public's view that there are more.

  • Mishael - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    How hideous! I did not know of such things. I once worked in an office with a catholic priest. I remarked on a picture of Jesus he had on his desk, and he launched into a full demonstration of his relics.

    I lived in New Mexico 15 years. Not much to do there. That's where I first met Jesus.
  • Wenmar - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Yes, very heinous indeed! I was a practicing Catholic for 33 years and when the Lord led me through His word I was horrified when I realized the idolatry in which I had participated...I wept bitter tears but praise God, I am forgiven! The last time I had to attend a mass for a funeral, I was happy to find that I can no longer recite the mass in robotic fashion as I had since I was a child. Even though I had not participated verbally in 20 years, your mind can't help but follow along because it is so ingrained.

    Praise God for His word and the freedom He gives!!!!
  • Mishael - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Chris, who teaches in here every day, will be back soon. I hope you will meet him and tell him your testimony. He's very knowledgeable about Catholicism, and what it all means. A very good person.
  • April Estrada - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Where in the bible is the outcry of the slaughter of the innocence? Also for people to make a choice before theirs words fall upon death ears.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Jeremiah 2:34

    Also in thy skirts is found the blood of the souls of the poor innocents: I have not found it by secret search, but upon all these.

    Jeremiah 19:4

    Because they have forsaken me, and have estranged this place, and have burned incense in it unto other gods, whom neither they nor their fathers have known, nor the kings of Judah, and have filled this place with the blood of innocents;

    See also Jeremiah 31:15 This happened in Bethlehem after Mary and Joseph had left to flee into Egypt because Herod was seeking to kill newborn Jesus.
  • Bob Grove - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Where in the Bible does it say that 7 years prior to the tribulation there will be a caught up to meet the Lord in the air ?

    Also when they do meet the Lord in the air , where are they going ? Answer to Jerusalem, or forever in the clouds you pick . The Lord is going to reign so yes we are forever with the Lord where he is .
  • Patricia ledoux on Leviticus 25:17
    where does it say in the bible that in the year of jubilee all debts will be cancelled and He will restore all the years the locusts has taken?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Leviticus 25:17
    Jubilee is every 50 years. Google when the last one was.

    Read Leviticus 25:1-55 And 27:18

    Luke 4:18
  • X3277 on Leviticus 25
    I love how the commentator, when describing verses 39-55, completely "forgot" to mention the fact, that in verses 44-46, it makes clear that if the person isn't an Israelite, you can buy them, sell them, and keep them forever. You can also rule over them with rigor, because the verses are clear, only fellow Israelites aren't to be ruled over with rigor.
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus on Leviticus 25
    End of Bible in a Year Reading day 36. The property laws are very interesting as well as land usage and ownership. There is a reward to be fair and show mercy with one's wealth.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Leviticus 25
    Servants, bondmen, Slaves: My least favorite book of the bible. I was born of a Bondman. I was born in a shack where you could look up through the rafters and see the moon and stars. I was born in a sharecroppers cabin. Now, a sharecropper is a man and his family that lives on a mans land and plants and picks the crop and shares the proceeds with the land owner.

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