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  • Mickey
    Leviticus 19.28 God's word settles it, and is the only word that matters! The issue of body piercings and tattoos I have had quite a few discussions in the past. Interesting some want to choose when to follow the word and not follow the word depending on if it may fit into their personal beliefs. Just because we are forgiven, does not mean we should not try out best to live a holy lifel
  • Ruben Hartness
    Check Lev 11:1--22
  • Janet
    v. 10 Father, make my heart tender toward Your commands. Open my heart to the needs of others.
  • Marilyn
    Sometimes Christians do not want to do what God commanded. I am not against tattoos but I
    have told my family and friends that God said not to get them. Now I can share Leviticus 19:28.
    You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any mark upon you I am
    the Lord. God said it and that settles it! I would not invite Satan to dwell on my body everyday.

  • BSP
    Verse 15~We must show no prejudice to anyone, no matter if a person is rich or poor. We want to treat all equally.
  • Daniel
    There are lots of valid points to go both ways. I fear, however as a people called of God to be separated from the world we miss the very foundation of Christian Faith by debating over the Law as Peter and Paul did. We possess no righteousness except it be by faith alone. The Law does not save it condemns through wrath. The only Law that existed before the Flood was to Honor The Sabbath Day.
  • BSP
    Verse 32 commands that we respect older ones. The way we treat older ones will have an effect on our relationship with God.
  • Deast for verse 28
    God created us in His image. He might not recognize us when he returns for his children. I don 't like tatoos, but were we created with makeup, short hair,jewlery, etc. We are all in a sinful world in need of repentance, but Gods Grace is sufficient. Do you eat shrimp? lobster, catfish? God forbid some of those things in His Wor. d, but it was because they weren 't good for your body. Jesus paid the price for our sins, and we do sin every day. Why do we do the things we would not, and not do the things we should. We need forgiveness every day. Pray God 's guidence in all you do, and IF you feel convicted of anything, just don 't do it again. The Holy Spirit convicts us, and we shouldn 't do it.God is a merciful God and forgives our sins. He paid the price, and said, IT IS FINISHED!!!
  • Beverley Johnson
    My understanding of Leviticus 19 is that you cannot serve God and mammon you will love one and hate the other. Simply put, you cannot serve God and the devil. Seek King Jesus alone.
  • Stanjett
    mammon is money. The key word here is serve. Money is not bad if you use it wisely. Supporting your family, giving to charity. Greed is sin but not good works.
  • Marco martinez for verse 14
    They are not cursed they are a blessing that some dont understand my son is disabled and god shows me how to be patient and love him more just like our god loves us more amen
  • I hvent shaved for two months because im going to Israel. Ive read alot and still have no answer. Should men not shave, keep a shaven beard, or what is the holy standard?
  • Stanjett
    You are neither better or worse, if you do or you don't.
  • Deborah for verse 28
    What does the Bible say about getting inoculations or vaccinations? Lev. 19 28 doesn 't seem to apply to those, yet many young children are being harmed by these injections, just to be in compliance with the law and be allowed to a free and public education. I know there are parents out there who want every other child in school to have them for the protection of their own child ten , but what about mine? She 's had the 1st 2 rounds, and had horrible reactions with both, the 2nd of which lander her in the emergency room. I don 't want her to die with this next one, so what are my recourses? Isn 't there a law protecting her? The school says she can 't come anymore at the end of next week if she hasn 't had her shots. Please let me know who I can contact for more information, especially legal questions. I don 't want to go to court or worse, to jail for not complying.
  • Erika for verse 28
    People are too eager to maim and kill each other over words. Do the anti tattooists never eat catfish? Catfish have no scales. Do they refuse a surgical incision? Many threats to life like cancer or a bullet need to be removed. Do they refuse to breastfeed their infants? Vital blood components for baby 's health are in breast milk. Do they refuse life saving blood transfusions? If so then their god is a god who demands human blood sacrifice. That is not my god.
  • Paul
    v. 1 9 Don 't blend fabrics in your clothing. My Question WHY NOT ?
  • Chef Kent Taylor for verse 17
    God is AMAZING!
  • Matthew Levi for verse 28
    The WORD is the Truth. Plain and simple. The book of the Law is too be honored and respected. God will not make exceptions. His son Jesus fulfilled ALL of the law and He is King of kings and The Lord of lords.
  • Aggeliki for verse 28
    By reading all that I have, I feel very good for many of you who realize now that some of the things we grew up and were peer pressured to by society, never realizing that it was a sin. The best thing to do is repent and apologize to God and fix things. Never to repeat that sin again. Keep repenting like its your last day so the devil does not stand a chance to try to steal you. Tell God please take me when its time and don 't let the devil tempt me. Please forgive my loved ones too, because some of your loved ones sometimes continue and try to make excuses, but pray for them so God takes them. Many are very good and pure in the heart and act like lions but are ** cats in their soul. That is why I ask God to forgive them. We shall not be afraid of any soul in heaven for everyone will be good. God does not want any ounce of evil because he does not want the other angels hurt and tempted. That is why he threw out the fallen angel who tried to act smart. Keep the faith and always Pray!!!!!!!!
  • Herman
    Len Vivolo 's comment is the best as far as I am concerned. Tattooing is a sign of rebellion and just because you justify it with some religious symbol doesn 't change the fact, that 's the deception. Your body is the temple of God don 't pollute it with worldly devices. We live in a time of deception. Now days people will except anything if it will allow them to follow their own lust and temptations.
  • Alamin for verse 27
    Maybe it means don 't wear round hats... I think not shaving hair over the temples makes us all Jewish, like with their little curls. G d seems to always want his children to be distinct and separate from the evil of the world, and I think, in this day and age, just being truly compassionate and good, even to your enemies sets you apart and makes you a target enough. If you aren 't tormented by evil, you are not truly good.
  • The God of Abraham brought His people out of Egypt and admonished them not to do as the Egyptians do...the oldest tattoos discovered come from Egypt and we have the mummies to prove it. The black "pigment " that is still used today for tattoos is called Indian Black or Bone Black and is from charred animal bones... the term "tattoo ink " is used in error, the colored substance used in tattoos is call "pigment " and must be mixed with a liquid carrier, the tattoo is not made with any type of "ink " unless it 's a prison tattoo . All other colors contain heavy metals and I 'll go ahead and use this quote from His Word "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge " The hebrew word in Leviticus 19 28 that is translated "for the dead " is actually the word "NEPHESH " this word means soul or living person... it is a mystery to me that this word was translated as dead. And it 's interesting that many people believe it 's okay to get a tattoo as long as it 's not for the dead...
  • Leviticus 19 28 refers to cutting in your body for the DEAD. In the part of Africa that I hail from, tribal marks were used in the olden days for identification during the war. Some people tattoo names of their loved ones on their skin as a sign of endless love and commitment. i.e their spouses or children. I have seen some nice tattoos like bible verses, praying hands, roses, butterflies etc. I don 't think these are harmful or sinful. I believe the motives behind our actions are important. we shouldn 't judge or condemn people who have sensible inscriptions on their skins. However,some tattoos are used by cultist and some can be demonic.People can have contamination from tattoos and can be infected with hepatitis B or HIV. Excess tattoos can make people appear irresponsible.I don 't like them, but I 'm not going to judge anyone who has sensible tattoos on their skins.
  • Vanessa for verse 28
    It is as clear as day. The word of the Lord is there to guide us and is never wrong.Printing marks is a tattoo.
  • Len Vivolo for verse 28
    Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and are not our own to do with as we please. It was purchased at a great price, namely the sacrifice of the only begotten Son of God. We are to give glory to God with our bodies. Therefore, when God forbids tattoo 's or body piercing in the old testament, for us to believe in the trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, then we must consider that it doesn 't matter what year in modern times this is to God. Times may change and people may change, but to God the Father, Son Or Holy Spirit....He is the same yesterday, today and forever. "Do Not Tattoo Or Pierce Your Body is a blunt and to the point " decree that doesn 't require interpretation. Just obedience! Therefore it is safer to just accept the fact that "God Said It....I Believe It.....And That Pretty Much Settles It. " Len Vivolo
  • Scott for verse 28
    In my experience 'The Levitical Law ' was written to help us. I have many times found an answer, simply by asking "Why would God say that? " In this case just Google 'health issues with tattoos ' for several possible answers. Through Christ, I have been freed from the Law, that does not, however, mean that I 'm freed from the consequence. When God says don 't do it, it 's usually for your own good. I don 't believe He will condemn you for having a tat, but I am sure that He did not plan for you to die at 22 from a blood infection.
  • Louie villa-pal for verse 28
    Tattoo is a craze but I am listing the reasons for my advocacy against it. First, Most people who are for it defend it as an artform. The designs at executed well over in one 's body. Good for the moment. Now comes the question what becomes of it when the human skin used as a canvass becomes old and dilapidated, no longer the body of a young healthy individual but that of a wrinkled medium of a seventy year old host. It would be an overstatement to brand tattoos as a form of art because it can never outlive genuine canvasses like those used by picasso or da vinci. Second, in biblical context, the mandate is prohibition. If Christ was in favor of tattoos, He could have one made for himself. Third, If there was a way of putting it over the body, then there is also a way of removing it. Those in Christ will not find it difficult to remove it only to erase the semblance of paganism of one 's past.
  • Abdul karim mansaray for verse 28
    it is a configured mark of the beast.Tatoo of any form is not good.
  • Richard for verse 28
    Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling......seems to me what you do with your body or any other matter is between you and God....
  • God has given us free will. God has given us his word and his Spirit to discern. We can start in Genesis and see where God says, "let us create man in our image. " I have a difficult time convincing myself the Godhead has brightly colored markings with different sayings, phrases, or pictures. Some will argue that Lev 19 28 is in the Old Testament so it doesn 't matter. We must then take into consieration that Pastors are accountable to teach the whole counsel of God. Now if we want to move forward to the New Testament we must take into consideration that the Bible tells us our bodies are the the temple of the Holy Spirit. 19 What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? 20 For ye are bought with a price therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God 's. I believe if God wanted us to have tattoos he could certainly have addressed that at creation. The Bible teaches us separation, christians are in the world but not of the world. We are to live and act differently than the world. We are to be different to make a differnce. The world viewpoints and standards due not match up and are not in agreement with God 's viewpoint and standards. If an individual has gotten tattoos prior to salvation and did not have biblical knowledge and understanding so be it. I do not understand why a Bible believing Christian who possess Bible knowledge and understanding would consider the thought. I guess the bottom line is we all have free will and the Spirit of God to discern what is God honoring and that which is not.

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