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  • GiGi on Leviticus 17
    Leviticus 17 continued.

    The prohibition of consuming blood was reiterated at the council in Jerusalem in Acts 15 for both Jew and Gentile. So, this law is still in effect for believers. To me, I just trust that God's reasons for this commandment are for my benefit, so it is easy to obey this. I choose to eat meat that is medium done with no blood seeping from it.

    Interesting that in John Ch. 6 Jesus says that unless one eats His flesh and drinks His blood one cannot have eternal life. This was greatly disturbing to the religious leaders and most of the Jews that heard these words. Most left off of following Him after this discourse. But the apostles stayed with Him even though this command was quite incredulous for them and the thought of cannibalizing Jesus (as they interpreted His words) was very offensive to them. Yet, they stayed and at a later time grew to understand what Jesus was speaking about here. The Last Supper was the time when Jesus instituted Communion using bread and wine to be as His body and blood of the New Covenant that was cut and sealed by His shed blood and the sacrifice of His body for the sins of the world for the forgiveness of sins.

    The last section of this chapter speaks of regulations concerning eating animals that have died a natural death (not from disease) or torn apart by a beast. They were again prohibited from eating any of it blood and if they did eat the flesh, they would need to bathe themselves and be unclean until the evening.

    God took the shedding of any blood from any creature He had made a serious matter, not so much prohibited, but that since sins must be covered by the shedding of blood, His people should be careful to be respectful of the animals they slaughter for food or for sacrifice.

    In 1 Cor. 11:17-34 Paul gives instructions on partaking in Communion in church worship. His words emphasize the respect and honor we are to give to this ordinance as in we are partaking of the body and blood of Jesus in fellowship
  • GiGi on Leviticus 17
    Leviticus Chapter 17.

    This chapter has a few different subjects:

    God's law concerning the slaying of animals for sacrifice

    Prohibition of consuming blood

    Directives concerning animals who die naturally or are killed by a beast.

    From Adam to the time of the Exodus-those who had faith in the true God would create altars and sacrifice animals to God wherever and whenever they felt it was good to do so. Each man was his own priest for himself and his household. But now with the priesthood installed and sacrificial ceremonies in place and the law given to the Israelites, the common people were to stop killing animals and sacrificing them in the open fields. Instead, they were to bring each animal they wished to sacrifice to the door of the tent of meeting to be offered by the priests in the correct way instructed in Leviticus 1-16. It was the priests' job to accept each animal for sacrifice at the tent of meeting. So they were spending most of their time in this tabernacle. People could slaughter the animal at home, but then they were to bring it to the tent of meeting to be sacrificed on the brazen altar by the priest. All of the blood was to be drained from the animal and if done so outside of the tabernacle, the blood was to be covered with dust. Some of it would be brought to the tabernacle to be poured out at the altar. The fat was burned, and if a peace offering, they could take of the meat of the butchered animal and eat it with their families and the priests.

    God was concerned that if allowed to sacrifice anywhere and anytime they chose, the Israelites would revert to sacrificial practices of the pagan around them and make sacrifices to idols and be led astray from YHWH.

    In the middle of the chapter, the Israelites are sternly commanded again to never consume the blood of any animal, like the heathens did, but also because God says that the life is in the blood. So, to consume the blood one would be consuming a live substance rather than dead food.
  • GiGi - in Reply on Leviticus 17
    Hello Diane, The Scriptures does not forbid eating fish.
  • Diane on Leviticus 17
    Is fish a non food for people to eat in the Bible?
  • Avia on Leviticus 17
    I want to be more and more Christ like but i keep falling back I need prayer to be stronger through jesus name.
  • Portia on Leviticus 17
    Though a man gets sick because of his sins, that's because sin has been passed down to every living person on earth from the fall of adam. it is he who passed sin on to all. we all, therefore have a sinful nature, and we will die because of it, whether we get sick or not. we can be killed and die in so many other ways. it does not matter. we all will die the natural death, some to honor and some to damnation. yet, because god in his grace has imputed righteousness to us who were and are undeserving, to be saved. we still have the struggle in us to sin, but we who are his called, live for eternity. for now, we live in a dark world; a world of sin. we are to be the light and salt for sinner
  • Doug - in Reply on Leviticus 17:11
    I was wrong about the blood as one pointed out in Acts 15:20 and 29, but the ceremonial laws are done away in Christ. That is why we have the New Testament.
  • Doug - in Reply on Leviticus 17:11
    We are not under the ceremonial laws now. Timothy 4:4
  • Cheryl - in Reply on Leviticus 17
    Mike you are right. Jesus gave his life (and) blood so that we may have everlasting life.
    He is our Sacrifice. Once his (Jesus) blood was shade for use we no longer had to make a sacrifice for our sins. Nor have someone else do it for us. We are responsible for asking for and repenting of our sins. But we MOST mean it and then turn away form it! GOD is great!
    NO ONE else LOVES us as he does. God bless you all.
  • Brenda Holland - in Reply on Leviticus 17
    Looks like the only thing forbidden was eating or consuming it via your mouth. God did not address transfusions which of course were not available then. Consider this...a blood transfusion continues to live and grow inside a body. Anything eaten or swallowed goes to the stomach and out the gut as waste. Just thoughts to consider.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Leviticus 17
    To give life or deny life. I don't see anything wrong with donating blood.
  • Mohay on Leviticus 17
    I am learning that the laws were given for all eternity and Jesus did agree. Matthew Henry states that the eating of blood is done away with. I am seeing this as false doctrines.
  • Marvin R Henry on Leviticus 17
    I am going to have to disagree with the commentary of Matthew Henry on the subject of blood. quote: The blood is now allowed for the nourishment of our bodies it is no longer appointed to make an atonement for the soul . The first part for our bodies is not correct. Acts 15:20,29. This is new testament. The life of the flesh is still in the blood. Abstaining from blood is still in affect.
  • BSP on Leviticus 17
    Verse 11 shows that the life of the flesh is in he blood. Blood itself is not alive but we need it to be alive.
  • Dr. Michael T. Burch on Leviticus 17:11
    For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul. Answer:I think we can all agree that the Live of the Flesh is in the Blood. God was explaining the importance of the Blood and why the blood will be a payment for the sins done in the flesh. He called it atonement for our souls. Ransom for poor choices and decision. Our souls are our Will, Desire, Emotion, Intellect and etc. So the blood pays for all of these, which is in the Soul from poor decision. This was the foundational principle of the sacrifices that was given for our sins at the altar. It was a shadow of that which was to come: It was the Lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world! That Lamb was Jesus the Christ the true salvation of the world. Christ s sacrifice takes the sins and the power of sin and death away for good from man once and for all. No more do we have to sacrifice animal s precious blood for our sins. No more do we have to receive the judgment for our sins. For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life. Jesus paid it in full!
  • Donating blood, peoples donate blood that the life of another in the flesh may be saved through their blood, the life is in the blood and life is light, yet we are not saved through blood, the life is in the blood and life is light through the spirit of anybody else, but we are saved through the blood, the life is in the blood life is light, through the spirit of christ, and we do not have life through the flesh but through the spirit, whats most important to peoples on earth is that we repent in truth in life and accept christ as lord and hold steadfast to the ways of the son, the holy living ways of light and life, that we may be brought out of sin and death and into righteouness and life in the spirit that we may have true life in the spirit.
  • How do peoples become ill, they become ill because of sin, how do peoples sin? Such is not through the ways of the son the holy living ways of light and life through the holy spirit of light and life through Christ, through god the father working through them,the ways of the son, to be kind, caring, sharing, loving, peaceful, patient, humble, truthful, merciful, god loving, such are of the holy spirit, are of Christ, of god the father, such is through the ways of man the unholy ways of darkness and death the tares, the ways of man, the spirit of fear, greed, lust, jealousy, hate, deception, impatience, anger, temptation, doubt, such are of the unholy spirit, of the antichrist, the devil, they are the tares, it 's they that sin, and its through them peoples become ill, we all need to be rebuke such ways at every turn in jesus name, god cannot sin, sin is in opposition to the holy spirit to christ to god the father.
  • Speaking of Christ, what was in him was life and that life was the light of men, life is light, his life and light is the life and light of men, and he is the true life and light which gives life and light to all those who come into the world, Mary did not become pregnant through Mary or Joseph or any flesh, but through god the farther through the spirit, and its god the son that entered her womb, Christ was born through the womb of Mary, but the spirit that was in Christ, that Christ is, is through god the farther, Christ is begotten of the farther through the farther, Christ is the true light life and holy spirit through the farther who is the true light life and holy spirit who gives light life and holy the spirit to all those who come into the world, when a child is formed in the womb the child receives the holy spirit of light and life through Christ who is the true light life and holy spirit, through god the farther who is the true light life and holy spirit, this is how we are alive, this is how we have life, when we are born into the world we are turned over to sin and death and become led by that spirit which is of the antichrist which is of the devil, but we are saved by repenting in truth in life and accepting christ as lord and saviour the person who truly does this, such is through the holy spirit of light and life through christ through god working through them, they take holy communion they take christ into their hearts, the darkness cannot be where the true light of life is, that spirit which is of the antichrist which is of the devil is cast down, as their sins are cleansed from them are cast down through christ through god the father, they are transfomed are made anew are reborn in the spirit and are no longer led by that spirit which is of the antichrist which is of the devil, but are led by the holy spirit, by christ by god the father.
  • K e syam on Leviticus 17:11
    yes correct jesus saves me with his own blood
  • Dalli kambonde on Leviticus 17:11
    what about donating blood now?
  • Thandi on Leviticus 17:7
    Please differentiate the demons referred to in this verse and ancestors
  • Bro Herbert on Leviticus 17:11
    Yes is very correct that the life of the "Natural man" is in the blood, because these man is born only of natural efforts. Since ADAM disobeyed GOD and was separated from the life of GOD (Became spiritually dead and started living from the senses which are control by SATAN).

    Now the man that is "BORN AGAIN" has inherited the ETERNAL LIFE OF GOD ( 1 JOHN 5:11-13) by vital reality of the son-ship, which is produced by legal reality of HIS SON JESUS CHRIST taking our place of sin and death that we may take HIS place of LIFE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Thus; the new man' life is no longer in the blood but in the spirit ( Romans 8:11)...............Thanx and GOD bless
  • Wes Epp on Leviticus 17:11
    Yes, life is in the blood. It is thought that cleansing the blood can cure many diseases. Organs like the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system carry out the important function of detoxifying or cleansing the blood. By keeping the liver, kidneys and lymphatic system in optimal condition we can avoid many diseases.
  • Ed Harris on Leviticus 17
    Verse 14, Yahweh's people shall not eat BLOOD, it is LIFE. Nothing can be clearer. Many years ago I stopped eating anything with Blood and my decision is reinforced today.I am blessed for the spiritual awakening.
  • Ann on Leviticus 17
    Have you looked into the Walter Vieth "Total Onslaught"? And "the Untold History of the Bible" on youtube. A person needs to know the history of the bible as well as the church system. I would start with the "history of the bible and then Walter. He produces facts by man's history and explains Revelations very well. We are the last generations and the Lord is coming soon. :) "For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night." 1 Thessalonians 5:2.
  • Ellen on Leviticus 17
    i have just been saved, and what i consider important is one has to "accept Jesus Christ as his/her Lord and Saviour" ask the Holy Spirit to teach you and guide you, In John 14. there are lot of teaching out there, one gets confused. so i just immense myself with the WORD. The church i attend, follows that scripture and that we should not eat what the WORD, GOD says. on the other hand you hear teachers say that is the law, and we are not under the law but Grace, therefore we should eat what GOD FORBID. they say is old despensation and we are in new dispensation. I guess GOD IS FAIR AND JUST, those who really want to do the right thing but mislead by others, (who by the way want to do the right thing, but they themselves do not know it) God will understand, unlike when you know for sure and you do opposite then you are accountable fully, because you knew.

    God Bless and i ask the HOLY SPIRIT AS OUR TEACHER TO TEACH US
  • Aimee on Leviticus 17:11
    It's very true! Also, this is prophetic of Christ.
  • J.R. on Leviticus 17
    Just a quick comment to Chris...
    I understand that you may not like orginized religion, and thats fine. I also hear you, when you say you are a "believer" but you dont go into what you believe in, expressly. Now, we can assume it is the death, burial and ressurection of Jesus...not to discredit you at all, and i dont mean any harm by it, but be carefula bout admitting that you actually are a Christ follower. You kind of go in a round about way of saying it, and despite all your biblical quotes, you actually miss one directly relating to your 1st sentence...remember this by Jesus(and I'm paraphrasing here..) who ever denies me in front of man, them will I deny in front of the father...
  • Anonymous on Leviticus 17
    I really like your "stuff"!Something that caught my interestis that there are 1250 planets in our hemisphere, some larger than earth, which can sustain life. But god in all his wisdom chose this small one for man! There are 3 billion hemisphres that we can count.
  • Chris on Leviticus 17
    Jeff - Am I Catholic? No! I do not belong to any denomination, nor do I consider myself to be "Christian." I do believe in Christ, but I don't claim the title "Christian" for several reasons. Instead I just consider myself a believer.

    1st: The book of Revelation talks about "Mystery Babylon," where the false prophet will come from in the end days. We are told to flee her. She is also called the "Mother of Har lots." I believe, based on the description, that the Catholic Church is Mystery Babylon, and the denominations are her daughters. Flee the "churches."

    2nd: To be a "Christian" means to be "Christ-like." I mess up and sin everyday, despite knowing better. Not very "Christ-like." Also, if I'm "Christ-like" and sin everyday, then by default that makes Christ like me. That is just arrogant, blasphemous, and puts all of us in a lot of trouble if you know what I mean.

    Lastly: I know a lot of people are about to get really mad over this one, but what this world calls "Christianity" is false. When you think "Christianity" regardless of denomination, most people think: Christmas (birthday), Easter (death), 1st day Sabbath, Christ died on the 6th day and was resurrected on the 1st day, Christ came to bring peace to the planet, Christ had long hair, the "Laws of Moses" are done away with and now we only need love, the "Laws" were a curse, etc. None of these items are true, and the book tells you this. I want no part in this abomination.

    If the above offended you, or you doubt any of it, then please look into it. Research the pagan origins of "Christmas." It has nothing to do with Christ. Search: Yule, Roman Saturnalia, Druidic Winter Solstice, the birthday of every pagan SUN god ever know, among others. Jeremiah 10:2-5 talks about a "Christmas" tree, and was told not to do it. Deuteronomy 12:29-31 talks about not adopting pagan religious customs. Christ was born on the 1st day of the Feast of Tabernacles, not "Christmas."

    Christ died on Passover, not pagan Easter. Research it. The 3 symbols of this pagan day are: Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, and peeps (baby ducks). What does this have to do with Christ being crucified? Nothing! But it does have to do with a certain pagan fertility goddess whose signs were: eggs (woman - fertility, you can do the math), rabbits (fertility - rabbits.. breeding...), and baby ducks (new life). If you are celebrating her special day, these symbols make a lot of sense. Even the name is named after her with a very slight twist.

    The 1st day Sabbath is a Catholic invention. It's not in the Scriptures. The Scriptures says to keep the 7th day Sabbath. Which is from sunset the night before to sunset the day of on our calendars. This is not the Jews Sabbath, it's His.

    The "churches" teach he died on the 6th evening and was resurrected the morning of the 1st day. Christ said he would be in the belly of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights. So mathematically what they teach is impossible. He did die in the evening, in a Biblical day - or around 3 p.m. He was resurrected on the 1st day - the night of (so the night prior on our calendar).
    Which means he died on the 4th day of the week just prior to sunset, and was resurrected just after sunset on the 1st day. 3 days and 3 nights ( 5th n/d, 6th n/d, 7th n/d).

    I already talked about the "Laws of Moses" in a previous post. Christ didn't come to bring peace on earth. Matthew 10:34-36 says in his own words that he didn't come to do that. The exact opposite in fact. The Antichrist comes claiming to be Christ and does that though... Nor did Christ have long hair. 1 Corinthians 11:14-15 says that if a man has long hair it's a shameful thing. So why would Christ do it? He didn't.

    There are so many other false teaching that the "churches" teach, regardless of denomination. I'm not trying to be mean or arrogant, or rude. They are teaching lies. They have taken everything the Scriptures says, and basically turned it upside down. It's wrong, and they are leading untold numbers into the Lake of Fire, and the people have no clue. The Scriptures says that many false prophets will go out among the people and deceive many. Read the book.

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