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  • GiGi - in Reply on Leviticus 10
    Leviticus Boy, I will pray for your friend.

    Dear Heavenly Father, Help us to always honor Your name and that of Your Son, Jesus and that of the Holy Spirit. We all need to grow in reverence of You and in proclaiming Your name rightly. Today we bring before You this friend of Leviticus Boy and ask that you move in his life today to draw him to You for salvation. We pray that the Holy Spirit will bring to him the conviction of sin and his standing before You as a sinner. Cause him to seek You today for forgiveness, salvation, and a new life in You. We ask this of You, Father, in the name of Jesus. Amen.
  • GiGi - in Reply on Leviticus 10

    Perhaps so. But the text does not explicitly state that is the case, but it may explain their behavior.
  • Sammi - in Reply on Leviticus 10
    Did you not notice that ,God's commandment in verse 9 of Leviticus chapter 8 , about priests not drinking wine before they enter the tabernacle , comes immediately after the incident with Nadab and Abihu ? Personally , I believe these things are written in the order that they are because that's what happened with Nadab and Abihu . I think that they had maybe had a drink of wine and got a very silly idea in their heads which they then executed and then they were executed .
  • Leviticus Boy - in Reply on Leviticus 10
    Amen! I love what you said last about how we should honor Jesus and not treat him casually. I have a friend who is an unbeliever, he will casually toss God's name around like it was his own. Since he doesn't believe in him he doesn't think anything of his name. But a change in him. I would really like it if everyone would just pray that the LORD works in his life.

    May the LORD bless you and keep you all!
  • GiGi on Leviticus 10
    Leviticus Chapter 10 continued

    .. In verse 8 it says that YHWH spoke directly to Aaron. This was unusual. Aaron must have felt the weight of God's attention on him. God said that none of the priests are to drink wine or strong drink while they were doing service before God. This does not mean that they could not drink alcohol when they were outside the tabernacle, but only when they were performing priestly duties before God. This statute concerning drinking wine and alcohol was to drive home to Aaron and the priests the seriousness of distinguishing the holy from unholy (referring to worship actions and common actions, not necessarily right and wrong actions). God also told Aaron that it would be his job to teach the people all of the statutes given to Moses.

    Next, Moses instructs Aaron and his sons to eat the remaining meat offering (unleavened bread) in the holy place beside the altar as it is their portion of this sacrifice. They also were to eat the thigh and breast offerings that are wave and heave offerings before God as this is their share of the meat of the peace offering.

    Next, Moses inquires about the sin offering (a goat). The sons were to eat it, but instead they had burned it on the altar.

    So, they were trying to follow God's rules, but erred in this respect. This was different from Nadab and Abihu. They were not trying to be presumptuous. They didn't feel worthy to eat the offering after the sins and deaths of Nadab and Abihu. Moses set them straight on how this is to be done. Yet, Moses was content with Aaron's explanation. So, in light of what happened in this chapter, there must have been a big difference between the attitudes of the hearts of Aaron, Eliazar and Ithamar verses Nadab and Abihu.

    May we grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ in fear and reverence of Him, recognizing he is holy and pure. May we not treat Him commonly or casually like a buddy or worse. May we honor Him and praise Him with true affection and worship.
  • GiGi on Leviticus 10
    Leviticus Chapter 10.

    Nadab and Abihu were ignited by YHWH for bringing fire along with incense into the tabernacle. They may have had zeal for YHWH but did not fear YHWH properly. God had strictly restricted the fire to be burned on the altar to come from the altar within the tabernacle. This fire was to be a perpetual fire. Moses had just instructed the priests and consecrated them. The priestly duties had just begun. But these sons were brash and immature. They did not respect God's ordained way for them to serve Him. God's judgment upon them was swift and deadly. Imagine the horror to Aaron to see his sons made into human torches by God. And then Moses instructed Aaron and his family to not mourn for his sons in the usual mannerisms.

    This event reminds me that there really is only one way to approach God and that is in and through Jesus who is our righteousness and covering. He covers us and vouches for us to protect us in our lack of truly knowing how holy God is. Jesus keeps us from being destroyed by God's consuming fire.

    The bodies of Nadab and Abihu were taken outside the camp because their remains were unholy. God instructed Moses, Aaron, and the Israelites to distinguish between what is holy and unholy and right and wrong worship. God insisted that anyone who approaches Him must acknowledge his holiness and any actions are to glorify God before others, never to draw attention to oneself.

    God instructed Aaron and his remaining sons that they should bewail God's judgement and sincerely and soberly regard it. Same was to be for the people. They are not to trifle with God in their own will and reason. Aaron and his sons were not to leave the tabernacle as they were serving God as priests still with the anointing oil still being upon them and this instruction was given by Moses under threat of death. Aaron and Moses obeyed. This was a difficult and substantial lesson for the priest to learn. Their service to YHWH on behalf of the people is holy.
  • Chris - in Reply on Leviticus 10
    Crystal, the Old Testament command to tithe was given to Israel to bring the tenth of the increase of their produce or cattle to the Lord or for special purposes ( Deut 26:12). Most of them had very little by way of money as they acquired their needs by trading what they could from off the land. When people began to do less farming & more by way of jobs & earned money, they started giving money or other valuables ( Lk 21:1-4). Today, we generally give money (not necessarily a tithe, but generously as from a willing heart ( 2 Cor 9:7)) as this is what we earn, though I suppose a farmer could still bring a gift from his farm to the Church; though not sure how the Pastor would receive the grain or sheep. But that is still possible & acceptable I would think.
  • Crystal on Leviticus 10
    Why has the tithe been changed to strickly money?
  • Suzanne - in Reply on Leviticus 10
    God - the real God - should always be spelled with a capital G has no dirt under his rug or anywhere else. They were burned for disobeying what they were taught - that the fire must only be taken from the perpetual fire at the altar.
  • Ivy Johnson on Leviticus 10
    The Lord said”among those who approach me I will be proved Holy”. sight of the people: be Honoured: Those who serve as Priest before the Lord were required to serve Him Honourably: If they did not, the consequences was death: In the case of Aaron’s sons, they dishonoured the Lord by disobeying His command to not only use fire from the Brazen Altar in the Tabernacle:(Lev16:22: from other source:
  • Aiyana Atwater on Leviticus 10
    Not to judge and help or love them and not hate
  • BSP on Leviticus 10
    Nadab and Abihu were directly put to death by Jehovah God himself for disrespecting and disobeying his commandment. This shows how seriously he viewed their disobedience.
  • A disciple on Leviticus 10
    The LORD doesn't just say things for no reason, but truthfully and directly according to what He sees. From verse 9 it seems obvious that Aaron's two older sons were drinking, and not in their clear minds or having a clean heart; for when the fire of God came down and consumed the sacrifice, that they came rushing in to "add to the show." Who knows what they were thinking, but drunken foolishness?
  • April on Leviticus 10
    Hello there :), first off I'd like to say thank you guys for responding with your interpritations of these chapters we read, because I do get lost in the ranslation and I have to re read over and over sometimes, so I would like to share with you what I think I understand, when ANY kind of offering is to be pesented before the LORD, everything has to be done PERFECTLY, like the LORD himself.
  • Todd Brawley on Leviticus 10
    If a man comes to me church and he is drunk, i will defend him and bring him in and god will change him. Not our place to judge when we all have dirt under the rug.
  • Irene123 on Leviticus 10
    Nadab, Abihu; They were priests for the OUTER COURT only; NOT for the Holy of Holies. ONLY Aaron was to do that service. It says NOTHING about N. and A. being drunk. They were PRESUMPTIOUS. God does not condone presumptuous sin. They KNEW their place. They may have been drunk, but stating such is also - presumptiuos
  • Kevin Rice on Leviticus 10
    By not eating the offering they give us a peak into the mercy of the True and Living, however we see His wrath with the offering of the strange fire; many applications but let us recognize holy from unholy.
  • Zuwaira on Leviticus 10
    God wants us to holy and obedient . Also with total commitment . May God help our understanding in Jesus mighty name amen
  • Gordon on Leviticus 10:15
    Very helpful that need to know when speaking of Sanctuary practices on people 's behalf...
  • Createams on Leviticus 10
    The reader should understand that Nadab and Abihu did not simply offend the Lord with some little childlike error in manners and or the offering of strange fire before the Lord. No these too young men came before the Lord drunk and making merry in a way that all men have or have witness at some point the offensive foolishness that can pour out of the mouth of someone in this state of mind. Nadab and Abihu are the answer to question can t God take a Joke? I would say picture the looks on their faces when the fire toured them.
  • Owoeye olushola on Leviticus 10
    this to tell you i that no matter how you must pray so that u will not fall also our God is expecting total obedient from us not partial
  • Dalia on Leviticus 10:9
    That s the problem with the world it really doesn t matter what I think about it I was told to only obey it Yah is not democratic he is SOVEREIGN
  • Paul West on Leviticus 10
    Thank you for this Comment. I am a Deacon at my church. I am going to start delivering messages online and I know God wants me to to stop drinking and get closer to Him. Please pray for me that I may grow stronger in the Lord.
  • Prince Elliot on Leviticus 10
    We need to fear God no matter HIS relationship with HIM. It is obvious that he frowns at any undue familiarity. The two sons of Aaron were sent to their early grave because of what I will call "see finish". We should watch our ways and our lives constantly as we move with God in this pilgrim journey to the pearly gate, our heavenly abode.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Leviticus 10:9
    Ministers must be careful to keep this statute to not drink wine or strong drink when you come into the congregation; thou, nor thy sons, less ye die. It was to be kept throughout all your generations forever. It is so important to keep these ordinances before the congregation, to be a good example for the flock. So many today struggle with alcoholism, and it is important that ministers be the role models for the people. When Paul told Timothy to drink a little wine for his infirmities sake, he was not talking about fermented wine. When Jesus turned the water into to wine at the wedding in Galilee, it was not fermented. In Proverbs 23 it talks about not looking at the wine when it is red, and that is when the fermentation starts. May the Lord give ministers the discipline as well as the wisdom, and self control to practice these statutes before the congregation today to help those who are looking for guidance in these matters.
  • Banengi mahlangu on Leviticus 10
    am enjoying this page its very encouraging and may the almighty God bless the hands doing this job

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