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  • Vanessa
    the sacrifice before Christ was commanded by the Lord , was not mans law num:15, God instructed Moses on how it should be done, notice they all had to be unblemished as we are to come to him with a pure heart with our repentance
  • Stanjett
    You are right in saying sacrifices did end with Christs death on the cross for Christians. But why did the Jews quit sacrificing?
  • Vanessa
    I have been told when the Romans destroyed the temple in about 70ad, they have no proper place to preform it anymore, they only could offer it where God allowed it.
  • Vanessa
    sacrifice ended with Christ he was the unblemished lamb of God, he came not to do away with the law but to fulfill it by going to the cross, He died for all our sins, but he did not die for us to continue in sin thinking we are cleansed. Jesus taught the way and he was the word. So the old passed away we no longer keep the old traditions,same as we excepting Christ the old passes away
  • BSP
    Verse 3~Our sacrifices or offerings to Jehovah God must be holy and acceptable. We want to give him our best.
  • Tara L
    @Insight777 It's not that it was too harsh a punishment, death is the wage of all sin. But God is the one who judges and can also forgive those who repent, and part of the point of that story were that every one of the people there condemning her were just as guilty and in need of forgiveness as she was.
  • Rocky
    If Christ was not in the commentary it would be hard to understand. The reason I say that is today the animal sacrifice no longer exist.
  • Insight777
    Jesus did not come to remove laws that are necessary for society like the commandments but Mosaic laws that determine what is sin and what punishment is required, he did come to change. An example Jesus used was death for adultery. He did not say it was not a sin but that death was to harsh a punishment. He fulfills law with temperance. Judging with equity, fairness which Mosaic law does not.
  • Bruce
    insight:do you Know The Son of God paid for "Your Salvation"? You must surely know most of Your post are not right. Verse 1: LORD: THE SELF EXISTENT or ETERNAL ONE who is CALLED: JEHOVAH./ Life here is very very, compared to Eternity----Is He Tugging on Your Heart? Time of The End---To The Beginning of---Eternity---Starts in a Twinkling of The Eye.
  • A disciple
    "Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled." The Law given through Moses and the Prophets, was for our instruction unto the character of God, and the testimony of Christ, to write that Law in our hearts.
  • Insight777
    The word Lord is used because God did not require animal sacrifices. It was the Lord of the land laws that required it. The Mosaic laws (not the 10 commandments) that Jesus was sent to earth to remove. They are man made laws not from God. Men kill innocent animals making them experience pain and die so they can feel their cruelty, evil sin is acceptable to God. God hates it, a pagan sinful act.
  • A disciple
    The religious practice of offering sacrifice to God goes back to Abel. It was the part that made him accepted to God when he came to present himself and give account of himself before the LORD. It was for bringing to remembrance the Word which God spoke from the beginning about the Anointed Saviour to come into the world, to undo the works of the devil, and the sin in man. It was rejected by Cain.
  • Irene123
    I am going to use a quote here,"Lev. is the bk. that is the gateway to the heart of God. The key message is holiness. This is conveyed over 87 times here, Lev.10:10; 19:2. The great mission of Lev. is to mortal men that behind all the laws, commandments of God stands a HOLY and UNDEFILED God. We, therefore, can trust His word in full assurance." From "The Feasts of Jehovah in Prophecy" - P. Dugas
  • Annbellar
    God here wanted his people to be clean
  • Terri Toldson
    It's been a blessing
  • Curtis Lee Smith
    It's how to sacrfice offering to God
  • Sonya
    The burnt offering is the example of giving our life totally to God. The sacrifice is for forgiveness of our sins by God. Those are totally different from oNE another. But , directly connected to each other. In Christian life , first we have to accept the sacrifice of our sin by Jesus Christ killed on Cross for us. Then , with offering our lives in a daily order, we live for God.
  • Dwayne
    Leviticus is very helpful in giving us YAHs laws and statues on how to live morally and godly
  • Sarah woods
    i really the bible that is online,it 's you 're holding a bible.but it 's on a device
  • Mary Ellen Murphy
    Why do they talk about giving burnt offerings of the best of the herd to be used as a burnt offering? Then in chapt? 2 they are giving flour as a burnt offering. Is flour a gift and meat the offering for attoinment, for sin? If flour is a sacrafice why was Able 's wheat or grain offering not accepted, he was a farmer that was all he had.
  • Ansah thomas
    Leviticus 1 gives the message that God is holy and wants us to also be holy. Sacrifices has to made so as to lead holy lives.
  • Antonia kathryn gammad
    God delights our hearts to be always willing to learn and ask HIM guidance in whatever circumstances we may encounter in our daily life
  • Paul osei asibey
    God delights in costly and decent sacrifice and it must be done out of ones heart wholeheartedly
  • Jennie
    This chapter put me in the mind set that everything has an order. And cleanliness is truly what God wants.
  • Debrawhite
    Jesus the redeemer how grateful and AWESOME is that. God loved us so he gave his ONLY begotten Son for our SINS a FRESH new start...I love the Lord not because of what he does but WHO HE IS, NO one could EVER love us more or better. How thankful WE ALL should be for his MERCIES and GRACE, Amen!!
  • Joseph Appiah
    In this chapter, we see the kind of offering and the standard of the offering as well as the acceptable way of making this offering recognised by GOD. In verse 3, everything is summed up an offering without blemish without spot of blame and offered willingly and voluntarily unto the LORD. What a perfect picture of Christ 's sacrifice for all of humanity He was without sin and willingly yielded Himself unto death on the cross for sinful men. This then becomes a perfect guide unto all believers in Christ to offer their lives and bodies as living sacrifices unto the LORD willingly and without blemish as Paul rightly stated in Romans12 1,2.
  • Cliff
    Your offring is your way of asking GOD for forgivness but for me the blood of jesus have pay all the price so there is know more blood sercrifice
  • Val
    Blood always had to be shed for the forgiveness of sins and then God came to us in the flesh to offer himself as the one true sacrifice the New Covenant, until His return. Sometimes it is hard to imagine all the work and killing of innocent animals but who can fully understand God and how amazing He is...I cannot wait on that day to come when He will "wash away all our tears "!
  • GregG
    How did we get to chapter 18 from chapter 1? One reads the scripture and says, "It has to be done in this manner!" Another reads and says, "How could anyone live like this?" Still more read this and vacillate between the real and the spiritual, prioritizing their responses and obedience.
    Look beyond what is written, and see the deeper message. There are layers, and it is the honor of kings to discover them! God uses imagery all throughout the Bible, and yet you stick on issues of the day, and go no further.
    I live with no condemnation of my past, and all hope for my future, and treat others the same. God just wants you to believe in Him, of Him, and Who You Are...in Him. Start with that, and everything else fades away.
  • Jane auma for verse 4
    Very touching

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