Leviticus 8:4 MEANING

Leviticus 8:4
(4) And Moses did as the Lord commanded him.--That is, he not only summoned Aaron and his sons, but had their holy vestments, the oil, and the sacrifices brought, which were necessary for the consecration.

Unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.--Better, to the entrance of the tent of meeting. These representatives of the people, and as many more as the place would conveniently hold, occupied the ?court-yard, whilst the people at large who wished to witness the solemn consecration of the priesthood probably occupied the neighbouring places which overlooked the enclosure. According to a tradition which obtained in the time of Christ, this ceremony took place on the 23rd of the month Adar, or February.

8:1-13 The consecration of Aaron and his sons had been delayed until the tabernacle had been prepared, and the laws of the sacrifices given. Aaron and his sons were washed with water, to signify that they ought to purify themselves from all sinful dispositions, and ever after to keep themselves pure. Christ washes those from their sins in his own blood whom he makes kings and priests to our God, Re 1:5,6; and those that draw near to God must be washed in pure water, Heb 10:22. The anointing of Aaron was to typify the anointing of Christ with the Spirit, which was not given by measure to him. All believers have received the anointing.And Moses did as the Lord commanded him,.... He convened Aaron and his sons, and the heads of the people, at the door of the tabernacle, and came himself, and brought with him the garments, the oil, and sacrifices, even everything necessary for the consecration:

and the assembly was gathered together unto the door of the tabernacle of the congregation; and this was, according to the Targum of Jonathan, on the twenty third day of the month Adar or February; but it rather seems to be later, some time in the beginning of Nisan or March, and before the passover began, see Numbers 9:1.

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