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The city of this name mentioned in Scripture lay on the confines "of Phrygia and Lydia, about 40 miles east of Ephesus (Rev." "3:14), on the banks of the Lycus. It was originally called" "Diospolis and then Rhoas, but afterwards Laodicea, from Laodice," "the wife of Antiochus II., king of Syria, who rebuilt it. It was" one of the most important and flourishing cities of Asia Minor. At a very early period it became one of the chief seats of "Christianity (Col. 2:1; 4:15; Rev. 1:11, etc.). It is now a" "deserted place, called by the Turks Eski-hissar or "old castle."

"(Col. 4:16), was probably the Epistle to the Ephesians, as" designed for general circulation. It would reach the Colossians by way of Laodicea.

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Definition of Laodicea:
"just people"

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