Lamentations Chapter 5 Discussion

  • I definitely agree with Xavier
  • Myron is correct. In other translations the word is "feverish", "scorched" and "hot" all of which make a lot more sense as a famine would hardly cause your skin to become Black.
  • Fred - in Reply on Lamentations 5
    Being conceived and born into sin, we are without the knowledge of God.Without the priests, or prophets their could be no way to hear! The consequences , being here lamented. America, you have the freedom to search the scriptures, you have the opportunity to be free from the slavery of sin! Jesus has freed us, no matter what color we are,we are subject only too Him! Glory to God!
  • Sharon on Lamentations 5
    Sin darkens and balcken the people heart. God cannot enter into a black heart. Men see the color of skin and hate. God sees the color of our heart and punish us, for our sins of the heart God does not judge by skin color, because the Son of God was never black, white, or brown. Jesus is the color of love, and what color is love it is the color of light and eternal life, which only comes from God.
  • Marlo on Lamentations 5
    Reading this passage of scripture put our history in perspective, and gives us, people of color, a sense of kinship with the people represented in the Bible. I feel a depth of love and gratitude when reading lametations from the perspective of a descendant of a 19th century slave in America. I am thankful to the LORD God for passages of scriptures such as these they are a balm to a weary soul.
  • Marlo on Lamentations 5
    For the prophet to describe the state of the skin of the children is significant. To associate the skin with 'as blas as an oven' shows a physical presentation of something that was common knowledge thousands of years ago. No it has nothing to do race, but yet everything to do with race. Why, when a person of color looks at the history of America, we can't help but to cry of this injustice.
  • Obbie Beal on Lamentations 5
    GOD's wrath is shown in the above; now 2018 and the 'whole world' is receiving the wrath of GOD (to some degree) because of sins, and we (saved and unsaved) can see the wrath of GOD everyday (except those that is blinded). ...Through MERCY we have received numerous extensions of days that the last one become Saved / SALVATION. WOW! WOW! WOW!
  • A disciple on Lamentations 5
    We read these very dreadful words, and can't help but think of the doom of our own Country because of apostasy and sin, and so much innocent blood! Jeremiah 25 speaks about these things. What is most tragic, is how that most are too hardened and indifferent to the things of God, and so, to their own eternal welfare; that they will never benefit from the Spirit's words through the Prophets.
  • Diesel on Lamentations 5
  • It is talking about turning from your old ways ,it also mentioned God turning us because we can't do it by ourselves, turn ask for help.
  • Cinderella on Lamentations 5
    Well let's not forget not to judge person for what they eat, drink or how they keep their Sabbath days. Prayer is most powerful and speak everything in love we all get deceived but God will guide Xavier. He did it for Paul and us.
  • Michael C. on Lamentations 5
    We should not look at these verses as anything but what they are; A Lamentation. It says in Moses how that after ages and generations of sinning and defiance; if one finally come to himself and repent, and accept the punishment of his sins, and the sins of his ancestors; that God would then accept him: ( Lev. 26). We too have to accept God's judgment against our whole history, in the things coming.
  • Yashura Israel on Lamentations 5
    The truth is unraveling..... May The Most High Be With You....Shalom..
  • Nikki on Lamentations 5
    Xavier Verse 10 has nothing to do with race it is self explanatory. Read it again. May the eyes of ypu understanding be enlightened..
  • Keith Peters on Lamentations 5
    It is a cry for revival
  • Chuck on Lamentations 5
    hello xavier lam5-10 has nothing to do with race this has to do with the
    jewish people who were sinning against GOD repent you are deceived
    pretty soon you will say jesus was black he was jewish please read your
    bible and let the holy spirit open your eyes.
  • Xavier 's comment is ill informed since the Hebrew word for black doesn 't appear in this verse "lamar " means to yearn or kindl The most likely word in Hebrew to describe a person with "black " skin would be "shachor ". Regardless Heaven will be populated by people of "every tribe and tongue and people " with God it 's not about so called "race ". Also this verse uses "lamar " as a metaphor for the effects of severe starvation.
  • Eruzegbua mathias on Lamentations 5:7
    This bible passage is talking about the sins of the father falling on the children from generation to generation. it is called Evil foundation of fore father having negative effect on the generation to come. it takes the grace of God to destroy such evil foundation.
  • Xavier johnson on Lamentations 5:10
    I think that Lamentations 5:10 is a clear indication that the REAL children of Israel are black people, that is why whites have intentionally changed the verse to read "hot as an oven" to further cover up the truth.
  • Every sin in my family that is disturbing in my life, God destroy it in my life
  • OKAFOR AUSTIN on Lamentations 5
    One explanation i can give to this chapter is as follow: It talks about root powers or foundational problems. Most Christians are confronted with the foundational problems. The sins of their forefathers. Let me share this sad occurrence. In the area where i stayed in Nigeria, a family lived without a child for 15years. At the 15th year, they gave birth to a child. The child was celebrated. a big party was organized; and money and gifts was given to the family and child After the party armed robbers visited at night. They requested that the money be given; but the couples hesitated and the killed the new born baby.Out of frustration the mother of the child un-masked the robber only to discover it was his landlord. In this case that landlord has brought a curse upon his generation un-born. This is a foundation problem for children un-born;They may grow up to have no children even if they are Christians except they rise up to pray like the realities by confessing sins of their fathers and breaking the yoke

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