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  • Diedra Trivino
    This Chap. is it about a man crying about all the sins of jeureslume ??
  • Jerry
    Yes, I think so, but I think there be a deeper meaning also. Jesus said that from the days of John the Baptist til now when Jesus was speaking those words the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violence take it by force. In Lamentations 1, it also speaks of a fall from heaven. There are allegories all throughtout the OT.
  • Sharon
    Everyone want the blessings, but nobody wants the pain. Trial, and tribulation, bring us the greatest joy we will ever know. Temptation will bless us with the crown of life. What the enemy mean for evil God cause us to receive exceedingly great Joy. Jeremiah had to endure, but it was the faith of Jeremiah that please God, and allow Jeremiah to continue in God. What is God receiving from from you?
  • Vanessa
    Psalms 103:9 God will not always accuse us,nor harbor his anger forever.Pray without ceasing forgiveness of your sins we have a Good God who loves us and is merciful. Thank you Father
  • Margaret Adams
    Thank you God for your mercies and grace they are renew every day. You died for our sin that we may live a beautiful life with our brother and sister.
  • A disciple
    When we read the Gospel Narratives of Jesus' temptations and trials, of His being hated and harassed and persecuted, and of His at one point being completely given into the hands of the wicked to be mocked, condemned and destroyed; how many of us are able to consider what ALL is actually happening? He came into the world for that reason, to bear witness of the truth; and so does He send us.
  • Brianna vs.25
    Good is Jehovah to the one hoping in him, to the person who keeps seeking him.

    Jehovah God is the only means of salvation out of this wicked world. As we creep deeper and deeper into these last days, we see more and more how humans can not ring about any sort of hope or help to human kind. We have to put trust in Jehovah God in order to survive Armageddon.
  • Andy
    Enduring tests of faith will help us to deal with future challenges
  • A disciple
    I am always shocked when I read or hear someone (especially [so-called] Christians) speaking against the servants of the LORD. God was not displeased with Jeremiah; but Jeremiah was in great pain in his heart because he loved so greatly; but his love and all that he tried to reach those people, was rejected and mocked. We should have that kind of love that weeps over the destruction of the sinner!
  • Lilly
    Jeremiah showed a waiting attitude and relied on Jehovah in his life, we want to‚Äč show the same patience in our lives.
  • M Dennis
    I thank the Lord for a new day and another Thanksgiving. Thank you Lord for new mercies and new grace. For not consuming me, when I've gone astray. Thank you for your son who died for me and set me free. I pray for all nations, especially these United States. That you will save our leaders, if they don't know you. That they might govern this world according to your plan. I come against all powers of evil in the world and leaders who are high-minded and destroy innocent lives. Let us have peace this day. Help me to show love towards all people that they may be drawn to you. And that you might gain glory out of my life. Bless all who seek you Lord. My soul loves you more and more. Thank you for choosing me that I might choose you.
  • Irene123
    To Lena Mae - Jeremiah was a chosen prophet of God; God chose him and God KNEW his end from his beginning. Jeremiah didn't displease God; he was speaking in the 1st person for God's people. Every prophet had his own way of prophesying; this was Jeremiah's. Jeremiah LOVED God; please believe that. He was the 'weeping' prophet; he wept over God's people.
  • John magiro
    the word of God is a life ...lets lift up our hands and worship
  • Puma
    Yes verse 22 23 are one of my favorite verse thy word in my heart have I hidden that i might not sin against you is one of my favorite verse Psalms 119 11 is a might verse too keep in your heart the lord Bless every one that reads this and keep our heart longing and hungry for thy precious word lov Puma
  • LenaMae
    I know God speaks truths,God did then andGod still speaks truths to all of us.God Is perfect, and always does just what He says..I really believe that here in these scriptures of God truths He was not very happy with Jeremiah, and still Godhelped Him,causeGod loves Him so much.God loves us all, and God isn't happy with the way we don't give everything up too Him..God isn't just on the side lines..
  • James Manelas
    To love JESUS is to BELIEVE I will forever. Then starts the fight to be obeying the lord JESUS CHRIST i love you my lord JESUS. Every day I will glory in your love for me father.Thank you for creating me father you are my one and only father.I will respect you lord JESUS CHRIST only! I know Father you love me because of the cross thank you Father I love you with my tears.
  • Samuel kasami
    Surely God rewards those who have hope and patiently wait for his salvation.
  • Karen
    I use verses 22-23 as my(verse for the year) to think upon. I like to quote it in the morning!
    Great is thy faithfulness!
  • Lavador R Sizemore
    The darkest times of my life, is when i hear the voice of GOD more clear say I AM then any other time. Isaiah 50vs10 Who is among you that fears the Lord, who obeys the voice of his servant, who walketh in darkness and has no light, let him trust in the name of the Lord and lean upon his GOD!
  • Silvia ngene
    A true verse,praise the Lord.
  • Wamalwa meshack for verse 22
    God loves as and we live because of his power his grace, and if it was on our own strength, we would be no where. I thank my living God.
  • 2sidedblade for verse 22
    its refreshing mind blowing sets my soul to think -who am i not to forgive . ask god to help us all by praying for our enemies . how do i know if i have forgiven someone . i could say i love you . i can give you money ,gifts . but how will my heart change . by asking god to do it for me .thank you lord jesus your mercies are new
  • Sundar Singh P.S for verse 31
    For them who failed to follow the will of God and ardent in doing their own pleasure ignoring the voice of the shepherd, a great reviving promise to turn to Him or after turning to Him from the depths of spiritual depressions. Even to me a wicked ran from Him without chased by anyone.
  • MockingBird for verse 22
    God is faithful : He could have wiped out the whole human race : He didn 't He chose to love me and forgive me : As He does all people : His compassions fail not and His mercies are new every morning : Yes and Great is His faithfulness !!!!
  • Sonia Smith
  • Emediong Akpabio for verse 37
    God is omniscience,he has knowledge of everything even before it happens,No matter the evil plans of the enermies it will not come to pass,because it is not in consonant with the word.
  • Law cool for verse 37
    Without God in once life,such a person is living a life of by chance.
  • Jeanette brown
    When I read this always bring tears to my eyes, of course God is truly merciful. I read Gods word daily, been in church all my life, this one scripture makes me cry joyfully .and thou hasst removed my soul far off from peace I forgot prosperity and my strength and my hope is perished from the Lord remembering my affliction and my misery the wormwood and the soul have them still in my remembrance and is humbled in me this I would call to my mind therefore have I hope it is because of the Lords mercies that we are not consumed for Because his compassions fail not, they are new every morning, great is thy faithfulness. Lamentations 3:17-23.bless the lord.God bless you all who stay in the word.
  • Opuene woripre felix for verse 37
    The supremacy of God exists till eternity through the infaliable,holy decrees of his word especially when the need arises. What a powerfull God.
  • Jay-jay chijioke
    our God is a faithful, those that understand him always fill his presence. one thing i know is that he will not disapoint his people. all his promises shall one day come to pass. I AM HAPPY TO HAVE HIM AS MY FATHER.

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