Lamentations Chapter 1 Discussion

  • Sharon on Lamentations 1
    Verse 22 said let their wickedness come before thee. They should have said, Lord forgive me and forgive them also. Why blame others for your sins, when the punishment come. When we enjoy the pleasure of sin, we did not place blame, but when we must pay then we place blame on others. Even in punishment God showed mercy, so take the punishment and seek repentance and forgiveness, and return to God.
  • Obbie Beal on Lamentations 1
    IN GOD's hands
  • Obbie Beal on Lamentations 1
    5 Her adversaries are the chief, her enemies prosper; for the LORD hath afflicted her for the 'multitude of her transgressions', her children are gone into captivity before the enemy. (12-09-2018 Jehovah / GOD had mercy on us again by staying his wrath on me and my nation, because collectively my nation and I are identically guilty as the nation above. ...GOD for MERCY and SALVATION
  • A disciple on Lamentations 1
    "Is it nothing to you, all ye that pass by? behold, and see if there be any sorrow like unto my sorrow, which is done unto me, wherewith the LORD hath afflicted me in the day of his fierce anger." Like the women along the way out to the crucifixion weeping and bewailing Jesus, many only see the outrageous disaster of evil that came upon the Lord; but we must see its meaning to us and our children!
  • A disciple on Lamentations 1
    Remember how the Lord Jesus submitted to the authority of the priests and the Sanhedrin; and so also when they delivered Him up to the Gentiles; (which they were subject to); He submitted to the sentence that they gave upon Him? "Now is the Son of man delivered into the hands of sinners;" and now are we also to walk in His steps of submission to the powers that be, for they are appointed by God.
  • A disciple on Lamentations 1
    ".. the kingdom and dominion of the house of David was taken from them, and now the Nations of the Gentiles were given it instead, until the end." We are given light and grace and the Holy Spirit to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We are entrusted with the Announced Glad Tidings of Christ in order to save men's lives, not to destroy them by sin's scandals and worldly lives.
  • A disciple on Lamentations 1
    Nobody realizes; and is certainly not preached or taught ANYWHERE; about what all happened and how significant was the destruction and carrying away captive of Judah and Jerusalem. Because of their incurable and unendurable defiance and sin against the LORD, the kingdom and dominion of the house of David was taken from them, and now the Nations of the Gentiles were given it instead, until the end.
  • Irene123 on Lamentations 1
    Vs. 21-22 - ".....thou wilt bring the day that thou hast called,........"; v. 22 - ".....and do unto them as thou hast done unto me for all my transgressions:.....; Chap. 3: 21-24. God is our judge, but during this time of Grace (N.T.) He is merciful and patient : as long as He tarries, of which time to come no man knoweth; now is the day of salvation. He woke me up 21/2 yrs. ago - after 34 yrs
  • Michael C. on Lamentations 1
    This cup of wrath and desolation and sorrow, shall all nations drink. For if "I AM" has done so to His own people, who are called by His Name, because of their hatred and hostility, for their continually provoking Him with their sins and idols and incurable lawlessness; who are the nations of the world, that they think it shall not come to them? Still they say, Who is the LORD, that I should obey?
  • Mable Arrington on Lamentations 1
    Well this somewhat sticks out the woman had some affliction upon her and she was turned against all the friends was her enemy and they was glad what affliction on her they was happy she had that on her and laugh and talked about her and etc. But her affliction showed up on people that is not of GOD so they will suffer not her
  • Robert on Lamentations 1
    Lamentations historically refers to the destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar, but prophetically it is a perfect picture of the Great Tribulation (like Job). The events of Lamentation will take place again in the future.(Rev.11:1-3) and ( Zech 14:1-2 ).
  • I think it is warning for the surviving generation to stay in league with God and not disobey Him. Lamentations chapter 1 we see a people suffering because they broke covenant with God and are being punished as a result.
  • Micheal schin on Lamentations 1
    The word of God is true, and i love it.
  • If you go through the book of Lamentations line by line, word by word, you 'll see that God 's spiritual temple, those people of God, are completely shattered. No people have ever been punished more than those who are discussed in the book. Their falling away was a spiritual disaster of astonished proportion. Still, the central theme of this book is an expression of hope-a people waiting for God 's "perfection of beauty. " The light in all of that black, black darkness is that God is getting His people ready for a marriage! He will do everything He can to bring them into His Family.
  • Bob K. on Lamentations 1
    Lamentations was a warning to ancient Judah that it had reached the point of no return. What happened to Judah is only a type of what is prophesied to happen in this end time. It seems like we have reached the point of no return.
  • Anthony Sims on Lamentations 1
    While studying the old testiment I see patterns of behavior that lead a society toward bondage and destruction. Isreal had become weak in the Lord by allowing idolatry wickedness to rule their daily lives. The Chaldean leaders saw an opportunity to plunder Jerusalem and they jumped at it. Much like satan, today,is roaring like a lion seeking whom he may devour. Preferably a weak vessel. At one point in my life I was a weakened vessel due to my addiction to sin. I was in bondage to satan. America has chosen a course toward destruction, and God 's judgment is coming. Praise God for always giving us a way out of bondage through Jesus Christ.
  • Geraldine cole on Lamentations 1
    If u continue not to accept God and keep playing church and treating your elder wrong and misusing the money preacher that u take up on Sunday and u don 't take care of the sick, the homeless, the poor, and the widows preacher hell will be your portion.repent turn back to God before its to late the truth is the truth and it will stand forever AMEN
  • Gaylene on Lamentations 1
    I learned the Lord has true feelings us humans are a mess if we could just receive spiritually the and keep the joy of the Lord in all of us some how I do feel this TRUE JOY would have help kept in prayer.The GREAT I AM would have listen and help if ask. WHEN,THE LORD SHOWS UP get on your knees talk to him and find out what going on.He will show you or here it on the radio or TV ON CHRISTIAN AIR WAYS . SIN is hard to heal yourself.This is all I got to say on Lamentations one and THE GREAT I AM does not play around he means it. better straighten up some how.Prayer!
  • Brenda johnod 'mf'f'brrb on Lamentations 1
    I 'm just starting back with god been many yes.
  • Yakubu on Lamentations 1
    It shows there is punishment rejection and wailing when God s word is despised by His children
  • Jackson on Lamentations 1
    Lamentations is now...Some of our people are all caught up on wealth and riches. It is the attrack of Lucifer himself!!! take hold my brethren, the wise one is on his way back.
  • Samuel on Lamentations 1
    Very true and interesting
  • Tawanna on Lamentations 1
    I have become the person I once was Again. Though there is an Awesome calling to my initial life trial and tribulations, I am not the only one that sees and knows of the Lamentations. That can be strength through complete, unknown to myself and others. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO PUT FEET ON BACKS. Lashings of the tongue are of the Non-existent to me. GOD SHALL ALWAYS PREVAIL AND AVAIL FOREVER.
  • Douglas Onyambu on Lamentations 1
    A true reflection of the modern church. Both the leaders and followers drifted far from God. Itís time we all go back to Him!
  • Victoria Cabrera on Lamentations 1
    Lamentations could also be for a backslidin or unsaved person. I have been praying for a certain individual to come into the kingdom. God has given me lamentations for hope. He tells me there is hope. That's what I tell you also.
  • Wilson on Lamentations 1
    It defines how when GOD takes away the blessings from you. You will feel the pain(lament).
  • R. Clark on Lamentations 1
    Lamentation...very interesting, reflecting on some of the churches in today times.
  • Webster Clarke on Lamentations 1
    The way the modern church has become deemed it a time to lament- Lamentations is now

    The leaders have become a new brand of celebrities-
    -they boast of their wealth which they have illgotten, they have made themselves fat and rich from the sweat of their followers.They sanctioned adulteries permitting divorce and remarriage.

    They speak in tongues and called themselves sanctified by the tongues. they have redifined cults and divinations I say Lamentations is now..
  • Jeremiah on Lamentations 1
    What a picture of the shape that the church is in today! We have forsaken the Lord, but it is time to come back and stand stedfast! VS 5 says that "the Lord hath afflicted her because of her transgressions"... God tells us plainly in His word that if we forsake Him, He will forsake us. It is not a time to sleep, but to awake to righteousness! The Lord is soon to return!!! Your word is true O Lord!!!
  • Nadia bouti on Lamentations 1
    i love the bible

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