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"A lion. (1.) A city of the Sidonians, in the extreme north of" "Palestine (Judg. 18:7, 14); called also Leshem (Josh. 19:47) and" "Dan (Judg. 18:7, 29; Jer. 8:16). It lay near the sources of the" "Jordan, about 4 miles from Paneas. The restless and warlike" "tribe of Dan (q.v.), looking out for larger possessions, invaded" this country and took Laish with its territory. It is identified "with the ruin Tell-el-Kady, "the mound of the judge," to the" north of the Waters of Merom (Josh. 11:5). "(2.) A place mentioned in Isa. 10:30. It has been supposed to be "the modern el-Isawiyeh, about a mile north-east of Jerusalem." "(3.) The father of Phalti (1 Sam. 25:44).

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Definition of Laish:
"a lion"