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"Assembly, the second son of Levi, and father of Amram (Gen." "46:11). He came down to Egypt with Jacob, and lived to the age" of one hundred and thirty-three years (Ex. 6:18).

The descendants of Kohath. They formed the first of the three "divisions of the Levites (Ex. 6:16, 18; Num. 3:17). In the" journeyings of the Israelites they had the charge of the most "holy portion of the vessels of the tabernacle, including the ark" (Num. 4). Their place in the marching and encampment was south "of the tabernacle (Num. 3:29, 31). Their numbers at different" "times are specified (3:28; 4:36; 26:57, 62). Samuel was of this" division.

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Definition of Kohath:
"congregation; wrinkle; bluntness"