King James Bible Videos

Video: Charlton Heston presents the King James Bible

"It was worth the work. In 1611, after 7 years as effort, the King James Bible was published. And aside from ecclesiatical purpose, was recognized as a great work of literature. It's described not only as a great monument of English prose, but is the only great work of art created by a committee. After nearly four centuries, it's still used in English speaking churches all around the world. Just as important, the King James Bible, along with Shakespeare, has helped shape the English language itself. This means more and more as the use of English rose throughout the world, becoming the 'lingua franca' of our time. If it can be said of any English published work, this is surely, the Bible."

"Why is the King James translation so good? so, clearly the best? What makes any writing good? Strong, simple sentences, vivid, active verbs and nouns, colorful images, good dialogue. When it's as good as this, it also touches the heart."

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