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US Shipping: Products are safely and securely shipped using either UPS ground or USPS Priority (4-7 days) within the USA.  Items are shipped from Bloomingdale, IL.

International Shipping outside of the USA: We currently don't offer shipping outside the United States. The shipping and handling fees often costs more than the products themselves and is generally not cost effective for the buyer.

It is generally most cost effective to puchase KJV Bibles printed in your local country. If you do not have this option and don't mind a few extra steps and extra fees, there is an option you may consider. The website offers international shipping outside of the USA to more than 225 countries.

They give you your own U.S. street address to receive merchandise to then they forward it to your home country. They currently offer a free trial for the service, but do charge shipping fees for forwarding. So, you would be charged shipping fees twice. You may contact them to learn more about their rates on the website...

Once you receive your US address, you may order here through the King James Bible Store and we will ship to your US address. From there, you use their service to forward to your country.

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