Judges Chapter 8 Discussion

  • Rick - in Reply on Judges 8
    Hi Kevin We live in a time of tremendous opportunity to bless and deliver people but also of so called prophets

    and teachers who are going political or acceptable of certain practices that God plainly states is straight up

    idolatrous including the prosperity trip where they live in unbelievable out of balance wealth. The people teaching

    are constantly asking for more and more no balance. It seems like lust of flesh of eyes and the pride of life.

    In the bible the people were so blessed that they brought in and had all things in common without being ask

    or made to feel like if you don't give, God won't do anything for you and that's a lie. That being said there are

    many who hunger and thirst after righteousness.
  • Dead Churches need Jesus too - in Reply on Judges 8
    There are many good pastors teaching on FM RADIO. You could listen in your car. Just search around on it.

    I highly recommend watching Greg Laurie on YouTube. Harvest Church. He doesn't meander on Bible at all. He's preaching to a young congregation.

    I've walked out of churches that teach psychology instead of theology (Straight Bible). Find a church that teaches Bible.

    Your comment shows you have hunger and thirst for the Lord. Bless you.
  • Kevin on Judges 8
    why are these pastors proclaiming God is searching for a modern day gideon i dont think God would ask for a soldier from 3000 years ago to come back to life after Jesus gave the sacrifice on the cross. tho we are in idoltry of lust most of the time, i can't help but feel like people are prostituting themselves and committing adultery in order to obtain power and induce fear through paid murder. i don't think we are meant to be run by this and i think my pastors are preaching blasphemy, as i can read their mindds saying look if you want or you're an embarassment, or im interested, tho i am not selling my body. i do admire the phoenix. can you shed some light?
  • Rupthurn - in Reply on Judges 8
    Unto my eyes, I think it's homosexuality with more than one girl, or possibly cheating.
  • Belinda - in Reply on Judges 8
    It is not referring to the Israelites, it is referring to the spoils of battle they received from the Midianites who were Ishmaelites.
  • Marlo on Judges 8
    Verses 22-24, anyone notice the reference of the Ishmaeliyes as men of Israel. I have overlooked this in previous readings save for today.
  • Janet on Judges 8
    V.4 Father, thank You for trusting us with this difficult task. May you be pleased with our efforts. Thank You for calling us. Please give us endurance and strength to complete the task.
  • Akeem on Judges 8
    As the Holy Spirit so as the old man, ever present with us. Spiritual victory can make us careless sometimes. We must cleave to God even more to secure protection from pride which is the enemy of grace.
  • Stephen Botts on Judges 8
    Notice Gideon in the first three verses proves the words of Solomon by way of the Holy Spirit right: A soft answer turneth away wrath.
  • Meesha on Judges 8
    Notice how the gold orniments became a snare for Gideon and his house. Also notice how after this mention, the anointing of GOD left Gideon as a result of his decision to take the gold. The honor that Israel once had for Gideon left and the children of Israel also turned to other GOD's again. As believers, we have to be careful/mindful of the example we set before the world and other brothers and
  • BSP on Judges 8
    Gideon gave a kind and mild reply in verse 3 even though he received harsh words that could have provoked him to anger.
  • Michael C. on Judges 8
    Some cannot find the glory in victories for themselves, and fall to quarreling and accusing those who have done them no harm. These are the kind that love you when things go well, but forget you quickly, and all you did for them, when you're gone. Jesus said,"No man uses a part of a new cloth to repair an old garment;" and you can't expect hypocrites to show any better in them, than stage-playing.
  • Chika on Judges 8
    Gideon pursued and destroyed midianites, he free the children of lsrael but refused to be their king....as a child of GOD we need to obey GOD 'S commandment...
  • Prabh on Judges 8:30
    Why He has many wives ? When it 's adultery to have a relationship with more than a woman..how and why is he allowed to have many wifes?
  • Prince-Elliot Uamai on Judges 8
    Gideon s exploits calls for carefulness on the part of every child of God Humility and godliness is demanded after great achievement God is not only concerned with how our journey with Him commenced but how we end it Be warned
  • Paula on Judges 8
    God is almighty and whatsoever He said He will do that he does Gideon was afraid but he obeyed God and was victorious Whatever God commands us to do we should He is all knowing all seeing Gideon erred like the rest of us as Christians but God is forgiving
  • Eche Philip on Judges 8:27
    Gideon was not ready to disobey God in making the ephod but was too zealous for God which he showed by mere fanaticism in making the ephod. He preassumed on his own to do a work which he thought was for God but sadly enough, God ever told him to do that so it eventually became a snare unto Isreal, he and his household. The major wrong Gideon did was that he refused to sharply rebuke the Isrealites when they went idolising the ephod he made. But a critical study of Judges 8:33,34 suggests that he restored Isreal and himself back to God. It was after his death that Isreal went back to idolatory again. Hebrews 11:32,33 also suggests that Gideon made it to heaven.
  • Sara Addy on Judges 8
    Yes we can all lose the full blessings that God would love to bestow on us by falling into sin being affected by others and not keeping our focus on God and His will.
  • Rubertha Gooden on Judges 8
    The book of Judges is a book that enlighten me on several things, like we can fall into temptation, if we hang around the wrong people too long. We'll have the thought that those people had, thinking we have plenty of time, to do those things that others do, and get away with it, God sees all and knows all. We have to remember that, and stay in the word, and not the world.

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