Judges Chapter 20 Discussion

  • Steve on Judges 20 - 4 years ago
    On verse 16. Most people are naturally right handed, so to fight sword with sword with a left handed person would be much harder. Remember how Ehud was left handed and drew the sword against King Eglon. Towers in castles of old had spiral stair cases in the direction that a right handed man would use the the sword to defend in this case a left handed man would find it easier to attack upwards.
  • BSP on Judges 20 - 6 years ago
    Verse 5~The men of Gibeah were wicked and so they had to be punished for their inhumane crimes.
  • Lu2677 on Judges 20 - 7 years ago
    Not all concubines were wicked,many possibly were virgins when they were chosen.1Chroncicles 1:32 Abraham had concubines and had children with them, he was a godly man. It was not adultry. 2Samuel 5:11-14 David took more concubines from Jerusalem after God made him king over Israel. It was not sin. Solomon took many from nations that God told him not to take from, it was his undoing; 1Kings 11:1-4
  • April on Judges 20 - 7 years ago
    I am so confused,from what I understand a concubine was not a virgin and the man offered up the concubine for the mens entertainment purposes,and although she was a concubine,not one with god for her actions,what these men did was horrifically disgusting and an abomination,yes whoring around is a sin and all but she wasn't KILLING and beating people,and she will answer for her own actions.....wow.
  • Kim Alexander on Judges 20 - 7 years ago
    I'm sure the Lord knew, the intentions of those men. But if they would had just went on and killed those men, then the virgin would had still been alive.
  • Grafton griffith on Judges 20 - 7 years ago
    trust God even if we don not understand what He is doing.
  • Mark Fischer on Judges 20 - 9 years ago
    It is sad when the children of God get in such a vile morel state that God has to remove them.
  • Sundy sule on Judges 20 - 9 years ago
    Our God is a justice God, and He always punish sinners that refused to repent from sin
  • Createams on Judges 20 - 9 years ago
    But every man did that which was right in his own eyes and these are hard truths that we all play in a vigilantly mind set not seeing the first wrong, that of our own and in the end where did it start? Remember all this over a Levite Priest and his concubine.
  • Charlotte on Judges 20:16 - 10 years ago
    From my observations in reading the Bible over many years, left or left handed is almost always used to describe someone or something that is at odds with the LORD recall the separation of the sheep and the goats . I am a month shy of 67yrs old there was a time when parents would force their left handed children into using their right hand!I know it 's hard to picture a time when parents actually read the Bible and believed it but they did!! I hope this helps you and perhaps others as well. GOD Bless you always.
  • COLEEN on Judges 20:16 - 11 years ago
  • Sara Addy on Judges 20 - 12 years ago
    This chapter is the conclusion of chapter 19.
    God makes it very clear that somesones sinning affects more than one person.
    Because of the woman's sins brother is set against brother.
  • Edward Rivera on Judges 20 - 12 years ago
    Yes, The battle belongs to God, The devil and evil has been and will foreever be defeated.
  • Oswald raffington on Judges 20 - 13 years ago
    it teaches that vengeance belongs to god

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