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  • A disciple
    "Was there a failure on the part of the last generation that KNEW God and His deeds in handing over the baton properly to the next generation?" I think the answer to that could be Yes and No. There is certainly a wicked generation that rebels in a rage and fury away from the good and the holy way of Jesus, so they can fornicate and live lawlessly and NO ONE tell them what to do. But we are signs!
  • A disciple
    "And yet they would not hearken unto their judges, but they went a whoring after other gods.." People a responsible for their own ways and choices! Many good Christians have parents or brothers and sisters or children who despise and reject the LORD JESUS CHRIST so they can give themselves over to fornication and lawlessness and fully let Satan into their hearts! Its not the Christian's fault!
  • Abayomi
    And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the LORD, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.. Was there a failure on the part of the last generation that knew God and His deeds in handing over the baton properly to the next generation? Let us heed the word of God in Deuteronomy 6;6-9
  • A disciple
    "And it came to pass, when the angel of the LORD spake these words unto all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their voice, and wept." The people then brought forth fruits of their repentance, and served the LORD; even though they now had to bear with the punishment of God not anymore driving the enemies out, as He did at the first. But the generation following was wicked and proud!
  • A disciple
    "Nevertheless the LORD raised up judges..yet they would not hearken unto their judges, but they went a whoring after other gods.." Christians, do you not remember how hard it was because of your sins, for you to finally be humbled and broken enough, to come to repentance and a sincere and thorough conversion? The ungodly despise and reject Jesus so they can keep sinning and live however they wish.
  • Ezekiel p
    Comment*generation without GOD we need to wake up christian
  • BSP
    The Israelites did not listen to God and so in verse 3 they had to suffer the consequences of their actions. Anyone who disobeys God will eventually have to face the bad consequences of their actions.
    Dear friends in the LORD a lot can be driven out this portion of scripture however my emphasis is verse 21, GOD let a few tribes during the time of Joshua his servant not as a sign of defeat to him but for the young ISRAELITES to drive out as a task if they really understood their God but instead this guys just copied the evil their subjects were doing this caused them get a curse for a blessing lets check our lives what is that which was left in your life may be family which must be removed? or else you may miss your blessing.
  • Janice Hatten
    We are not here to judge but to be judged, we truly need to concentrate on self and not others, but to love one another and always ask God to allow the holy spirit to lead and guide us and help us with our thoughts and the words we say,that it is pleasing in his sight. Clean us from the inside out
  • Geraldine cole
    We need Jesus he does not need us .we need to live like we need Jesus in the end there nothing the world can do for U just look around U man cannot solve his problem Amen
  • Rupthurn
    He needs us to be fruitful and multiply fill the earth . Why would he die for us anyway if he didn't need us carelessly?
  • Hughey
    I have always liked reading the book Judges, but this book , since I 've started reading it is spellbounding. Needing to read more. Discuss later.
  • Thon Agoth
    We need to ask God to forgive us and to grant His mercy to the current world generation. We have all sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. We need to tear our hearts and come before Him. Our Jehovah is a merciful God
  • Mimee
    WOW! WOW! WOOW! Jesus! My Pastor says that there is nothing new under the sun. This has showed me that we are living in the days of Joshua and after his death because we do this, as Marie said on 10 10 213, time after time. Lord, said that everybody isn 't going to make it be with Him in eternity. I want to go with Him when he comes. Never lose sight God. He will always be there for you or suffer the consequences.
  • Catherine
  • I am shocked! Why don 't the preachers know about this?
  • Phenyo
    It teaches us to have patience, love and mostly forgiveness.Always have fauth with the Lord God.
  • Chika
    Judges 2 Tell us about the death of Joshua and the raising and falling of the people of lsrael and the consquences....my own thought as a child of GOD we must not backsild to avoid the wrath anger of GOD " but.. To serve the LORD with all our hearts as the days of Joshua the son of Nun.....
  • Marie
    This is a ongoing circle for man. God rescues, God provides, man excels as long as he follows God's directions, man deviates and falters.

    With God we can do anything, without him we fail.
  • Rhonda
    Well from the first four chapts. that I have read has shown me how powerful the book of judges is. Its sad that Isreal was so disobedient and turned a blind eye to what the Lord had given them. deliverer after deliverer and still Isreal repeatedly backslid into evil doings.There is alot of that going on into the world today. I am not perfect but I am so greatful that I take the time to open up the good book and atleast try to learn myself what should be instilled in us all.
  • Jennifer
    It gives assurance that even though we disobey and go far away from God. He still loves us and provides a way for us to come back to him just like he provided the Judges in Israel. So even though they were under their enemies. He created a system to fairly judge them to give them a second chance. And He is still doing that today for me and all of us.
  • Lorenda
    What I got out of it is the lord is speaking to those he has called to fight for him right now and that he would then begin his fight for our own families to reunite.
  • John M
    Interestingly I noticed v-10 that the next generation did not know the Lord or His ways as their fathers did and they wound up doing evil. It is so important to teach our children @ home and day time in school about the Bible and about God!
  • Sara Addy
    Yes the Isralites sin condition is a great warning and reminder to us as God's people about our own state and where we are with God.
    It keeps me in check and I need it that is why reading the word of God is so vital for us.
    Staying in His word is vital too so we don't slip so far from Him we can't get back so easily and so much time is wasted.
    The Isralites wasted so many years because they turned away from God years they would never recover and that is scary.
    Praise God for His infinte mercies on us for without those I cannot imagine where I would now be.
    He is always there reminding me to keep close in His word.
    He magnifies His word above His name.
  • Pernella pollard
    Just a word for Julius. I am a born again, i was delivered from the demons that were living in me. no one lay hands on me. but the angels fought those demons and set me free. then i was tempted but i did not fall into temptation.I made a serious confession to the Lord and a committment
    to the Lord and new my heart and he delivered me. . God do not live in sin.I pray that u will get your deliverance. Love Nell
  • Jenelle
    Makes me think of our country and how far.we have removed ourselves from seeking His will for our lives. I wonder how long before we repent and call out to God and if it is too late?
  • Julius
    I think it kind of parallels events in my life at this time. God has brought me from a long way and yet sometimes I slip (not far, but slipping is slipping) but I go right back to the Lord our God quickly because I want him to know I love him and I am trying to fight these personal demons aned I don't want his wrath upon me as it was upon the Isrealites in that era.

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