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  • Mr. Morgan on Judges 16:17 - 9 years ago
    Please read Judges 16 17
  • Insight 777 on Judges 16 - 9 years ago
    Hair is an excellent marker of the physical health of a human as shows the nutrition received as it grows. An example of this is a sample of hair can show if a person has been poisoned with arsenic. Samson was fed the bread, doctrine, of the Lord God and was extremely strong. Height in the past was a powerful gauge of economic progress as most often people that had the best nutrition grew larger. Samson represented health, economic progress and the willingness to love those who did not love him. The cutting of Samson 's hair represents the attempted destruction of the doctrine of the Lord God that Samson had as he professed love for a person that wanted him to die and wanted the doctrine of the Lord God to die. Samson however never lost his love of the Lord God. The use of the number 7 may reflect the 7 year tribulation that comes in the end of days. If so, then Samson may represent the military power of Israel that is destroyed during WW3 however it is shown that the end result is the Philistine people in power and the wealth of the Philistines is also destroyed. They will think they have won the war but the war will not be over and they will die.
  • Createams on Judges 16 - 9 years ago
    Samson was born of a promise a Nazarite being the strength and sword of the Lords vengeance an honorable man. A man in that love can be blind, consider Delilah her treachery was a hatred for all men that she could not see the wealth in being a part of Samson 's strength, rather too seek so desperately for his weakness no less the Devil. Delilah s reward likely that these lords of the Philistines would see no reason to pay their pledge once Samson was bound and no dishonor in cheating a harlot that had betrayed her strength. Delilah s last breath spent as Samson took hold of the pillars to end what they started for the LORDS will be done Amen.
  • Gina on Judges 16 - 10 years ago
    Samson loved Delilah. The scriptures never said that she loved him. When she got the money, the scriptures never mentioned her again. Samson was attracted to the wrong the women.
  • PRINCE-ELLIOT U. on Judges 16 - 10 years ago
    Ungodly and unholy love blindfolded Samson robbed him of his God given wits that even when Delilah was requesting for his doom he was so pleased to opened up his secret to his killer who eventually orchestrated his untimely tragic demise The scriptures warn believers about unequal yoke with the ungodly Yet because some think they are more logical and knowledgeable than their maker they still plunge themselves to their own misery woes and defeat Christians avoid unequal yoke in buisness marriage career etc
  • Fridah on Judges 16 - 10 years ago
    It shows where disobedience can lead us Samson was instructed by his parents not to involve himself with a philistine woman as God had directed them however he chose another way during his time of tribulation We should never forget God s word during our seasons of adversity It will keep us safe
  • Fowodu abimbola on Judges 16 - 10 years ago
    Samson being a Nazarite made many blunders, he touched dead animal, went into strange women and he ended up with Delilah.One thing is certain if one depart from God words he will suffer the consequence because He is the source of our strength, without Him we are nothing.Samson forgot Nazarene vows.This also give us insight to erroneous teaching of ''once saved forever saved''.Our continuity with divine grace depend on our walk with Him.But glory be to God,He Has no pleasure in the death of sinner,He always providing way out for us to reconcile with Him.Samson prayed unto God and He heard him.This is a great lesson to believers in Christ Jesus to take heed lest they fall.
  • Anonymous on Judges 16 - 10 years ago
    Love is so strong that Samson could finally fall for Delilah with all her deceit.
  • Blessing mashipe on Judges 16 - 10 years ago
    This chapter touches me when it comes to samson,philistines cut his hair,make him blind.they thought that samson's source of strength was the hair,it says here(his hair start to grow again after he has been shaven).you can remove a tape but thats not the source of water,the rain will continue after you have remove.now philistines thought that they won,start celebrating but samson didn't pray for them to be panished but he pray so that philistines will see that Jesus is the lord.for his last prayer ,he ask God more strength as he was the source of strength.standing between pillars ,he got his strength back.philistines put fullstop on samson bt God who is the source of strength,after fullstop he said:"I BEGIN" and samson again deafete more people when he die than while he was live.
  • Lynn on Judges 16 - 10 years ago
    Very good points have been made in prievious responses. But who is to say that this is not just the is part or his mission (please dont freak out yet). Jesus Christ had to die for our sins as it was spoken of in the old testament. The scripture MUST be forfilled and Judas Iscariot had to do what he did so that Chris could do just what he had to do. (DIE FOR OUR SINS)let us all remember that he killed more in death than he did in life. Maybe this was his purpose.just because it does not have a happy ending to us does not mean that his life was useless or that he waisted his life. OOH and the question about the seven locks of hair having to do with the seven locks of hair.....this is a very interesting question. Definately a brain buster. Be blessed everyone. I hope i didn't offend anyone because it was not intended.
  • Addrian on Judges 16:3 - 11 years ago
    I have often wondered the weight of the gates and posts.and some say he carried them 20 miles some say 40 miles which?
  • Sara Addy on Judges 16 - 12 years ago
    God can use us even in dying. Our deaths can still bring God glory.
  • Micheal Millard Sr. on Judges 16 - 12 years ago
    I too was a great worker, but didn't keep my promises to my Lord. I had lost my powers because of my seeking wealth, and wemon. Now I am physically useless,but am able to spread the Work of God to my people. I am thankful for my afflictions,because I am back to serving the Lord.
  • Eva Aaron on Judges 16 - 13 years ago
    Samson had totally destroyed the wonderful plans God had for him by following his lustful heart. Finally he destroyed himself and many became a useless person.A great example noted in the Bible for all of us... we must be very careful not to waste our precious life...its wonderful to always seek the will of God and to live to fulfill the purpose for our lives...may we use our talents and strength only to build God's Kingdom
  • Shoshahim on Judges 16 - 13 years ago
    The key element in the story of Sampson is that his POWER is hidden in his SEVEN locks of hair. Hmm . . . does this have anything to do with SEVEN SEALS?
  • Anna Peterman on Judges 16 - 14 years ago
    like Samson, I too have ventured away from the path and have been down to "Timnah" - the pain and heartache from this decision are sometimes overwhelming. With all the blessings stripped from me - (I have been sick and depressed since my wanderings; 15 years) Having finally understood the sin of my leaving HIS plan for my life and following my "feelings" - I pray that the Lord will restore my strength and give me opportunity to serve HIM according to HIS Will - so that the rest of my life will be pleasing to HIM - for HIS Kingdom and Glory - and not lived out useless anymore

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