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  • BSP on Judges 13 - 2 years ago
    Verse 8-Manoah sought the direction of God when it came to raising children. This is an excellent example for parents to follow.
  • David on Judges 13:18 - 2 years ago
    I love this passage of God's Word. We can glean quite a bit of God's character and why He does different things. His omnipresence in always being there for us. His omniscience in knowing what we need. His love in our daily provision. Many, many more.
  • Sophie - In Reply on Judges 13 - 3 years ago
    I pray for the ptsd to lessen. It's such a difficult condition but none too hard for our Lord and Savior. I'm praying for his condition to improve at once. God bless you both!!!!
  • Chris - In Reply on Judges 13 - 3 years ago
    Robert, okay I see your approach in writing this & I fully agree with what you've said. And to highlight the importance of the message, is indeed very important, though I find that one still needs to deal with the 'trees & leaves' for better understanding of that message. And this is probably where our divergent opinions become more pronounced as we grapple with those specific words; and I'm not referring to Bible translations, which you mentioned, here.

    For example, I think of the endless debate on the Lord's Second Coming: indeed, it is a matter of great interest & expectation for most of us, but we all have our opinions on, for example, the 'last trump' & are convinced that what we believe is what is going to happen. I feel it is the right thing to want exposition of that phrase, but we generally won't admit that there is a possibility that we're wrong & just have to leave the matter until more Light comes our way. Yesterday, I was listening to a study on this aspect, where the teacher spoke of the Feast of Trumpets relating to the 'last trump'. He had taken pains to go through each of the Jewish Feasts, seeing each one fulfilled in Christ & the Church. So, I thought that was interesting, but should I accept that view in the light of the other interpretations offered? There must be a time when we need to step back & remain open without having guilt for not following a particular view. Blessings to you too as we together hunger more of God's Word.
  • Robert - In Reply on Judges 13 - 3 years ago
    Thanks for your input Chris.

    I was definitely not disputing the validity of God or Jesus. What I was attempting to point out is the attempt of people to claim this is a manifestation of God or Jesus when the Bible does not say one way or another.

    As for the intention of translations, I was attempting to point out that people seem to lose sight of the forest looking at the trees. It doesn't matter what a single verse says (tree); much less a word (leaf or branch). What matters is the message or context.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Each path to Discipleship is between the Holy Spirit and the person. In the end we all will be judged on our personal beliefs and choices (free will).

    As the Israelites, we all need to question, Are we worshipping God His way, or our way? In my opinion, the Bible should translate and interpret itself.

    Also prayer, conversation, study, devotionals, history, reflection and always keeping the scriptures in your mind assist you on your journey with the creator.

  • Chris - In Reply on Judges 13 - 3 years ago
    Page 2.

    King of kings & Lord of lords are of course terms given generally to Jesus to signify that there is none greater than any earthly king, whether real or imagined. And a clear claim to His Deity is also seen in these words.

    I couldn't get your intention with "translations of I Am or Jehovah". Is there a dispute with this?
  • Chris - In Reply on Judges 13 - 3 years ago
    Page 1.

    Robert, I agree, that these occurrences in the Bible can be a little perplexing, as generally we understand that God's Throne is in Heaven, Jesus (post resurrection) is at the Father's right Hand ( Heb 10:12) & the Holy Spirit has come to Earth in Jesus' stead ( Jn 14:26, 16:7-11).

    Yet, you state: "I am often puzzled by the need of the last few generations to make all angels Jesus." I think you are referring to a 'Theophany', as in Gen 18:1-3, 32:24ff, or a 'Christophany', as in Judg 6:11-24, 2 Ki 19:35. There are of course, many other references to such manifestations. As well, one has to also understand the nature & work of Angels. My own sense is that if a person cannot in all good conscience discern the evidence for God or the Word, (Jesus, pre-incarnate) manifesting Themselves to man, or whether they were in fact Angels representing the God-Head, then no wrong judgement has been committed. The evidence one way or the other is not entirely clear & one cannot raise qualified objections to someone's different opinion. The fact that God did speak to men in such a manner is clear, but how & why He chose to bring His Word or His Presence to the view of man, remains unclear.

    "What would be the purpose of 10 thousand angels if all they did was sing songs?" I don't believe that the entire host in Heaven are only there to 'sing songs'. Of course, there appears to be constant worship to God & singing of His Praises, but there are also a multitude of tasks that angels perform: Heb 1:13,14, "Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?" So, they are also sent out to minister in a myriad of ways. You can find them in the Bible, ministering to physical needs, for protection, for encouragement, in regards to children, giving of the Law, directing lives, at the Second Coming of Christ, etc. So, they are busy about the Lord's business & not idling away their time.
  • Robert on Judges 13 - 3 years ago
    I am often puzzled by the need of the last few generations to make all angels Jesus.

    What would be the purpose of 10 thousand angels if all they did was sing songs?

    What would be the meaning of "King of Kings" or sitting at the right of God?

    Like the man of authority said, I speak and they do. Jesus sits on the right hand of God and commands. If He had to keep coming to Earth, why?

    And that brings up the second objection of translations of a particular word (ie: I am or Jehovah). The Bible is to be taken in faith. Not absolutes. The answers to all questions are not included. However, do you choose to follow God (in faith); or believe in other forms of worship is (Satan, delusions, false prophets, traditions, etc.)

    I am not trying to be offensive or claim I know better than anyone else. I seek God's will and to become a Disciple of Christ through the Holy Spirit. I am just trying to test all things and prove them.
  • Lorraine Magarian - In Reply on Judges 13 - 4 years ago
    When the angel of the LORD answered Manoah,He said I am. Only GOD can declare this. Also, after He ascended,. Manoah realized he and his wife had seen GOD. He was terrified and thought they would die. The term angel means messenger.
  • Rupthurn - In Reply on Judges 13 - 4 years ago
    I would never be able to explain more effulgent than you did right there.
  • Stanjett on Judges 13 - 4 years ago
    The angel of God is NOT Jesus. Jesus is not an angel. Jesus was human in likeness just like us. He was the Son of God. There are many angels in Heaven. They are all angels of God.
  • BSP on Judges 13 - 5 years ago
    Verse 8~Manoah prayed to Jehovah God for instruction on how to raise his son. Children are a gift from God and parents should look to God for direction in how to train and raise their children.
  • Richard on Judges 13 - 6 years ago
    Samson was an only child. He had no biological brothers or sisters. His mother was baron until the angle of the Lord said she would have a child.

  • Abayomi on Judges 13 - 6 years ago
    And the woman bare a son, and called his name Samson: and the child grew, and the LORD blessed him.
    What a glorious begining and the desire of Godly parents. May our children not only be blessed by the Lord , may they also fear God trusting and obeying HIM all the days of their life
  • Joyce Joseph on Judges 13 - 6 years ago
    Verse 28 We see the amazing forgiveness of God. He remembered Samson when he called on him to do so.
  • Lu2677 on Judges 13 - 6 years ago
    Here are a few words that show at times "Angel of the Lord" is, The Lord. (KJV) does not capitalize "angel". Judges 13:9-25 V.22"because we have seen God." Judges 2"I led you up from Egypt, I will never break my covenant."Gen.16:6-8,Gen.22:15, Exodus 3:2"in a flame of fire from the midst of a bush." Read in context or the entire chapter to see the truth. Some versions do use caps for Angel.
  • Lane on Judges 13 - 7 years ago
    Hello Saints! In verse 20-For it came to pass, when the flame went up toward heaven from off the altar, that the angel of the LORD ascended in the flame of the altar. And Manoah and his wife looked on it, and fell on their faces to the ground. I have only one word for the appearance of Yahweh, on planet earth. PRICELESS!
  • Fowodu Olalekan Abimbola on Judges 13 - 7 years ago
    Often times in the bible divine revelations come first to the wife. Women play important roles in the family.Also women do give assurance and affirm God's promises to their husbands and leaders,i.e wife of Manoah, Abigail, Deborah etc .There is need for modern women to come closer to God and start fulfilling their divine assignments to their families, communities and their nations.
  • Kaggwa Andrew on Judges 13 - 7 years ago
    Again, God chooses the unqualified ones! a barren woman to bring forth a savior! What about the wits of Mr. Manoah? vs 22...he thinks he were to die because he had seen God!!!! I love the wits and audacity of Mrs.Manoah in vs 23. Women ooyee!!!! deliverance after 18 years of bondage, a man like Jephtha or Gideon could handle, but after 40 years!!! that required a man of special birth, a Nazirite!!
  • Rosegrace on Judges 13 - 9 years ago
    Heavenly father thank you for who YOU ARE. son mercful
  • Fridah on Judges 13 - 10 years ago
    it is God who chooses and he can bless those who have been called barren God knows our destiny even before we are fashioned in our mother womb If we ask of God he can show us how to raise our children to fulfill their God given purpose
  • Phemy on Judges 13 - 10 years ago
    This passage is full of revelations, Samson was a product of prophecy, when the angel came the first time, manoah was not available, his wife told him everything the angel said, and he requested that he should repeat his visitation which the Lord granted, this shows to us that God is the God of second chance. What He did before He can do it again even in a greater dimension. And apart from that Manoah insisted on knowing the name of the angel, but the angel replied that he came on errand and the one that sent him is worthy of praise not him. The Lord cannot share His glory with any man.
  • Sara Addy on Judges 13 - 12 years ago
    Gods ways are awesome and He does have all the answers
  • WANDA on Judges 13 - 12 years ago
  • Timothy Wayne George on Judges 13 - 12 years ago
    We must remember that the manifest destiny of Sampson was to begin to deliver the children of Israel from the Philistines. Despite the failures in Sampson's life he did complete his manifest destiny. Thank God that he causes all things to work together for good to those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.
  • DeAndrea Burnett on Judges 13:3 - 13 years ago
    God gave me confirmation with this verse on may 23,2010 before i became with child...he told me i would bare a son and on my 17 week of pregnancy the doctor confirmed that prophesy
  • Tangela Walker on Judges 13:18 - 14 years ago
    I think this t saud verse is beautiful related to Psalms 139 'such knoweldge is too wonderful for me'. as Weskely said incomprehensible.

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