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  • JenningsLinda for verse 2
    I work hard, I insist, I will succeed
  • Olivia Henderson for verse 2
    Very nice verses
  • BSP
    Verse 1~The Israelites looked to Jehovah God for guidance and he provided them with someone to take the lead. God does the same thing for his people today.
  • Naszire an Hebrew Israelite
    No, we looked up to Yahshua Homoshiak and the Most high Elohim not Jehovah
  • WILL
    You are so absolutely correct
  • Abayomi
    Partial obedience is Disobedience. God's demand from His children is total absolute obedience and confidence in Him. We can always ask Him for help and am sure He will provide. That's why He gave us His Holy Spirit.
  • April
    Besides being stiffneck people,I'm thinking because they don't drive out people,that this is part of why they falter,they were to dr ive out people,well..I think because it would be easier to Love and Honor father by not allowing other beliefs to be within ANY of the citities that were given onto the children of the LORD,I get shewing Mercy but there are reasons good and evil cannot coexist Amen..
  • Samuel oyugi
    God has power over everything
  • Jonnie
    I feel so much happier now I untrsedand all this. Thanks!
  • The only way to please God is total obedience in all that he ask you to do,the p
    Trust and obey the word of God always it will help in all you do to serve God
  • Latrice
    All praise to the Most High
    My thoughts are we must protect our covenant with The lord, and not allow our enemies to enter into our surroundings. That why so many are lost today. Simeon and Judah were not to live together but Judah called on simeon. Then Judah proceeded to take advantage, so the Lord will punish according to the sin. All praises to the most high. We must obey our Father in heaven
  • Christine
    power to break all the altars
  • Kennedy musyoka
    I think the GOD purpos wos the children of israelist is to finish all the enemy,that they mey not be eny conection between,coz they er chosen people,holy nation.
  • Moses
    Its true i believe judah fought thousands of thousands couse those cities would be even named by number of people if they were just few hundreds
  • Geraldine cole
    What I understand is that God will keep his promise to his children be it good or bad Amen
  • Lala blue
    well maybe i belive that God was being prophres to the his children.He did say he deliverd the people who judah fought against the Lord delivierd thousands to ten thousands its just a thought .
  • Varghesc
    i nead qustion answer from judges
  • Chika
    ln Judges chapter 1, l understand that God loves His children and make them to posses their possession and that 's what normally happen when you give your life to CHRIST..
  • In777sight
    If verse 19 is understood as symbolic and not literal, as bread is a word used for doctrine, then the word mountain is the ruling government. The ruling government was overthrown by war. The valley could be symbolic of the people that are ruled by the government. Chariots of iron are their beliefs that they refuse to surrender or convert. God can not force a people to believe, they have to willingly submit their hearts it is not something that can be taken by force.
  • Ar
    To nneka Tonia judge chapter 1 Adonaibezek was a Canaanite king who had under his command 70 chiefs warriors whom he had defeated He made them useless as fighters by cutting their toes and thumbs After Joshua s death God asked Juda togo and get the land of Canaan Juda and his brother Simeon defeated Adonibezek they cut his toes and thumbs aand sent him to Jerusalem as a slave Thus he was useless as a fighter They say that he stated that God repaid him for what he had done to the 70 warrior He died within a month after that
  • Nneka tonia
    who is adonibezek why was he treated the way he was treated before he died
  • James Martin for verse 16
    I am trying to determine if Hobab the Kenite Himself entered the promise land
  • Jackalyn for verse 19
    im not sure exactly what this means but im pretty sure people are misinterperting it
  • Luciano
    its fun to read and learn stuff from God its so amazing and wonderful
  • Carlos caovilla
    God never ever abandoned his creation ,moses , joshua , and now judges to guide the nation , is a proof that he is control ,unhappily for not to obey we suffer the consequences .
  • Daniel
    God's ways are not our ways. He has a reason for whatever He does.
  • Mas
    You can get a Bible from this website.
    You just need to go to the bottom of this page where there are white writings on black background. One of the line of the third column is "Download the Bible".
    As you click there, it will direct you to Facebook page, where you can get your copy of King James Bible in PDF format.
    I hope this helps.
  • Jaquansaxon
    I really want a bible.
  • Rolyns
    He was a man not God, even Jesus could not deliver everyone in every city, greater is to fulfill a mission from God.
  • Insight 777
    If one believes that God through Judah could not have destroyed the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron, then they need to read 1 Kings 18:1-37. God has a plan to destroy evil and everything that happens in the world is following that plan. I believe God wants mankind to first experience why one needs to live under God's love and protection. There can never be peace in the world until all believe in the ONE true God.

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