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  • Nokutenda on Judges 1
    i just love reading the bible. its soooo intresting and i also like the bible trivias
  • BSP on Judges 1
    Verse 21-Their failure to completely drive out the Jebusites proved to be a snare to them later and it definitely affected their worship to God.
  • Chris - in Reply on Judges 1
    When ministering to the little ones, to say that God lives in our hearts can be a little more understandable than to relate it theologically: that it is His Spirit that comes to reside in the Christian. God's Throne is in Heaven with His resurrected Son at His right Hand: that is seen Scripture. But God's Spirit (that indivisible part of the Godhead), is sent out into the world for a variety of purposes: John 16:7,8; John 14:16-18 & others.

    Both Paul ( Romans 8:9) & Peter ( 1 Peter 1:11), speak of Christ's Spirit. Again, the Deity is fully seen as the selfsame Spirit that is in the World & in believers, and He is the Spirit of God & His Christ. So the Deity cannot reside in anything evil, rather God's Spirit is present to bring God's Light & Truth to those whose hearts are prepared to hunger for it & receive it.
  • Having done all TO STAND - in Reply on Judges 1
    I spend a lot of time in the Book of Job. There's a lot of wisdom in there. There isn't anything that God is not aware of. He is present everywhere: past, present and future.

    We live within the confines of Time, which is the first thing God created in Genesis 1:1. Let us be at peace with that. We are known by Him.

    Satan is a defeated foe. Ephesians 6, gives us the Armor and the authority of Jesus Christ to stop his activity, and that of his agents of evil. So read the Gospels, Acts, and Paul's writings to see examples of disarming personal attacks.

    A good teacher of the authority Jesus gives his born again believers can be viewed on YouTube. Search Charles Capps.

    Jesus paid for it with His shed blood, and we must understand what we have been given.

    Start there. I'm here if you have other questions.

  • Annelie Carreon on Judges 1
    Where is God? I tell the tots I minister God is in our hearts. In my Catechist learning, God is in heaven, on earth and in all things he made. But then I thought how can He be in evil things or persons.
  • Current events and 2nd Peter 310 - in Reply on Judges 1
    We aren't to debate politics in here....but Lol

    We need to call up our Congressional Representatives and demand that Nancy Pelosi step down: the sooner the better.

    She leads rebellion and her constituents do no real work FOR the American people. Money for Nothing and the drinks are free (paid for with our taxes).

    Do some googling and verify the truth. She's re-writing Constitutional Law without anyone's consent. She's a law unto herself.

    We don't need that. She's spent 4 years wasting zillions of tax dollars trying to impeach a sitting president. I don't care about her pedigree! I care about Performance of ones Elected Job description and results. She is a liability we can't afford anymore.

    The original Dream Team is being reassembled: Biden, Obama, Hilary, Kerry, Romney. Some of their kids were in Ukraine being paid millions...for what? It's buried in Google but you can find it. Hint: follow the Money.

    I apologize if I offended you. The whole nation is upset with this tainted election.

    Biden's friendship with China. Having to pay gazillions to save the earth...and it's all going to be burned up in the END. It's not that far off. 2 Peter 3:10

    If we'd just vote the Bible....? Too bad we can't scrap this election and do it over in January.

    I'll cya later. I need to listen to some praise music. Love you all in Jesus. Let us put our hope in God and speak kindly to each other while in this predicament. Mishael
  • JOSEPH W WALLER on Judges 1
    If a Man travel by the Grace of God ONLY. What then shall be his destiny in Life? and

    for howie Long?

    Some SIGNS seem to indicate that if ANY Man or Woman dare harm even a Hair on

    That Man s Head, It STANDS to REASON, that they may Live to see the Wrath of A

    Duly Elected President of The United States of America. This I would NOT Wish upon

    even My worst Enemy, If I had ONE. We The PEOPLE Stand With Donald J. Trump,

    and the CARDS which have been Pre-Destined.

    What say you?
  • Kenneth E Brewer Jr on Judges 1
    Judges 1:19 And the LORD was with Judah; and he drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron. Could also read: And the LORD was with Judah; and Judah drave out the inhabitants of the mountain; but could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley, because they had chariots of iron. It was Judah who could not drive out the inhabitants of the valley because they lacked faith.
  • JenningsLinda on Judges 1:2
    I work hard, I insist, I will succeed
  • Olivia Henderson on Judges 1:2
    Very nice verses
  • WILL - in Reply on Judges 1
    You are so absolutely correct
  • Naszire an Hebrew Israelite - in Reply on Judges 1
    No, we looked up to Yahshua Homoshiak and the Most high Elohim not Jehovah
  • BSP on Judges 1
    Verse 1~The Israelites looked to Jehovah God for guidance and he provided them with someone to take the lead. God does the same thing for his people today.
  • Abayomi on Judges 1
    Partial obedience is Disobedience. God's demand from His children is total absolute obedience and confidence in Him. We can always ask Him for help and am sure He will provide. That's why He gave us His Holy Spirit.
  • April on Judges 1
    Besides being stiffneck people,I'm thinking because they don't drive out people,that this is part of why they falter,they were to dr ive out people,well..I think because it would be easier to Love and Honor father by not allowing other beliefs to be within ANY of the citities that were given onto the children of the LORD,I get shewing Mercy but there are reasons good and evil cannot coexist Amen..
  • Samuel oyugi on Judges 1
    God has power over everything
  • Jonnie on Judges 1
    I feel so much happier now I untrsedand all this. Thanks!
  • The only way to please God is total obedience in all that he ask you to do,the p on Judges 1
    Trust and obey the word of God always it will help in all you do to serve God
  • Latrice on Judges 1
    All praise to the Most High
    My thoughts are we must protect our covenant with The lord, and not allow our enemies to enter into our surroundings. That why so many are lost today. Simeon and Judah were not to live together but Judah called on simeon. Then Judah proceeded to take advantage, so the Lord will punish according to the sin. All praises to the most high. We must obey our Father in heaven
  • Mpho on Judges 1
    Very motivating
  • Kennedy musyoka on Judges 1
    I think the GOD purpos wos the children of israelist is to finish all the enemy,that they mey not be eny conection between,coz they er chosen people,holy nation.
  • Moses on Judges 1
    Its true i believe judah fought thousands of thousands couse those cities would be even named by number of people if they were just few hundreds
  • Geraldine cole on Judges 1
    What I understand is that God will keep his promise to his children be it good or bad Amen
  • Lala blue on Judges 1
    well maybe i belive that God was being prophres to the his children.He did say he deliverd the people who judah fought against the Lord delivierd thousands to ten thousands its just a thought .
  • Varghesc on Judges 1
    i nead qustion answer from judges
  • Chika on Judges 1
    ln Judges chapter 1, l understand that God loves His children and make them to posses their possession and that 's what normally happen when you give your life to CHRIST..
  • In777sight on Judges 1
    If verse 19 is understood as symbolic and not literal, as bread is a word used for doctrine, then the word mountain is the ruling government. The ruling government was overthrown by war. The valley could be symbolic of the people that are ruled by the government. Chariots of iron are their beliefs that they refuse to surrender or convert. God can not force a people to believe, they have to willingly submit their hearts it is not something that can be taken by force.
  • Ar on Judges 1
    To nneka Tonia judge chapter 1 Adonaibezek was a Canaanite king who had under his command 70 chiefs warriors whom he had defeated He made them useless as fighters by cutting their toes and thumbs After Joshua s death God asked Juda togo and get the land of Canaan Juda and his brother Simeon defeated Adonibezek they cut his toes and thumbs aand sent him to Jerusalem as a slave Thus he was useless as a fighter They say that he stated that God repaid him for what he had done to the 70 warrior He died within a month after that

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