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  • Ekwuojo Daniel on Jude 1:20
    if you check, the holy faith is not in capital latter. This means your personal or individual holy faith not God 's Faith has to be built consciously and deliberately by a self discipline effort in subjecting ones self in praying in the Holy Ghost praying in tongues of the Spirit . Because this faith comes by hearing, hearing the WORD of God.
  • Sew on Jude 1:14
    This is what we have been teaching. No, the 66 books are not the only books in the Bible--there are more the contemporary belief groups do not have--the Book of Enoch, preserved by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. Let 's learn more.
  • DONALD BARKLEY on Jude 1
  • Demetrious Parker on Jude 1
    Jude 20,21. We of course must continue to live our lives in this world but also remember that the Lord is soon to come.Whether now or fifty years from now.The word of God teaches us daily prayer and bible study.Building up yourselves on your most Holy faith.Praying in the Holy Spirit.Love the Lord with all your heart,mind and soul.
  • Wamuti Ndegwa on Jude 1:24
    These great words proclaim hope ,encourage, and inspire faith that Christ will overcome the anti christ and do immeasurably more for me and all who choose to follow Him.
  • Alyce Klingler on Jude 1:10
    I believe God is talking about the offspring of the fallen angels. They are dead in their thinking.
  • Sheryl on Jude 1:25
    Jude explains that without God and true worship we are hypocrites.
  • Gloria Mills on Jude 1
    Thank you Rev. Norman Bailey St. John Baptist Church, Camden, NJ. My heart kept with joy when I read the last two versus if Jude, I know these were your favorite 's. I never forgot them or your teachings.
  • DELORES on Jude 1
    That as the word say, build yourself up, and Stand, Don 't get worries in well doing , and I know that God hear and we answer my pray
  • Glory on Jude 1
    Jesus is coming soon. We have to allow God to build us, build us on our most holy faith we have to always pray in the Holy Ghost we should always keep ourselves in the love of God, we should look for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eternal life. We should have compassion. If we see our friend going astray, we have to save them out of the destruction save with fear , pulling them out of the fire God help us to hate even the garment spotted by the flesh. Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy Amen and Amen To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen and Amen.
  • Geraldine cole on Jude 1
    I agree with all the comments and the word speak for it self praise the Lord Jesus sister and brother Amen let us keep looking to Jesus The Christ our Lord and Savior
  • Geraldine cole on Jude 1
    To answer Tommy 's question yes someone can be that way and if they would repent and Turn from Their wicket ways Jesus will here your pray if u pray out of a serious hart ask him to be their savior ask him to give u the holy ghost who will help them read his word get in a bible teaching church live a life for Jesus . God is the father .Jesus is his son God sent his son Jesus to Die for us so that we could have life his holy ghost is our helper
  • Juliet emefesi on Jude 1
    This chapter of the bible is telling us to protect our minds from evil invasions that have compassed us these days through the words we hear, the strange practices and beliefs that contradicts the biblical beliefs.
  • Bernald Dossie on Jude 1
    jude is telling us to repent our sins and we should be alert because there is many false prophets in this world
  • Paul on Jude 1:1
    Kept...Called...Sanctified...Preserved...Beloved...In one verse, the entire message of being saved, called and preserved is written. We are told how we, as biblically saved Christians, are called by God, sanctified or set apart as holy by God and preserved through Jesus Christ. What power! What assurance! What comfort to those who are plagued by questions and doubts. We as God 's chosen selected called people can walk in absolute assurance and guarantee that once we are saved by the sole work of Christ on the cross, that we are not only set apart as holy but also preserved in that holiness and salvation through Christ Jesus. This the greatest news of all!
  • Mary sims on Jude 1:24
    This versa let 's me know that I can 't make excuses when I fall. His word is true he will keep me from falling, if I let him.thank you God for my way out.love you Lord.
  • Tommy on Jude 1
    What Jude is telling us is , the church God 's people cannot afford to be complacent . We must always be sober, be vigilant , because the enemy will sow false teachers in the church. This is surely happening today . There are those groups who will knock on your door and tell you they have the truth ! This same group , denies the diety of Christ . False teachers are on every hand and the church must stay on the offensive to fight against those who would deny sound doctrine. There is a body of faith that was "once delivered " to the saints. It 's possible that different denominations could disagree on trivial matters but , there 's only one faith body of doctrine that has been given to the church . Those who are not fighting for this truth cannot call themselves true Christians.
  • Cynthia on Jude 1
    I think Jude is telling us that we must work hard everyday to please the Lord. Everyday should be filled with glorifying the Lord and if we are not careful and become off focused we will become like others in the world worldly. No one said this walk would be easy but we can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens us.
  • Tommy on Jude 1:19
    Can someone be this person and change?
  • Brianna on Jude 1:20
    While we await to see the fulfillment of the Promise of Jehovah God to rid the earth of all evil, I believe he is telling us to use the time now to build our faith up. NO matter how good we think we are, we still have to render an account to God. SO for now, let us work out as many flaws in ourselves as we can, and work on becoming approved by God. Build ourselves up now, while we wait on Jehovah for everlasting life.
  • Paul on Jude 1
    Vs 6 Angels reserved in chains are human beings who rejected the Messengers of their Day and their Message. The Noah 's group, Abraham 's, Moses ', Elijah 's, Jeremiah 's, John the Baptist 's, Jesus ', Peter 's, Paul 's and the seven Messengers of the Seven Churches of Revelation chpts 1 3. They 're waiting in the great dark lower regions for the Great White Throne Judgment which is due in this our Generation.
  • Debra on Jude 1:20
    I believe this scripture is telling us to surrender to the Holy Ghost so that He can build us up. So he can give us what we need. Because the Word reminds us that we don 't know what we ought to pray for.
  • Frederick on Jude 1:6
    Where did they go, and what did they do?
  • Ru on Jude 1
    Llet us build ourselves in CHRIST. Jesus Christ preserves us that HE may present us clean before the glory of HIS THRONE. He shall judge everyone with the works he she has done during his her time on earth. Dear let us keep watch and be alert all the time, prayer and fasting keeps us much closer to JESUS our saviour.
  • Kamau on Jude 1
    verse 20. Has blessed me on how i should build on holy faith with help of holy spirit
  • Coleen on Jude 1:24
    This verse in a blessing..full of hope..Christ wash us in his blood....remove all our sin and present us to his father faultless and full of joy...a father who is holy...now what more can we ask for this is pure LOVE......AMEN
  • Coleen on Jude 1:24
    This verse in a blessing..full of hope..Christ wash us in his blood....remove all our sin and present us to his father faultless and full of joy...a father who is holy...now what more can we ask for this is pure LOVE......AMEN
  • Terry on Jude 1
    We should heed the warning of the book of Jude. Much is said with few words. I need to look deeper into these words.
  • Lourdes on Jude 1:20
    One of my favorite scriptures.
  • Timothy on Jude 1:6
    This is deep and my spirit has not been able to rest on it,but it keep telling me to search more into the story of creation and it 's more to the war in heaven,satan and his fallen then we could ever know.

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