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  • Freedomborn in Truth on Jude 1
    We see in Jude one of the reasons why the Apocrypha was not included in the Bible because it claimed that Angels had Children with earthly Woman but God tells us that our DNA is differant from theirs and Animals too in 1Cor15:38-40 this is why Evolution is also impossible. The Angles will be in chains untill Judgement day and we see that their Sin was Homosexuality in v7. God Bles You All- Annie.
  • Merkava - in Reply on Jude 1
    In Luke Jesus responds Angels do not marry, however this was after the fall and why it was such an abomination that angels procreated, which in order to procreate had to fall from their first estate. The glory of a mortal man is his wife because his life will surely end, the estate of an angel is eternal and righteous not in needing of such to progenate. Mortal men do not produce Goliath.
  • John Purdie - in Reply on Jude 1
    I am getting annoyed at the absurdity of the often repeated drama, of angels cast out of heaven, having rebelled against God, and by being cast out of heaven, and from the heavenlies where they dwelt before being cast out. Angels, appeared as ministering Spirits, not in the likeness of men. At His birth, shepherds in the field, saw the appearance of an angel that said:unto you is born today Christ
  • John Purdie - in Reply on Jude 1
    Since when did you become an expositor of Scripture? Since when did you become an expert in ancestry, especially, of Christ! Jesus was first called "Christ" at his birth announcement... Luke:2.11... "For into you, is born this day, in the city of David, A Saviour, which IS CHRIST THE LORD" When did Michael come in???
  • John Purdie on Jude 1
    David....You are the only responder who makes sense. Since when did angels and men procreate?In all my 60 years as a born again believer I have never heard of such impudence, of those who would try to promulgate such heresy....from such turn away. Those who dwell on giants....are the ungodly men Jude is referring to, having crept in unawares. Preach the Salvation Story!!!!..
  • John Purdie - in Reply on Jude 1
    Where did the book of Enoch come from. It is not in the holy scriptures. If it is not the Word of God...it is of the devil! An eye opener, indeed! If God said it, it is True. If God did not say it, it is a lie!
  • John Purdie - in Reply on Jude 1
    Where did you get your teaching? Angels are "ministering spirits" sent forth to minister to them, who shall be heirs believers of Salvation. John chapter 1 verse 14. Read the whole chapter to be more fully aware of the total meaning of "angels" in the Word!
  • John Purdie - in Reply on Jude 1
    I have never heard such a statement before. I can tell from your comment, that you are neither a scholar, nor a teacher of the Word! I would expect Scripture references from the Authorized Version, or another recognized version, before accepting your so -called meaning of Scripture, which to me sounds either true or false. Scriptural references..... will be the deciding factor!
  • Sheila Roodriguez - in Reply on Jude 1
    Read about nephilim in the bible.. They became the greek Gods... Possibly.. Tbere ismuch discoveryof a race that was extremely tall.. Like 11 feet.. Giants.. It is well known amoung many scholars.. Remember everthing physical represents something spiritual.... The nephelim represent maybe feeling overcome by idolizing ... Just a quick guess.. Have a Great day
  • Joseph on Jude 1
    Michael is Christ old name Michael new name Yeshua English name Jesus any questions about it text back
  • Derek Haywood on Jude 1
    God word is true and he does explain everything. God created all and the angel's , and they have their rolls. Those fallen one's has a name begin's with a R i want you to find it as i know. God is not the auth of confusion.Not all of the fallen angels are in hell in chain's , only the one's that took wive's and bore children to them.
  • Derek Haywood - in Reply on Jude 1
    You can't a verse that you don't understand and deem it to be true. There are many different angels mentioned in the bible and they have different rolls they play. Every scripture in the bible describe them in the masculine form and they appear as men just like you and me. The fallen one's which left their first estate and chose wive's mated with them they we're cast into hell prison in chains
  • Sister - in Reply on Jude 1
    Hi I'm sister, I remember hearing about Enoch on the History Channel since I was fifteen. In all honesty, I did not take Enoch serious because his book was not found in my King James Bible. I Faithfully believe in Enoch. I recommend that you take the Book of Enoch, and Book of Giants go too your nearest library check out all Books about mythology and Fairytales How strong is your Faith?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Jude 1
    You are so right. Some posting here even think that angels interbred with humans. I say show me in the bible. Give me a verse or verses.
  • Teri on Jude 1
    I recommend The Answer Book by Gipp for any questions about the apocrypha...hope this helps! Persons that cannot confess that Jesus is God in the flesh have the spirit of antichrist, we are reminded of that in this chapter. Look for those who are receptive and "save some"
  • BSP on Jude 1
    Verse 3 shows the need to put up a hard fight for the faith because there are many faithless ones in these last days. There are also many things that are designed to attack the faith.
  • David on Jude 1
    Jesus said there is neither male or female in heaven. Angels are neither male or female, therefore cannot procreate.
    There is a lot in the Holy Bible to learn about. If we get confused during deep study, because it goes against what we think we known and understand, then move on. There is much more to learn about. After more much more deep study we may come back to the previous scripture
  • Andy on Jude 1
    Jude is a very powerful and sobering Epistle. This epistle reminds us to STRIVE to enter in at the Narrow Gate, which is Jesus Christ and His Salvation. Many will attempt to do so, and will be unable. Why? They gave themselves over to their sins, and the lustful ways of the flesh. "Let everyone that names the Name of Christ DEPART from iniquity." ( 2nd Timothy 2:19). Beware of false teachers!
  • Tim on Jude 1
    Read in verse 14 Enoch the seventh from Adam wrote a book that explains everything concerning the history of the giants, how they came to be and their demise. It even gives some of the names of the fallen angles. Just Google Enoch and read it yourself, it's a real eye opener.
  • Angela on Jude 1
    Yes Angels did sleep with humans, and their off spring were Giants. Golaith was a giant. David slew him though!!!
  • Jeff Gullett on Jude 1
    The reason GOD flooded the earth was to destroy All evil . Including the giants and fallen angels. I think one of Noah's sons Ham was married to a fallen angels daughter that's the mother of Cannan I believe. Ham and Cannon were to be slaves of the other two brothers. however JESUS will rid the earth of ALL evil when HE returns . I do believe and know that. Be ready . Love GOD,JESUS, be forgiven
  • Gary on Jude 1
    Your statement about the angels sleeping with women to produce the giants is not supported by Scripture. You need to supply a verse that says God gave the angels the ability to pro-create. In Judaism "Sons of God" usually refers to the righteous, i.e. the children of Seth.
  • Qwilliams on Jude 1
    Midot, please study the WORD, Angels did sleep with human, thus the Giants we're birthed! Jude is very powerful and reminds us of where we are in this Season! Corruption, Sin and fleshly desires is unbelievable but true! Man's hearts have become cold and hardened! Evil has become good and good is now evil! There's little compassion or Forgiveness among " Believers" Rebellion
  • Jeff Gullett on Jude 1
    I could be wrong it was just a thought . It is hard to comprehend a lot of the scriptures . I do know the main thing is to keep right with God . Love him , praise him , and believe in his Son Jesus Christ. And ask for forgiveness. I love you all . Thank you Jesus for all my blessings.
  • John on Jude 1
    Shows once you've gotten right you can still end up lost.If we don't keep ourselves in him.We are never robots it's our choice every day we live to serve Jesus or not.
  • James on Jude 1
    thanks for letting me join in. Love you all in the ways of our Lord Christ
  • Jeff Gullett on Jude 1
    I think that satin the "serpent" got with Eve and cain is his . And Able is Adams and they were twins. That's why GOD told Eve he would greatly multiply her pain. And that's why that cain was so evil. I mean that you know satin has power . "NOT" as much as GOD has but it is possible. He did turn himself into a serpent and beguiled Eve .That's what its talking about. GOD gave him power to test them
  • Mdot on Jude 1
    Angels are indeed a spirit and can not physically mate with human, it is the mystery of the word, Jude 1;12 These are spots in your feast of charity, when they feast with you feeding themselves without fear...Meaning the Sons of men received gifts or wealth in exchange of use of there bodies, so the angels carry out there intentions using them, without so much of fear of wrath of God.
  • REV.J.Johnson on Jude 1
    Very good for all the Bible Teachers and Students,God Bless You.
  • A disciple on Jude 1
    "Woe unto them! for they have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core." These are wicked impostors, wolves in sheep's clothing. "They went OUT from us, because they were not of us." Cain slew his brother because God said his works were evil. Balaam used knowledge of the truth to teach the enemies how to make Israel sin.

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