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  • Garyloyd on Jude 1
    Verse 6. These are the angels that are spoken of in chapter 6 of Genesis who left heaven, their first estate, and took woman as play things and made geber babies trying to stop Gods plan. These follow satan and will be releast and will return wiith him for 2 and half months. At the return of the true Christ they will be die.
  • Travis on Jude 1
    Gain as godliness. Who are those who preach gain as godliness? If you see a supposed preacher of the gospel and they teach the doctrines of Korah or the doctrines of Balaam. Are they truly a preacher of the Gospel of The Christ? Why are we taught to covet, name and claim in faith? better yet, why are people so deceived by this doctrine? Because we are not selfless, we are selfish. Study the doctrine of Korah and Balaam, see how the Lord used Balaam and then compare their fruit to your own favorite preacher, Church building. Have you been decieved by the lust and desires of your own heart? And now areyou unwilling to repent, because you may have to give it all up. The sun rises on the righteous and unrighteous. Rain falls on the godly and ungodly. Just because you have plenty, is that really a blessing or a curse? What do you think about the most, talk about the most, what do you do the most? Theres your gods. Are you severing God or Mammon? How about your church or Pastor? You can tell them by their fruit. And you are to judge from within not from without. Read Colossians 3 and tell God where your entire being should be looking towards and you wont fall for the teacher, Jude is warning you of in these passages. And quit calling the devil a liar. Even Micheal didn't, who are we to do what even the powerful Micheal didn't do.
  • Helen M on Jude 1
    Mistake, I left one 3 zero's off the 250, million Africians dying of starvation.
  • Helen M on Jude 1
    It makes me sad that so many may live in eternity without knowing the love of God. It is awful to live on earth without knowing Gos's love and His power in us, through His Holy spirit, to overcome evil, let alone wasting what we could have been in eternal darkness. I cannot fathom how evil some are in the flesh, in that human life has little or no value to them, and they will shed innocent blood, like the 250,000 Africans dying of hunger right now. Having free will is a blessing not a curse. It makes us responsible for our thoughts, and actions, while having the ability to live in the glory of God forever. The most important it makes us able to know God's all inclusive, eternal love, and to know Him personally. What an honor, to BE A PART OF SUCH A MAGNITUDE OF LIFE, AND and what a waste, TO SPOIL IT ALL IN A SELFLESS, egotistic WAY of life. God cannot bless evil in any form. His blessings are without measure, and can only be known in His light.
  • Keith on Jude 1
    to davids comment about being burned to ashes.....all christians will get a glorified body that will never die so we can live forever with the lord, and the same hold true for those that dont make it to heaven they also will get a glorified body that will never die but it will be in hell weeping and gnashing of teeth for and enernity
  • David B. Sr. on Jude 1:6
    Ibelieve that God took aaway not only their habitation, but darkness is used to show their knowledge and understanding wa removed. Had satan kept his knowledge and wisdom he would never have crucified Christ. To me chains under darkness means without understanding of God's plans and his Church.
  • Ben weaver on Jude 1:3
    When scanning the Bible uses of the word "Faith" it most often indicates a living, active, factor that connects one to the supernatural works of God, rather than an intellectual belief system of doctrinal truthes. The Apostles said, "Increase our faith" & Jesus often said, "Thy faith has made thee whole". "Faith as a mustard seed", & "if you have faith and doubt not", suggest a personal facet that releases God to do what He wanted to do. Jude seems to be saying that the faith the annointed one had, was entrusted to his followers to use until he comes again. "Occupy till I come" (Lu. 19:13.)
  • Jerry on Jude 1
    Jude 1:4, I would like to say this. It would appear that the men of old that return are likely demons who were condemed here; condemnation occuring when they are to crawl upon thier bellies and eat dust. Jesus came to us, Eliajah returned to us, perhaps Enoch returned to us although this is speculation. So why would demons not be able to come in men also; born or in possession. The man of sin is a great example, the man of sin must be one whom sin was born of in order to gain this title. As far as we know sin was born from satan who committed the first sin. Only food for thought.
  • Kaanib on Jude 1
    hi, david that refers to the angriness or wrathfulness of those who will not be saved and will be burned in hell...
  • David on Jude 1:6
    if on the day of judgement when God destroys the earth and heavens and creates knew ones,and the wicked and all that is on earth is burned to ashes and is NO MORE then why will there be wailing and gnashing of teeth?
  • PASSIN on Jude 1
    I know Jude was speaking from the Spirit and sent to warn us, he said those of you who are "called" that's ultimately remarkable, because not all of "us" are-
  • Ben Weaver on Jude 1:3
    THE faith. About 5 times, the K.J.V. has "Faith of Christ", and other versions have reduced this to "faith in Christ", suggesting our faith rather than his faith in us. Here Jude states that a faith package was delivered or entrusted to those made holy in Christ. We are joint-heirs with Christ. Jesus entrusted his power to his servants while he went to a far country for a time. (see Lu. 20:9). As I understand it, Jude is saying Jesus entrusted his faith to his followers for us to apply in our world unto his glory. Awesome.
  • Dave on Jude 1
    One person here got it right. This is about the fallen angels and the fate that awaits them... Be watchful, they're coming back!
  • Chigozi on Jude 1
    This portion of the Blble is reminding Christains of the fact that Evil exist in the world but that make Jesus Your focus will always keep you from falling because he has gotten a name which superceeds any existing Name on earth,and in Heaven but if we compromise we will be ensave by the evil.
  • Betty Oguntola on Jude 1
    This is a great Book of the Bible. It gives of the fate of the fallen angels and why they will be destroyed. The entire word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. I love to bask in the word and receive what my MASTER is saying to me. "TO GOD BE THE GLORY".
  • Virginia on Jude 1
    Praise the Lord for your timely and spiritual insight into what your reader audience need. This is truly the best past time one could get fron the internet, namely becoming knowlegable of the word of life.
  • Ray lukas on Jude 1
    Louise, really good..
    I got one more thing from this which really does not come as a surprise but, just because you are saved, even a resident of heaven (angels), having seen the face of God. This does not mean that you cannot, and will not be punished. Once again we see examples showing that God can be provoked into action, and cannot be mocked. It might appear that you, or someone else that you see, is getting way with it, but appearances are deceiving..
  • Louise on Jude 1
    It is a sad thing that many have no fear of the one and only true living God, Jehovah God. It is also sad that many believe that Jesus our Christ, who paid for our sin debt, is nothing but a story, untrue. Truth be told that all who believe that the aforementioned is true, their place is reserved in the blackness of darkness.

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