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  • Tunney on Joshua 7
    Many times we miss the fact that Achan and his family weren't the only ones killed because of his sin of taking the "accursed things."

    36 men also lost their lives because of Achan's sin. People believe their actions do not affect others.

    1 Corinthians 10: 11, 12

    Now all these things happened unto them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come. Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

    The leadership was also at fault for not praying and asking for directions before going to the city of AI. Instead, they were puffed up with their victory over a bigger and larger city of Jericho. Joshua sent spies to the city of AI. They returned and reported v3 "...but let about two or three thousand men go up and smite Ai; and make not all the people to labour thither; for they are but few." Our mind set should be as David when he told Goliath that battle is the LORD'S.

    There are many things we don't have to pray for, such as should I read the Bible and pray every day. Or must I give an offering and confess and repent daily. There are also many things we should always be in prayer for. Lost souls, evil and wicked leadership, ungodly character, lies and untruths in all sectors and levels of society.

    FATHER Help us to draw nigh to the LORD at all times, that we may be right with YOU at all times. GOD'S word tells how to be able to know the difference between good and evil in order to glorify and praise HIM.

    GOD bless us all gloriously and shine HIS face upon all on this forum.

    April 17, 2023
  • Thank you on Joshua 7
    I enjoyed the message
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Joshua 7
    Achor. Why did many have to die for this one man?
  • Joyce Joseph on Joshua 7
    This is a serious thing. Joshua specifically told the children of Israel in CH. 6:19 but all the silver, and gold, and vessels of brass and iron, are CONSECRATED unto the Lord. Achan would have been present yet he was wilfully disobedient when he hid what was supposed to be the Lord's. This is a warning to those who keep their tithes which is the Lord's.
  • A disciple on Joshua 7
    This is God's view of secret sins. Sneaking deceitful sinning; NOT a slip, NOT a health issue, NOT Oh poor weak brother! But sneaking deceitful sinning! And this example was made for all of us to fear, and do no such thing against any of the commandments of the LORD. Not only himself, but his children and his animals and ALL that he had was destroyed, because of his wicked lusts and disobedience!
  • Chosen by God on Joshua 7
    profound words, why is it that when we as believers depart from the correct teaching of God's word and enter into sin we tend to fault God, asking stupid questions like, if God is so powerful WHY DID HE.....stop right there we made that choice to enter into sin. James 1:5 "IF any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not;and it shall be given him
  • A disciple on Joshua 7
    "..Get thee up; wherefore liest thou thus upon thy face? Israel hath sinned, and they have also transgressed my covenant which I commanded them.." The failures of God's people are often automatically put on the Lord for some imagined "Mystery" of His will, why He would let them fall. But see how God answers, and make no mistake; if we fall before our enemies, its because we have sinned!
  • Peter A. Okebukola on Joshua 7
    God is a God of justice. Achan paid the price for disobedience.
  • Irene123 on Joshua 7
    Achan's sin: it was a sin; Achan stole from God. That's made very plain. Ai: in the 1st place, Joshua did NOT pray for God's guidance before Ai. Had he prayed God would have told him of Achan. Joshua was 'presumptuous'. God tells what we need to know, but we have to ask him - "is there anything I need to know before this battle?" That's why Ai defeated them.
  • Samuel N Kamau on Joshua 7
    I have learnt very importnat lessons in Joshua chapter 7. First of all, our God is very compassionate and gracious and is not quick to punish sin. rather He always want mankind to come to repentance. that is why the sin of Achan was not immediately punished, otherwise the Israelite s would have been defeated at Jericho where the sin was committed. another lesson is that unconfessed sin always harden our heart. this is evidenced by the fact that, even when Joshua clearly told the Israelites the God given method to identify the one who had sin i.e. tribe by tribe, clan by clan all the way to the individual family, Achan was still not ready to repent at this point in time and instead allowed the rigorous time consuming process to take cause which actually exposed him as the sinner. i have also learnt that sin always have dire consequences forgiveness not withstanding. Achan at last confessed his sin gave glory to God Joshua7 19-21 . This was a divine proof that God does not err. I have however this one question would i be right to conclude that even though Achan and his family were stoned to death as a consequence of their sin Achan sin, they were at the same time forgiven based on Achan confession Joshua 7 19-21
  • Mary cofie on Joshua 7
    I think God said obedience is better than sacrifice so ww should obey
  • Chris s warnock on Joshua 7
    God told joshua to kill every man ,women, and child because they knew not of the living God but served other gods. If joshua would have only killed the men the children would have still grew up to hate God. Same as the flood and sodom. They had became so evil there was no hope for them. Achan was not killed because of stealing he was killed for his diobedients to God. There had to be an example of what happened to those who sinned against God. Just like when the church was started in acts chpt.5 Anninias and his wife sapphira held back from God and was struck dead. There has to be an example made or people will not respect the Lord.God is a loving just God, But he also brings down his wrath upon the wicked.
  • Bill on Joshua 7:11
    When Joshua was leading the children of Israel into the land of God s promise, they lost the blessing of God when Achan sinned against God. Joshua was burdened because they had lost God s blessing and he got on his knees. But, the answer wasn t prayer, the answer was obedience. God told him to stop praying and to deal with the sin.
  • Allenwilliams on Joshua 7
    Iam a young minister and achan did wrong he should not have taken what was God
  • Pastor P on Joshua 7
    It wasn 't the fact of stealing is why they were killed it was the fact of taking something that belong to God in chapter six he told them that the Gold and silver and the good should be brought to him meaning God for a sacrifice read Malicah 3 8
  • D.A. on Joshua 7
    Achan deliberately disobeyed God and put the children of Israel in jeopardy. There are consequences for disobedience to God. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God " Heb 10 Thank God for His mercy and grace to us all through His Son Jesus Christ.
  • Tim bright on Joshua 7
    Joshua 7 is a great chapter I 'm a young preacher its talking about if you look in the couple chapters before chapter 7 you will see the events leading up to this and in chapter 6 god himself told the children of Israel not to take anything win jerico was destroyed but acon did and that 's y he and his family was killed because he did what god told him not to then god told Joshua to kill acon god won 't bless over sin.
  • Charlie frank on Joshua 7
    i agree with mike how can you kill men women and children and not be punished but be punished for stealing a few objects very puzzleing to me the more i read the bible the more confused i get
  • Cristian morante on Joshua 7
    josh 7 is very interesting to me he shows how just he is and his truthfulness as soon as he was trespassed against he knew and demanded it be token care of like Jonah they were given clear directions in what to do but decided that it was not in accord to their own plans and views and did as they wish but the real thing is that he wasn t the only one to suffer 7 1 states his anger was kindled against Israel the people as a whole although punishment was to him his family and all his things after he confesses
  • Mike on Joshua 7
    I don t remember the 6th Commandment having any get out clauses Thou shalt not kill seems plain enough to me and it certainly doesn t state Thou shalt not kill except for Joshua and the Israelites clearly broke this commandment
  • West on Joshua 7
    its clearly a case of disobedience. As the head of the family, a man is supposed to make sure his children obey his words, just as we children of God are supposed to obey his words. Disobedience limits us. There is always a consequence for disobedience.
  • Luis on Joshua 7
    yes it would be considered murder but these people had sinned way over the top they had to be punished for their horible sins
  • Lourd Evangel on Joshua 7
    this is true thou
  • Arnold Makumba on Joshua 7
    Gods offfering n what iS His should not be tampered with.Even those who misues offerings in Church shall be cut off n condemned!
  • Popoola Olusola Joel on Joshua 7
    This shows that, GOD's eyes is too Holy to behold iniquity. If you don't want to be defeated by the enemies flee from any sin no matter how small or big it is. Sin is Sin. also I think someone should be contentment with whatever GOD has given him/her. greediness is high way to destruction..
  • Terry on Joshua 7
    he was like a general mcarthur in his day i shall return, he spied the land and returned and took the land, by Gods authority
  • Clint on Joshua 7
    A better translation would be do not murder!
  • Kathleen on Joshua 7
    I had the same question and concluded that HE meant that thou shalt not murder or take innocent blood. There is evidence throughout the OT of military campaigns i.e. nation against nation and even in the NT God said that this would be. Jesus also said that we should turn the other cheek if we are smitted on the right one but it appears He was talking on an individual level when we are taken by those in authority i.e. by the police as He was. In all cases we are called to love, so if one is in battle if a life can be spared you don't just take that life, that would be murder. I just saying...
  • Lane on Joshua 7
    just a ?,what does GOD mean by "thou shall not kill"?then Joshua goes out kills thru military campaigns,confusing
  • Sandra on Joshua 7
    This lesson was very inspiring for me to pay close attention to understanding the importance of obedience to God. In studying this lesson I find myself wrestling with the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eye and the pride of life. My prayer is that God will help me to overcome this sinful nature through the power of the holy ghost.

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