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  • Dr Serge TUECHEMD on Joshua 5
    The Holy Place here is That same Holy Ground in Exodus 3:1-5 and Wisdom of Solomon 12:3 and Acts 7:29-33!!! Which is MIDIAN thereof, which is Ethiopia in Habakkuk 3:7!!! And Psalms 7:1!!! So, The satr of David is FAKE as is FAKE the Patriarch GRAVE in Deuteronomy 34:5-6!!! Availaible on:
  • Emma on Joshua 5
    The mighty One in battle has proven to us time without numbers that the battle does not belong to us. The battle is the Lord's. So trust in Him, He will fight your battle for you. As He was with Joshua, so shall He be with His Children. verse 14 was a clear evidence of that. Praise the LORD Halleluja!!!
  • Emma on Joshua 5
    The mighty One in battle has proven to us time without numbers that the battle does not belong to us. The battle is the Lord's. So trust in Him, He will fight your battle for you. As He was with Joshua, so shall He be with His Children. verse 14 was a clear evidence of that. Praise the LORD Halleluja!!!
  • Jones Henneh on Joshua 5
    It gladden my heart to know firstly, that my enemy is dispirited because I have cross over.
    But what amazed me the most, is this awesome question asked, What do you see when you know your enemy is dispirited? He that is for you or against you?
    And finally, the heart of a true worshipper when he comes in contact with his savior, His heart cry is, what will you have me do?
  • Kengelmann on Joshua 5
    When Joshua sees the man with sword he asks the man if he is for them or he is for the adversaries. The man says 'as the captain of the host of the Lord I am now come". All I can say to that is Hallelujah!!
  • Crystal on Joshua 5
    I look forward to seeing more comments from everyone
  • BSP on Joshua 5
    Verse 12~the manna had been miraculously provided by Jehovah God to sustain his people in the wilderness and once the purpose is served was up, they no longer had to eat of it.
  • Joyce Joseph on Joshua 5
    As Captain of the Lord's host am I come. The presence of God was always with the children of Israel throughout their whole journey but at this point the Almighty God had to show Joshua that the Captain who was Jesus Christ himself was with with them.
  • Isaac on Joshua 5
    just like the israelites,we do also in Salvation,we go through the waters of baptism,and we are circumsised from the heart with the infilling of the Holy Ghost and the Lord Jesus Christ becomes our Captain and our finisher of our faith,thats why we stand in holiness in Jesus Christ ,thats why we go from victory to victory,thank you Jesus !!
  • Peter A. Okebukola on Joshua 5
    Now the battle for conquering Canaan is about to begin and the Lord is preparing His people (Israelites) to take the land He promised their forefathers. An angel who is one of the captains of the hosts of heaven has appeared (last verse) to lead the battle. He is a covenant-keeping God and One that fights our battles for us. We will win only if we obey His commandments and love Him wholeheartedly.
  • Irene123 on Joshua 5
    To Bekezela Dube on Pro. 6:16 says (KJV) - seven ARE an abomination unto Him .....; the word 'are' is inclusive, meaning ALL 7 are abomination unto Him. The word 'hate' here is the same meaning as abomination. The word abomination used at the end stresses the reality of the hate. God wants to make sure they understand that He's serious.
  • Bekezela Dube on Joshua 5
    The first step to take is to sanctify yourself. God says in the book of Isaiah " Your sins have separated you from me." In 2 Tim 2 he says " The sanctified are destined for his glory". The Glory of God is his fullness. Read also Proverbs 6v16, you will find 6 things that God hate and the 7th is an abomination. Fear God by obeying his WORD and you will become his friend like Father Abraham.
  • John Paradise on Joshua 5
    I love this, more grace be unto you. pls send me tips on how to get more closer to God.
  • Okey mourinho on Joshua 5
    To successfully stand in the presence of God, one should remove those things that are in close proximity to filthiness.
  • Adewale Adedotun Emmanuel on Joshua 5
    The appearance isn 't an angel 's it was Jesus Himself.
  • Chidi on Joshua 5
    I think that Joshua was a very good man of God 's Wills
  • Mavuto on Joshua 5
    My God Can Protect Us
  • Paul F, Boyer on Joshua 5:13
    Speaks as much to a Christians Life, as much as any country. Doesn 't matter what I think is right or what side is right, the Angels answer is compelling especially in todays world. God 's Word is True through ages eternity. No matter what Man does in his idea of right, one of many measurements of what men will reap is that Angels answer.The country 's or a mans answer or choice to that Angels reply is what they will reap. Oh that the choice would honor and live by that reply. Unceasing prayer till the Lord takes me Home.
  • Natalee Charles on Joshua 5:13
    Its very important that we be what God has call us to be. Joshua was a man of God and was also strong in his faith, so we like wise got to do the same thing when it comes to the gospel.
  • P linton on Joshua 5
    my GOD awesome,I Just love what my LORD can do
  • Anonymous on Joshua 5
    Joshua 5 13, Joshua saw a man standing before him when he lifted up his eyes in Jordan. He wanted to know, are you on the Lord side? Today we must know who we are dealing with for we must always do things deciently and in order to serve our God.
  • Apostle Ememobong Etukudo on Joshua 5:12
    God allowed the manna to cease . It signifies the end of the old chapter and opening of a new chapter.
  • Abraham Ogbegie on Joshua 5:15
    God was telling Josua to leave self and stand where he stands(holy). Until we're off our self the wall of Jericho will not be straitly shup up!
  • Shepherd on Joshua 5
    Joshau when he lifted up his eyes he saw the man with the draw sword. That man was the Captain of the Lord's host. That man was the Angel of the Lord (The pillar of fire), which is Michael the Archangel. Michael is the Lord Jesus Christ in the spiritual form. The Lord Jesus Christ is the King of kings the Lord of lords, the Bright morning star. He said somewhere in the scriptures, before Abraham was I AM. God bless
  • Helen on Joshua 5:12
    Manna ceased - a blessing taken away for another one to come. They ate the fruit of Cannan. Gods ways past finding out.
    Fruit of Cannan : Numbers 8:8 - it is a land of barley, vines, figs etc..
    Numbers 13:23-26 - God brought them to valley of Eschol to show the fruits of the land of cannan
  • Cornelius on Joshua 5
    Joshua showed a lot of confidence in his of duty and service. He was not dismayed by what was surrounding him but he hoped and longed for the Lord of host. And so should we do when people rise against us.
  • Mas on Joshua 5
    No, Joshua did not have just 1 foot. He had both his feet in perfect state. But the Bible say “the sole of your foot shall tread upon”, to simply mean everywhere you go. Because both feet do not tread on same ground, otherwise we would be jumping. But one foot treads a certain ground and the other another. So every ground each foot treads, that God gave Joshua, like He does with us also. And that is not to be taken literally only, it entails all life undertakings.
    God bless you.
  • CindyH on Joshua 5
    This verse shows us how important it is to know the people we are surrounded by. Are they for us or against us? Joshua was sure who he was serving, are we? Don't be afraid to stand for The Lord. Verse 13


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