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  • Victor on Joshua 4
    could any brother and sister help me understand:

    1. 12 tribes. which are those 12 here?

    2. 12 stones.

    Joshua Chapter 4:20 And those twelve stones, which they took out of Jordan, did Joshua pitch in Gilgal.

    Joshua Chapter 4:9 And Joshua set up twelve stones in the midst of Jordan..

    where are these 12 stone from? where were they setup?

    3. Joshua Chapter 3:4 Yet there shall be a space between you and it, about two thousand cubits by measure..

    how did they cross Jordan? can anyone help me to picture it?

    God bless you all!
  • Joan Bruno on Joshua 4
    Thank you. This story was placed on my heart to review all day, my regular fast day. I don't know why. God will reveal by His grace.
  • Jerry w vah on Joshua 4
    I really appreciate your question about the world of God
  • Jerry w vah on Joshua 4
    I really appreciate your teaching
  • Mishael on Joshua 4 - in Reply on Joshua 4
    Sometimes I put myself on snail speed because I want the Holy Spirit to show the mysteries. Joshua 4

    At this time, Moses has died and Joshua has been anointed to lead. JUST AS the Red Sea was parted (opened so people could pass through without getting wet), When the Egyptians were trying to kill them when Moses was alive.

    It has taken 40 years for the older (Egypt loving generation) to die. It was their unbelief that stayed in the desert with their burial places. As I've said often: God does not like MIXTURES. And I define that, as unbelief mixed with shaky faith; mixing godliness with worldliness.

    The priests carrying the Ark of the Covenant pause in the middle of Jordan. The people pass by to the other bank. The 12 men pick up a stone and carry it on their shoulder for To build a monument on the other side. After the people pass through, the priests then bear the Ark to the other side.

    I believe the statement "clean passed over" means that nobody's clothes or shoes got wet or muddy. The Mighty God held the water back; it says the water was standing vertical.

    That's a miracle Hollywood missed I guess. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I believe the best is yet to come.
  • Chris - in Reply on Joshua 4
    I believe you're right in your understanding with these two verses. There doesn't seem to be any other explanation as to when these other twelve stones were gathered from the Jordan to be pitched in Gilgal. So, I too, cannot see anything else to suggest differently.
  • PAT LAWRENCE on Joshua 4
    In Joshua 4 verse 9, Joshua set up stones in the midst of the Jordan where the priests stood, it says they are there unto this day, and they set up the stones in Gilgal, so there had to be two sets of stones the ones Joshua set up in the Jordan and the ones they took to Gilgal where Joshua pitched them in verse 20 of chapter 4. Am I right about this or what am I not seeing here.
  • Janice smith - in Reply on Joshua 4
    I truly agree with your statement. In Proverbs, God said to raise up a child in the way they should go and when they get old they shall never depart from him JESUS ! Amen!
  • Janice smith - in Reply on Joshua 4
    You nail your statement straight to the truth! AMEN AMEN! Keep studying God's Living Word!
  • Emma on Joshua 4
    Our God is mighty in battle. He decrees, no one cancels. As He was then, that's how He is now Heb. 13:8 Glory be to Him in the highest Amen.
  • Crystal on Joshua 4
    I think god wants us to learn the importance of keeping to his commandments
  • BSP on Joshua 4
    Verse 7~The Israelites were to pass down to their children the history of how Jehovah God took care of them and delivered them and this would help their children build faith and trust in God.
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus on Joshua 4
    Enjoying reading through the Bible in a year. Have been playing "catchup" for over a week now. That is ok. I love how the Israelites were told to teach their children by many means (monuments, feasts, days etc) about God and their deliverance.
  • Peter A. Okebukola on Joshua 4
    Mighty indeed is the Lord. There is no one like Him. As He parted Jordan and the Red Sea, He will part all challenges facing us but we have to trust, love and obey Him. God should give us the grace to serve Him with all our heart and soul.
  • KerryAnn on Joshua 4
    The stones is a reminder to human due to the fact that we often forget the goodness of God and turn aside to idols the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom let us teach our children the fear of the Lord and their days will be long upon the land with the Lord our God giveth thee
  • Jaison on Joshua 4
    Jesus Is Lord!!!
  • Jacqueline on Joshua 4
    Trust in God, He's our ROCK !!!
  • Sammy on Joshua 4
    Vs 14 Trust in God is one of the things which l hv learn.Joshua realy trust in God and He exalted him in the sight of Israel.May God make my trust to be like of Joshua.Amen.
  • Dewey J on Joshua 4
    Jack blue, I understand from the Scriptures in this chapter that it was a fact that the Jordan river over flowed. That being the worse time of the year for anyone or anything to attempt to cross and that GOD performed another miracle like the parting of the Red Sea should be our focus. And not that the author used form of communication or personification of the Jordan river. Glory be to GOD! Amen.
  • Jacqueline Agnes Jones on Joshua 4
    I believe that God want them to remember and not to forget what He have done and let there little one be told about what God had done when ask. Why are these stones here?Thay can tell was God who buy us out and a across the Jordan river. A stones for easy tribe of Israel. God want us not to forget some things. So we can glorify Him in our live to other.
  • David on Joshua 4
    our GOD is a powerful GOD.
  • Eaglesrock on Joshua 4
    Walking through Jordan river on dry ground after cleansing themselves was a type of water baptism just like when they walk through the Red Sea.
  • Peter on Joshua 4
    The last sentence is particulary moving for me : "That all the people of the earth might know the hand of the LORD, that it is mighty: that ye might fear the LORD your God for ever. " how was it that the writer of Joshua knew that Gods message would be spread over the Earth, not just the small area of Egypt and Canaan. It spoke to me directly today of God 's awesome power!
  • Insight 777 on Joshua 4
    This seems like a parable. Water is personified as male. The Jordan waters may be symbolic of people and not water at all. Verse 9 says that the 12 stones were set up in the midst of Jordan where they remain until today yet in verse 20 the 12 stones are taken out of Jordan and pitched in Gilgal. The 12 stones may represent the military power divisions of Israel. The military power of Israel exists even today and Jordan is aware of it. I think that Gilgal never was one specific area of land. I think Gilgal represents an organization that is moveable. Gilgal is the headquarters where military intel is given and received. Gilgal literally means circle of standing stones so that is where the commanders, of military divisions gather to receive orders.
  • Jack Blue on Joshua 4:18
    KJV what is the significance of the Jordan being referred to as in male gender flowed over all his banks .
  • Pastor Garnayee Bobby Smith on Joshua 4
    This book has really drives and encourage me of being a leader of God 's heart. I consider this this as the book of my heart.
  • Aba on Joshua 4
    Stones are very symbolic. it stands for firmness. That is the emblem of God. God is too real. please let put our trust and hope in the God of Joshu, for God said in Joshua chp 1 that we should fear not becuase HE is the ancient of days and the rock of ages. Amen to any one who put his trust in the LORD
  • JIM BEAN on Joshua 4
    Proverbs 22:28 �Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set." Proverbs 23:10 �Remove not the old landmark; and enter not into the fields of the fatherless:" THEY SET THE STANDARD BY GOD's COMMAND WE HAVE NO RIGHT TO REMOVE IT. TRUTH WILL STAND JUST AS A ROCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER.
  • Tim on Joshua 4
    Here's a concept...What if the stones represent sin. The Jordan will cover the stones (sin). Crossing the Jordan also represents a new beginning. What are your thoughts???
  • Mariah on Joshua 4:9
    The NIV has a footnote g, that says "Or Joshua also set up 12 stones"

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