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  • NOEL Bonaobra
    I know our beloved Almighty God a jealous God according to his massage on Jos. 23:16 that only Jesus Christ our God no one can bow any other Gods...I truly believe my only one I bow God is Jesus Christ is our savior, guidance and provider at all time we ask and knock him he will provide and openly as we liked. All trials we have now only Jesus can help us and will be solve ... "AMEN" ...........
  • Rupthurn
    They say Amen because men is higher than women, 2nd highest but yet not more needful than Jesus. For another reason, men is the leader of the household. Equality is useless and a big fake to say that the bible is wrong.. consider this useful.
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus
    Day 65 of Bible in a Year Reading. It is so interesting that as I read about the nation of Israel it is as if it is personified. Nothing new under the sun. Humankind is very fickle and paranoid when there is no faith.
  • April
    I do feel it's sad that churches are to be more to the spiritual aspect of GOD and his SON,but as we come to learn not every house is the same and not all are glorifying GOD,and the inquity of others will be on them individually but will be on the ones who lead them astray 2 they WILL have their blood on their hands,and I asure you NOONE will be LAUGHING,smiles will turn into tears and sorrow Amen
  • Gloria Dupree
    Praise the Lord of whom all blessings flow. Praise him all creatures here below. Praise him all ye heavenly home. Praise Father Son and Holy 👻 Amen. God bless!!! He keeps on blessing me. He keeps on blessing me over and over again. The Lord Jesus Chris is awesome and mercyful. I wandered in the wilderness just like the children of Israel did for fourty years but thank God for his grace and mercy.
  • Bjorn Bjorkman
    Jane I don't think lying about our state is going to help people. The truth is always the best way. God himself said he had seen that the people were a stiffnecked people. What the Church needs is people willing to say the truth and warn others. Unfortunately this isn't happening and those that might be saved if they heard the warning are being told smooth things instead of the truth.
  • Rupthurn
    I would consider every single state evil... we're all comprised of evil sins and evil thoughts. Therefore, if you shall be at the gates of Heaven, God shall not hear those things.
  • Jane
    At point of death Moses parting woods to Isreal was that he knew they will transgress because they are stiff necked , Jushua too has said same ..when ye have transgressed... So they transgressed. I feel our Pastors and parents should learn from this and prophesy positive even in the face of stubborness
  • Owen
    great love it ,the word cleave reminds me of genisis when the Lord said a man must leave mother andfather and be joined, to his wife, we might use the word cleave also , so that they may be one, just as Elijah and his servant
  • Brianna Wilson for verse 14
    This certainly is a faith strengthening scripture. Joshua had faith in Jehovah God's promise to deliver them! Today we can be sure that Jehovah will keep his promise to restore the earth to a paradise, and deliver his faithful ones.
  • Rupthurn
    If you mean such a thing, there's only one GOD. But there's multiple angels. More angels than possibly devils.

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