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  • BSP
    Verse 30-before attacking in war the Israelites living on the western side of the Jordan investigated the report they heard about the Israelites living on the eastern side. This kept them from acting hastily.
  • BibleFan
    whew! - this was a close call - a good lesson here is to not be too quick to mistrust people's intentions. Both sides harbored mistrust of one another - one thought the other was abandoning god - the other thought they were going to be cast off by their brethren
  • April
    Charlie frank:I understand what you are saying they did just REACT but I think that after all they have been through they were so scared that the inquity of this altar would DAMN THEM ALL,sin was to be kept out of these peculiar childrens lives,GOD chose them for this special gift and they did the first thing they thought they had to do,but it worked out in the end,thankfully,later some do stray..
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    The long and short of it all is to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all His ways, and to keep His commandments, and to cleave unto Him, and to serve Him with all our heart and with all our soul.
  • Irene123
    Joshua 22 is the perfect witness to Isa. 1:18: Come now, let us REASON together (instead of war).
  • Brianna
    Joshua 22:5 - I appreciate this verse at it shows that we should do our utmost to obey God's law. Today, people have disregarded God's laws b disobeying them, and then saying it's okay to do so because God loves you. NOT SO! This scripture encourages us to give our best to Jehovah God. We must worship with ALL our heart and ALL our soul.
  • There are many scriptures concening this one man. But not many knows who he is. the fact is he is yet to come and reveil what he knows.David will be his son not king David he is still waiting for his resurrection. his body is in ISREAL . the FACT is this man does have a son called David and also a son by the name Jesus . and all three are liveing now on this earth today.Matt.22:42 -45--- 11 SAMUEL 22:1-3 --- 11Samual 18 :18 11 Samual 7:11-28---Rev.1:5,8,4--- 2:17---4:12,1419:12
  • Charlie frank
    verse five joshua says keep the lords commandments and the law and to walk in his ways this is after they slaughtered thousands ofpeople i m puzzled why did t he tell them to follow the lords commandments before they attacked and killes all these people
  • the name of the altar is the name that the creater gave to moses ingraved in a rock reff deut.32 :i-4 this will be his name when the creater comes to earth as a man his name shall be called ed this confirms joshua 24:27

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