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  • Anne
    We learn in v.11 that Rahab believed in God and because of her belief, she and her household was promised salvation. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved, and thy house", Acts 16:31
  • BSP
    Verse 12~Rahab had great faith in Jehovah God and she showed her faith in his servants. She placed her and her family's life in God's hands.
  • Debra Bull
    Its all about God's amazing grace, his purpose and plans for our lives, at the appointed time He can and will change our lives, no matter how we started out, if we obey the day we here his voice it does'nt have to end that way, but will end in total victory, our God is sovereign!!!!

  • Lu2677
    Jack Ellington; Joshua 2:1. Scripture says she was a Harlot. V6. "She hid them in the stalks of flax." It doesn't say why the flax was there. It doesn't say she was a business woman, but it does say she was a harlot. The point of the story is that she protected them.
  • Jack Ellington
    In Joshua 2: 1 Here they call Rahab a harlot! Was she a harlot or was she a business woman? Because in Joshua 2:6 it says she hid them in stalks of flax she had laid in order upon the foof of her house.So if she had flax stacked on her roof she must have been a business woman of fine linen.Was she stereotyped? Because of this?
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    God can use anybody and anything to achieve His purpose, even a harlot. Even in our lives, all walls of Jericho can be demolished through the Mighty Hand of God through ways we cannot fathom. Stay at the centre of His Will and he will work miracles in your life. Praise Jesus.
  • Irene123
    Rahab in a church today; I was a 'Rahab', and several others in our church - and all the other saints love us and we all pray for each other and NO ONE'S past is EVER mentioned. It's just like the code of the old west - no one is asked of one's past. Just a few of us know of a very few's past. There are certain saints we feel comfortable in that way with; we help each other with our testimonies.
  • Irene123
    I've read this ch. many times, but just this time took notice of v. 10; Rahab says 'they' (her family) remember the Red Sea event. This had to have been told to Rahab as a child; she would be too old at this time to be in this 'lifestyle' still - or maybe not .....? Just as in Deut. God tells His people to read and talk of His word always, the Gentiles keep these stories alive.
  • Michael C.
    Tammy: So true! I have experienced very great kindness from the Lord, and from many of His servants and handmaids, along the way. But sometimes I've seen so much condescending and arrogance too. Jesus felt compassion for the crowds; and so should we, for the same reasons. When they were not able to receive the straight teaching; then He used parables, to reach them on a level they could relate to.
  • Tammy
    I think this particular passage serves as a great reminder for us all, we must be also mindful of the saving power of kindness. I acknowledge that Jesus is the only way that mankind can obtain eternal life, but there are moments in times when the Father will remember our sacrifices or ministries of help to bless our love ones. The power of kindness. How would Rehab be viewed in a church of today?
  • MLC
    If we handle God's people well God will deal well with us.
  • Minster Jackie Couch
    Let the Lord make a difference in your life so you can help some one else.
  • Mariah karey
    when JESUS says yes nobody can say noh!!for sure
  • Rogers jackson
    God is here to stop our enemy satan. Thank you for the scriptures. I found on facebook
  • Rogers jackson
    whenever we are,he still cares for us.
  • Zachary Labuda
    I love to study the bible I wish I wanted to go the bible school to understand it
  • Anonymous
    you don 't have to worry about today or tomorrow because god has a plan for us all. :
  • Antonio
    The presence of the Lord is with them.Jericho have heard about the great things that God has done for Israel.reading this chapter confirms that the presence of the Lord is with us when we have faith in what God will do. Amen
  • Sharon epps
    praise god for he is worthy to be praise amen.
  • Charles Hooper
    Rahab was a Harlot who helped the Israelites spy on Jerhico
  • Margaret
    Rahab believed in Almighty God and acknowledged his great and mighty works. She dealt kindly and truly with the spies Joshua set. God blesses us all in many ways. God is awesome. He blesses the good as well as the bad.
  • Bunmi
    Its always good to secure God s presence in our life cos Is the God of heaven the earth meaning when God be with us who can b against us even those that ought to hurt us halleluhai
  • Mike
    very encouraging book
    The Lord is his own interpreter, he can use an empty vessel to perform wonders, even the sinners can have the mercy of the Lord, because he doesn’t want anyone to perish but repent.
  • Ziarah
    God can use anyone to spread the word!
  • David faust for verse 14
    I love this verse. It is one of my treasures and I love God who could and would write it this way. If you look at it in the King James, you'll notice that the word "Our" is capitalized and is a plural pronoun. This plural possessive pronoun is describing the noun "life" which of course is singular. In this verse very clearly our Great Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is promising the Life of the Son as a propitiation to this lost prostitute some 1800 years before the Lord Jesus would actually enter the world. Praise the Lord. He sought me, and He bought me, with His redeeming blood! Just the way He did for this poor helpless sinner so long ago. Hallelujah! What a Saviour.
  • Howard
    The grace of God is sufficient to everyone.
  • Tosin
    It's amazing to know that rahab, non Israeli corporated with Israelites and. Shared the Gospel of God's testimony to them
    Sometimes, Mon Christians appear to remember God's testimonies than some christains who quickly forget God's past miracles in their lives.
  • Edison
    I to learn more about expository sermon which the best way to reveal the message of the Ultimate God.
  • Juanita
    In Joshua chapter 2,We find that GOD can use

    whom HE pleases.

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