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  • Charrisse Thompson - In Reply on Joshua 15:9 - 2 years ago
    God speaks of giants in the Old Testament Gen 6:4.
  • Dav47 - In Reply on Joshua 15:9 - 2 years ago
    There are no giants today! The dead in Isaiah 14:9 is the Rephaim the fallen that joined him and refused to be born of woman; the 7k already sentenced to die(Revelation11) because they refused to be born of women and take part in this age but instead left their 1st estate to seduce women just as Satan did starting with Eve..Nephilim-fallen ones; naphal=to fall = resulting in Giants- mix flesh women with fallen angels and the whole purpose of the flood of Noah for every flesh except Noah and his family were corrupted. Noah and his family were the only pure pedigree at time of flood. They are locked in chains in darkness awaiting judgement ( 2 Peter 2:4) where they can no longer intermix and will be loosed again for 5 months picking up where they left off as in the days of Noah giving and taking in marriage at the 6th trump. Their spirits can still entice and possess people as can Satan's but their true spirit bodies the Hebr. Ruach, the solid spirit can no longer traverse-de-facto, where they can seduce women and sire giants.
  • Streetpreacher - In Reply on Joshua 15:9 - 2 years ago
    Goliath of Gath, was the only giant I know of. Killed by a teen-aged David.

    I don't read the Apocrypha. The link is out on the RED LINK entrance page. It has more about giants, Chaldeans, and other occult believing peoples. I have no interest in it, because of my background.

    You can read it if it's important to you. I did Google " giant skeletons". I didn't see anything believable.
  • Ronnette on Joshua 15:9 - 2 years ago
    Are the giants exist today and not telling us?
  • Ren on Joshua 15 - 5 years ago
    @Don here is what I found-The Gihon Spring or Fountain of the Virgin in the Kidron Valley was the main source of water for the Pool of Siloam in the City of David, the original site of Jerusalem. Nephtoah opened, a fountain and a stream issuing from it on the border between Judah and Benjamin.
  • Sandy on Joshua 15 - 6 years ago
    And they are still fighting over Gaza and The Bible Says 47 Ashdod with her towns and her villages, Gaza with her towns and her villages, unto the river of Egypt, and the great sea, and the border thereof:
    That land was given to the Children od Israel.
  • DELORES on Joshua 15 - 8 years ago
  • DOFFOUR on Joshua 15 - 9 years ago
  • Don Johnston on Joshua 15:9 - 11 years ago
    I just wondered if the fountain of Nephtoah are the same as the Gihon springs; could that be possible?

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