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  • Raymond worlledge - In Reply on Joshua 12 - 1 year ago
    THANK YOU for your help,I should have known the answer to the question I asked you.

    Again Thank You and GOD bless you.
  • GiGi - In Reply on Joshua 12 - 1 year ago
    Hello, Ray,

    Manasseh and Ephraim were the sons of Joseph. Joseph died in Egypt and these two sons remained with the Israelites and produced generation upon generation along with the tribes of the other sons of Jacob. When the time of slavery was up and God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, led them for 40 years in the wilderness, and brought them into the promised land, the land was divided into allotments for each of the 12 sons of Joseph. Manasseh and Ephraim were each given an allotment of land- a double portion according to the blessing given them by Jacob. It seems that was given a portion that was divided into two separate parcels of land, therefore, half a portion-Bashan and Gilead east of the Jordan, and another portion on the west of the Jordan. See Joshua 17:1-18
  • Ray on Joshua 12 - 1 year ago
    Why half the tribe of manasseh
  • Stanjett - In Reply on Joshua 12 - 4 years ago
    I don't know what you mean by the one part. There were 31 kings. Maybe they started with the round number 30 and added the odd number 1, to that. Maybe like eggs. A dozen and a half. We know that's 18 eggs.
  • Edifyoneanother - In Reply on Joshua 12 - 4 years ago
    As a believer, our words are to glorify The Lord and being forth edification. The word you chose to use with respect to The Word, does not line up with The Word. Just because it was changed, the meaning remains the same. Psalms 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer."
  • 4UTH on Joshua 12 - 4 years ago
    Who else surprisingly repeated the entire chapter just to freak about the one part? There must be a specific reason to this.
  • CARL on Joshua 12 - 5 years ago
    each king had one country
  • A disciple on Joshua 12 - 6 years ago
    Dorothy; "..all the kings" each place, every city, had one king; thirty one kings. verse 24
  • Yomi Abubakar on Joshua 12 - 6 years ago
    Have not yet read Joshua 12 yet- therefore cannot share my own thoughts
  • Dorothy on Joshua 12 - 6 years ago
    Joshua 12 verses 9 -the end. each king had one. one what?
  • April on Joshua 12 - 7 years ago
    Shalome all,we may not have a specific person walking in front of us,this isn't brave heart lol,we have scripture,which I would like to add,although we have pastors we should still read GODS words and use our intellect and mouths to ask God for consideration,some people preach things that may actually go against what the word of GOD means or would like,we are not perfect in communication,GlORY TO GOD
  • KINGvictor on Joshua 12 - 9 years ago
    Moses was d leader of d children of GOD on his own to joshua now this our own time who is our leader
  • DOFFOUR on Joshua 12 - 9 years ago
  • Oye olayinka on Joshua 12 - 9 years ago
    Thirty one kings were defeated here by the children of Isreal. This is because God helped them. The numerous challenges we face in life is not above God. He is always there to help. God is a present help in times of trouble. Surrender the challenges to him today.
  • Oye olayinka on Joshua 12 - 9 years ago
    Pls correct the number of the kings to thirty one in my comment. Thanks.
  • Oye olayinka on Joshua 12 - 9 years ago
    Thirty kings were defeated here by the children of Isreal. This is because God helped them. It is only in God we can do valiantly.
  • Favour samuel on Joshua 12 - 10 years ago
    Joshua I call him hero of God, he even reached at the top flowing in the holy spirit because he obeyed God he was the afriend of God, I really learn from Joshua as to be obedient, Today God have given us Joshua and Moses as Joshua obeyed Moses's word during their generation , now this generation God has given us his ministers before us and he needs us to obey every word come from them because they are not them but God in them so that we may received the anointing upon them and blessing as Joshua received the anointing from mosses b'se he was humble servant of mosses, we need to serve our pastors first then God will fill full our calling.

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