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  • Suzanne on Joshua 1:8
    Ive just been reading through comments and questions etc ,im not a great typist so please forgive me ,there is so much i could and want to say but i will stick to main points ,first if english is your 2nd language you really need to read the Bible in your 1st language ,second i have been reading Bible 4 over 25yrs every day and i know ive read it all over 50 times ,u must read it all ,i am still learning and discovering new things in it ,u will not understand everything immediately ,it reveals itself slowly and all of it is neccessary and it interprits itself ,u must b very patient ,determined and persistant ,your faith grows with your understanding .God is love .
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Joshua 1:8
    Amen, well said Suzanne.
  • Jack Gutknecht on Joshua 1:8
    "God only wise, and great, and strong,

    Hath made the orbs to run their race: (Psalms 19:4-5)

    from the hymn:


    "To the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory for ever and ever." 1 Timothy 1:17

    [Charles Wesley (1707-1788)]

    Charles Wesley (1707-1788)

    Words: Charles Wesley, Hymns for Use of Families, 1767.

    Music: Mainzer, Joseph Mainzer, circa 1845 .

    Joseph Mainzer (1801-1851)

    God only wise, and great, and strong,

    Hath made the orbs to run their race:

    Knowledge and might to God belong,

    Honor, and majesty, and praise
  • Nelly vundamina on Joshua 1:8
    It is very important to meditate on God's word.

    And as we do that and Keep his word in our hearts as part of our daily life. He will make our ways prosperous and we will have good success.
  • Sid K on Joshua 1
    When I opened the book of Joshua, the first 18 verses of Ch 1 were displayed. After reading them I tried to read further: from v 19 onward. I could not figure out how to go further. Please let me know if you can read all the verses from this site. Thanks.

    If not, I will go back to the paper copy of my Bible, and use this site only to look up particular verses or phrases.
  • Admin - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Hello, there's an arrow at the bottom-right after the chapter to click on to go to the next chapter. You can also navigate to any chapter using the top navigation. God bless...
  • Sandra on Joshua 1
    As for me and my house we will search the lord
  • Daughter of Christ on Joshua 1
    "Be strong and of a good courage"- If you look throughout the bible, it always comes up!

    Like in Deuteronomy 31:6=Be strong and of good courage and in Daniel 10:19= And he strong and of good courage." And you can find it in other places throughout the bible.

    so if it isnt already obvious !BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE (especially with the corona virus going around) Who needs hand sanitizer when I have Christ?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Wash your hands and everything else you should do. Don't tempt God.
  • GOD on Joshua 1
    god loves you
  • Connie F on Joshua 1
    Do you think God asked Joshua to lead the people over the Jordan or did he tell him?
  • Chris - in Reply on Joshua 1
    I believe God told Joshua to take over the leadership.
  • Mary Jane Humes - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Connie, it was God's plan for His people to go over Jordan into the Promised Land. So Joshua led them into this special place.
  • Kevan - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Joshua had been faithful serving God under Moses, and God foreknew and planned for him to be a model / type / picture of the future Christ; in fact his name means salvation. He led Israel through the conquest of promised land, which was a picture of the life of a believer after salvation.
  • Obbie Beal on Joshua 1
    Time or The-Clock-of-Jehovah GOD required Moses to rest. We also should be conscious of Time or The-Clock-of-GOD as it relate to our personal life because any minute of any hour GOD can require us to rest or be ready to assume leadership as Joshua was given the responsibility of leadership. Leadership of at least 1 me,I, myself.
  • Freedomborn in Life... on Joshua 1
    Thank you for the Wonderful Verses you Post for us each day they Uplift me greatly and the Pictures that highlight them fit so well too. God tells us all Scripture is for our good regardless of whom they were Originally Spoken for so each day I have been very Thankful for His Loving Reasurence and Guidence during this Storm in my life. God Bless you All for your Faithfulness. Anne or Grannie Annie
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on Joshua 1
    God bless you Annie---Try 1Cor 10:13--hope this gives you more comfort. God will never leave you nor forsake you--Trust in the grace of our Lord.
  • Freedomborn in Truth*** - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Hi Ruben these are some of the Translation errors in other Bibles today Hebrew4:12-13 they have used the small particle -it- which changes the verses to mean the written word instead of Jesus The Living Word. They deleted half of Romans 8:1 but what they deleted is confirmed in verse 4 and in other Scriptures so it should never have been deleted. I will share more errors soon Ruben, Blessings -Annie.
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Anne- After study, Romans 8:1-39 - No condemnation v1- no condemnation- should read "who walk after the Spirit" it is repeated in v4 after completion. V2- The reason-due to the crucifixion discard the old man. V3-- Christ in flesh the new nature . V4- Law of Spirit ,righteous requirement, fulfilled. Old nature to New . This from the Strong's Concordance of the KJV.
  • Freedomborn - Set Free Now - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Yes Ruben as I shared some Translations but not the KJV have now changed Romans 8:1 by deleting part of it which they have done with other Scriptures or added words They need to Repent and put right the wrong they have done or they will reap Eternally Revelation 22:18-19 and this means changing any Part of the Bible to deceive it is full of Prophesy and was only One Book not like it is now - Annie
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Anne--I do not find the word "it" anywhere in Hebrews 4:12,13. Can't respond any other way. Please clarify. Thanks. Will have to check further Romans 8:1-4. I see v1 telling what is now and what was changed in vv 2,3, to be completed in v4. A change in application and not an error. I am going to check further for anything erred. This will make me study the Book of Romans.
  • Darrell Day - in Reply on Joshua 1
    The book of Romans is a good book
  • Freedomborn Now..... - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Hi Ruben the changes that I shared about with you are not in the KJV they are in other Translations including the it in Hebrews 4:12 I'm not refering to their latest Translations only the ones I was useing before I changed to reading the KJV The Cult Translations have changed wording again in some of their newer Translations and other well known Translations have done the same. Blessings -Annie.
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Thanks Anne--welcome to the KJV bible. Of all out there, I feel it is the most truthful to the manuscripts and God's word.
  • Freedomborn Eternally* - in Reply on Joshua 1
    It has been over 10 years Ruben since I started reading the KJV and I Thank God that His Truth was not changed in it But haveing read other Translations I do realise why some Christians become confused but not all Translation error was meant to deceive but some was and still is in Cult Translations even though one of their founders used the KJV but False Teachers changed it. God Bless You -Annie.
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Thank you so much Anne--I'll check these out maybe have questions about it --I want to understand as near fully as I can.
  • Freedomborn Eternally! - in Reply on Joshua 1
    Thank you Ruban,True we don't have to fear Satan's Temptations we seek God and when Satan also tempts us to reject The Lord which is the unforgivable Sin God protects our Souls Psalm25 and 32 and not One of us He knows as His Own will be lost We remember when Jesus was tempted to worship Satan He quoted Scripture God's Love shown in His Truth is Powerful. Blessings Brother in Christ Jesus -Annie.
  • Lakesha P on Joshua 1
    I love the spirit of Joshua. He was determined to follow God from a young age. I like how the Bible describes him and Caleb of "having a different spirit". It is obvious by his actions of obedience that he was a man of great courage, as instructed. Faithful to the end as I'm sure his wife was and of strong character.
  • Dayo Joseph Olufe on Joshua 1
    What a true servant is Joshua! God give me the heart of obedient to your commandments like Joshua minister of Moses, Joshua 8:1
  • Jane on Joshua 1
    Joshua was very obedient to the word GOD and no wonder God gave him success

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