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  • Jane
    Joshua was very obedient to the word GOD and no wonder God gave him success
  • Kersh
    I love how Joshua did not exhalt himself above Moses' ways of leadership Joshua built upon Moses' leadership skills and used Moses prophetic words from the Lord to remind God's people of God's promises. Hence, the people honored Joshua and vowed to protect follow his commands the same way that they have obeyed the voice of Moses.
  • Opiyo james
    I was really encouraged at tell me that the word of GOD Will remain the same it will never change.stay BLESS
  • Ivy Johnson
    God: willing: able:use anybody: death of Moses: LORD’s Servant:LORD spake unto Joshua: go over this Jordan: Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you:as I said unto Moses: Inheritance mapped out: tribes of Israel! Moses: crossing of the Red Sea: Joshua: Jordan's Crossing: Walls of Jericho: Me
  • Ivy Johnson
    God: Loving: Kind: Forgiving: Moses couldn’t take: Children of Israel: Promised Land: God used him: Mount of Transfiguration: People would think: God finished with Moses: Man: impeccable character: grace: integrity: compassion: courage: what a task:How could I cope? all these people: murmurings: disobedience: unhappy:Christians: trials come:
    Disappointments: heartaches: tend go back to Egypt too
  • Gwendolyn Roberson
    I receive the encouragement it gives. I feel the scriprure...Joshua 1:8 Tells us to remember to meditate on the Word of God day in and day out. That is where your strength and courage in whatever you do comes from.
    Joshua believe and trust God...I really like this encourages me this morning even with a clearer understanding..thank you...if jesus say do it then do it
  • Ivy Johnson
    God was telling Joshua to be strong, and of a good courage. Joshua mighty man of God. Obedient to God and Moses. God was preparing him to take over from Moses. Both God and Moses could rely on him. The people recognized that God was with him, they were not putting up with any form of rebellion. People would be put to death. Rahab and the spies. They kept their word. She is in the genealogy. Amen.
  • Stanjett
    be strong and of a good courage. The people told Joshua. God told him the same thing three times.
  • Y. Thomas
    I thank you Jana E, 's. the scriptures on 2014 -03-22 10:46:53" I can relate to this you brighten my day God Bless You
  • Timothy Abidoye Oyedele
    v 1 - no matter the power or anointing death is inevitable for man
    v 2-4 faithfulness of God is everlasting and transferable
    v 5-9 to achieve God's purpose there are 2 conditions - obedience, courage/inner strength
    v10-15 in our comfort we must support brethren who are yet to achieve success
    v 16-18 to achieve group objective we need focused leadership and committed/supportive followership
  • Yvette
    I love the promises, b thou strong. Have not command u that I will never leave u not forsake u I will all ways b with u where so ever u go.
  • BSP
    If Jehovah God has commanded us to do something we need not be afraid. He promises to be with us to help and strengthen us.
  • Ebenezer
    Obedience to God's instructions is the key to succeed in leadership. We are to lead people from where they are, to where God has prepared for them.
  • Nathan Meke
    Joshua the God chosen leader who led the Israelites with patient through to the promise land
  • Elizabeth RS
    God has given us commandment in his word on how to govern ourselves accordingly and " HE WILL " until the day he return, fullfil it. In this 1st chapter of Joshua he give some instructions to follow and assure us of his promise to reward us according to our actions to perform in obedience.
  • Theresa
    It's amazing to me and a bit scarring to know God COMMANDED us (thru Joshua) to have courage and not fear, BUT WE DO! Is it because V8.. NOT meditating on the Word!!' (day and night) Selah
  • Chinyere
    Joshua is great inpiration to me as a child of God. His dedication and unwavering support to Moses earned him the choice of God to lead God's people into the promised land after the death of Moses.
  • Godson
    Joshua was a man courage and unwavering faith a man who know the power of GOD, power in spoken word,he commanded the sun to stand still it was done.
  • Emezi Innocent
    Only the word of God is 'yes' and 'amen'. We shall inherit all our possessions in Jesus name.
  • Tony Ekanem
    The book of the law is the word of God. We are commanded not to allow it depart from our mouth. The word of God must be meditated upon all the time. It is in doing this that we make our way prosperous and have good success. Our prosperity and success in life depends our been strong and courageous to keep the word of God all the time
  • April
    Shalome,I was queit sad to read Moses passed,I was so happy for Moses when God shewed his Grace by shewing Moses the Land he was leading his children to,I cried in rejoice when I read that and said Thank You to GOD,I cried when Moses passed,I have been going on this journey with them all,he was blessed to have such prolonged days,now we know they will forsake GOD in his passing,how sad,peace be2U.
  • Peter A. Okebukola
    Joshua has been empowered by God to lead the Israelites on the last lap of their 40-year journey from Egypt to the Promised Land. It is a honour to serve the Lord.
  • Ephraim
    Joshua is a of obedient he takes institutions so he is a mighty man
  • Sylvia
    "Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him" Amen!
  • Babs
    Linda, when one use's someone else's words, one should give the person [you heard use the words ] the credit, I too heard him say that in his [yesterday] Lord's Day message! - I intend to read those verses ch 1, 1 to 9 Lord willing all this week
  • Cal
    This mean that he is always with us.
  • Mrs.Understood
    Amen Lord correct us we welcome your discipline Thank you!
  • Evg Juliet
    Trust and obey the Lord our God. Whatever He says He will do, that is what He will do. That is why He is called Jehovah. Be steadfast in the Lord. May His will be done in Jesus name amen.

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