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Comments for Joshua 24:15

3/25/2021, 1:38pm by "KENN": I serve a living God. Amen!

9/14/2015, 2:22pm by "yusuf A kundi": Joshua knew and believed that god is the only saviour and the only light of his house. that is why he said, as for me and my house, we will serve the lord. thank u.

9/01/2015, 7:41am by "MockingBird": As for me and my house : also , we will serve the Lord : This is a daily choice : Every day we have to make a choice : God gave us a free will : He wants us to want to serve and love Him : I make the choice to love and serve Him : Praise God forever more : I love Him more now that when I first started out with Him : He is sooooo Goooood to me : God is Good God !!!!!

9/01/2015, 5:53am by "debbie d": Whether big or small one or two it is my declaration today and to my ends time. me and my house will serve the one any only True God .Jehovah.

7/27/2015, 1:36am by "Uju": The people of Israel kept playing the harlot with other gods and Joshua must have been so moved to tears by their actions and was brought to the state of making the proclamations of the Joshua 24:15. Well on behalf of my family, I join Joshua in proclaiming that me and my family will serve the living God in Jesus name Amen.

12/19/2014, 3:27am by "Brianna": A very powerful scripture that brings honor and glory to the one and only true God. However, it is upsetting to read these other translations that mask God 's name with "LORD ". That takes away the power behind Joshua 's word all together. He was allowing individuals to choose if they would serve the false gods of their day such as BA 'al or would they serve the only true God, Jehovah.

6/04/2014, 11:02am by "okafor": Joshua chose for himself and his family the ONE and only TRUE GOD who has brought them from slavery to the promise land by his Mighty power. To HIM the I AM all worship be forever. Amen.

6/04/2014, 7:51am by "MockingBird": Every morning I wake up I make the decision to serve God. I choose Jesus. At first I didn 't because Jesus chose me first then after I accepted His calling I started choosing Him. Sometimes the road is rocky but my Lord didn 't promise me a hammock to rest in. There is no other god like The God of heaven and earth. Jesus I choose you. I choose to live the abundant life.

6/04/2014, 5:12am by "dharam": As true believers we must choose to serve God diligently and also get rid of every form of idolatry from our lives. Remember an idol is anything that we allow to take the place of God in our lives.

6/04/2014, 4:45am by "Toni": God sets before us two ways life or death blessing or cursing. He tells us to choose this day. Deuteronomy 30 19 . Every person must decide what they will do with Jesus. There is no riding the fence. Either we will accept God 's free gift to the world and follow Jesus, which means giving up the world and its idols, but gaining spiritual freedom and life eternal. Or, we will reject that chief Cornerstone and continue in sin and worldly pleasures that will lead to damnation eternally. But one way or the other, every man, woman and child, must choose the path they will take on this journey of life. Like Joshua said, as for me and my house, I will serve the Lord. It 's good to serve the Lord. It 's peace. It 's joy. It 's truth. It 's light. It 's health. And it 's life. What will you decide?

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