Joshua 19:14 MEANING

Joshua 19:14
(14) Hannathon (Kefr-'Andn, sheet 9) is the northeast corner of the boundary. The valley (ravine) of Jiphthah-el (God's opening) seems to be the gorge running south-west from the north of Hannathon towards the plain.

Verse 14. - Compasseth it. The verb נסב is here used transitively. The meaning is that the border makes a curve round the city of Neah. Neah seems to have been the extreme eastern border. Methoar is supposed to be the Pual participle, and has been freely translated, "which is marked out," or, "which belongs to," Neah. But the passage is obscure. Knobel could alter the reading, in view of the grammatical difficulty. Yet this, perhaps, is not insuperable in view of Joshua 3:14 (see Gesen, 'Grammar,' sec. 108, 2. c.). Valley. גֵי. (see note on Joshua 8:13; 15:8). So in ver. 27.

19:10-16 In the division to each tribe of Israel, the prophetic blessings of Jacob were fulfilled. They chose for themselves, or it was divided to them by lot, in the manner and places that he foresaw. So sure a rule to go by is the word of prophecy: we see by it what to believe, and it proves beyond all dispute the things that are of God.And the border compasseth it from the north side to Hannathon,.... This is the northern border of the tribe, which took a circuit from the last place to this; of which and the following place we have no account; Jerom only makes mention of them as in the tribe of Zebulun:

and the outgoings thereof are in the valley of Jiphthahel; here the northern border ended, which, Masius conjectures, was part of the valley of Carmel.

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