Joshua 15:61

“In the wilderness, Betharabah, Middin, and Secacah,”

King James Version (KJV)

Other Translations for Joshua 15:61

ΒΆ In the wildernesse, Beth-arabah, Middin, and Secacah,
- King James Version (1611) - View 1611 Bible Scan

In the wilderness: Beth-arabah, Middin and Secacah,
- New American Standard Version (1995)

In the wilderness, Beth-arabah, Middin, and Secacah,
- American Standard Version (1901)

In the waste land, Beth-arabah, Middin, and Secacah;
- Basic English Bible

-- In the wilderness: Beth-Arabah, Middin, and Secacah,
- Darby Bible

In the wilderness, Beth-arabah, Middin, and Secacah,
- Webster's Bible

In the wilderness, Beth Arabah, Middin, Secacah,
- World English Bible

In the wilderness: Beth-Arabah, Middin, and Secacah,
- Youngs Literal Bible

In the wilderness: Beth-arabah, Middin, and Secacah;
- Jewish Publication Society Bible

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Wesley's Notes for Joshua 15:61

15:62 City of salt - So called either from the salt sea, which was near it; or from the salt which was made in, or about it.

15:63 Inhabitants of Jerusalem - For though Jerusalem was in part taken by Joshua before this; yet the upper and stronger part of it, called Zion, was still kept by the Jebusites, even until David's time; and it seems from thence they descended to the lower town called Jerusalem, and took it so that the Israelites were forced to win it a second time; yea, and a third time also: for afterwards it was possessed by the Jebusites, #Judg 19:11 2Sam 5:6|,7. Could not drive them out - Namely, because of their unbelief, as Christ could do no mighty work, because of the peoples unbelief, #Mark 6:5|,6 Matt 13:58, and because of their sloth, and cowardice, and wickedness, whereby they forfeited God's help. The children of Judah - The same things which are here said of the children of Judah, are said of the Benjamites, #Judg 1:21|. Hence ariseth a question, To which of the tribes Jerusalem belonged? It seems probable, that part of it, and indeed the greatest part, stood in the tribe of Benjamin; and hence this is mentioned in the list of their cities, and not in Judah's list; and part of it stood in Judah's share, even mount Moriah, on which the temple was built; and mount Sion, when it was taken from the Jebusites. To this day - When this book was written, whether in Joshua's life, which continued many years after the taking of Jerusalem; or after his death, when this clause was added by some other man of God. But this must be done before David's time, when the Jebusites were quite expelled, and their fort taken.

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