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  • Chris - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Hello Don. We're not told exactly where Jonah was when he received the Word of the LORD, but we do know that he was originally from Gathhepher ( 2 Kings 14:25). This town is difficult to locate (if you're trying to place it on a modern map), as the name & maybe the town itself has since long gone. But from my old maps, it was located west of the Sea of Galilee (formerly, Sea of Chinnereth). When Canaan was divided amonst the twelve tribes, this town was a part of Zebulun's heritage & later was in the area of Galilee, in Jesus' Days.
  • Don Swaringen on Jonah 1
    Is Jonah's home town or area known? Chapter 1 verse 3 says he went down to Joppa, but where was he when he received the call? thank you
  • GiGi again - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Hi Debra,

    I was just reading about this last night. Oannes was the name of the pagan god of freshwater, originated as Enki in Sumer at the time shortly after the flood.
  • Debra on Jonah 1
    Berossus gave account in ancient greek about a half fish half man named Oannes that taught the Babylonians about language math writing building growing food. It makes sense when they heard that Jonah had been vomited out of a fish and gave them warning that they should change their ways or die they were ready to head the advice. The fish was God's plan all along.
  • English sacha - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Dear Eric , I'm happy to read your post , none of us are ever out of God's sight for one second , that is a truth that sometimes makes me ashamed of myself because I know that God sees all my sinfullness but mostly that's a truth that comforts me enormously . I was brought up I wouldn't say poor but there wasn't extra cash for any luxuries and my parents were the kind of people who probably shouldn't have had children . Everything , absolutely every good thing you have , your food your clothes your shelter the good people in your life are blessings and gifts from God . He sustains you , physically mentally emotionally . I think you are a young man , I'm in my mid fifties , as you get older and look back on your life and the different ways it could have gone , the choices you made , the paths you didn't take you will truly know that : All things work together for good to them that love God . Stick with Him Eric , He will never steer you wrong .
  • Eric Lopez on Jonah 1
    I was shocked Jonah disobey God and flee from him, but God intervenes from being fled.
  • Leo Alifi on Jonah 1
    Interesting how recently Isis were doing their worst in the same wicked land of Niniva .

    Also type of Jesus , who was not afraid of the tempest. Jesus was also sleeping during the storm and the sailors were afraid, waking up Jesus to ask him the same question " don't you care that we perish "?

    Jesus wasn't worried because he was able to break up the storm with a single command. Jonah only had to obey his God, and finish the job that was set before him.

    It is better to obey the Lord your God from the start.

    In thee oh Lord do I put my trust, let me never be afraid. The Lord is our rock and our fortress. We put our trust in thee.
  • Ron Colyer on Jonah 1:7
    God can use many things to get our attention and here he used a superstition to point His will.
    I enjoy reading the bible
  • Mishael - in Reply on Jonah 1
    "To divination and casting of lots, they pay attention beyond any other people. Their method of casting lots is a simple one: they cut a branch from a fruit-bearing tree and divide it into small pieces which they mark with certain distinctive signs and scatter at random onto a white cloth. Then, the priest of the community if the lots are consulted publicly, or the father of the family if it is done privately, after invoking the gods and with eyes raised to heaven, picks up three pieces, one at a time, and interprets them according to the signs previously marked upon them.

    Divination is OCCULT and carries a death sentence.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Not sure but I think it goes like this: 10 sticks with only one differant color than the others, hold all in one hand with the colored stick in the middle, let go and the colored stick points to the person in a circle. He is chosen for what purpose, I dont know. for something they agreed to , I would guess.
  • Voice golden4Him on Jonah 1
    What does it mean to cast lots? How is it done?
  • Queen bb on Jonah 1
    you should always follow god so you can help others and it might even be a angel you are helping
  • Chris - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Patricia, "the great fish" that God prepared to swallow up & accommodate Jonah would most likely be a mammal (like a whale, having no gills but lungs to breathe). So it is conjecture on my part, to think that whenever this fish came up for air, we have Jonah also taking in the oxygen simultaneously. Now, since a whale doesn't come up for air that often, one would think that there might have been sufficient oxygen in the fish's body to keep Jonah alive until the next inhalation.

    And yes, God had a great part in keeping his rebellious prophet alive in the fish, if for nothing more, than sustain him without food & water & to comfort him in his extraordinary surroundings.
  • Patricia - in Reply on Jonah 1
    How did Jonah breath in the whale belly? I assume that God kept him alive to do his will.
  • Bayardo Guevara - in Reply on Jonah 1
    He almost....did so for it's when you're lost than you're found, it's when you die than you're resurrected- and alive-in-christ .....! amen!
  • Watchman in Spirit - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Jonah knew he had done wrong and told them to throw him Overboard but God sent the Whale to Rescue him.We will reap the Evil we Sow this is our choice but its Gods Disapline so we will come to our Senses like the Prodical Son did and what a Wonderful Welcome Home. Satan puts us to the Test seeking for us to reject God and Worship him and uses his followers to hurt us too. In this fallen World we will also have hardship but God is Love and because He knows us as His own He Protects our Soul and not One of us will be lost. He also tells us in Lam3:33 He Doth Not Afflict Willingly nor Grieve the Children of Men. When God tests us its with Opertunities to Walk in The Fruit of The Spirit; Gal5.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Jonah 1
    I ran away and the Lord had to almost kill me to get my attention.
    Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
  • Adam - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Many of us try to run from God and that doesn't work out too well.
  • Adam - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Good point!
  • Margaret rees - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Yes I know that. My point was that everyone seems to think that the book of Jonah is more about the Whale, or fish as the Bible says. Thank you for answering my question. God Bless you.
  • Golden eagle on Jonah 1
    Pssst, over here looks both ways Jonah represents YOU. All of us!
  • Golden eagle on Jonah 1
    Jonah Chapters 1 & 2 Old Testament(God's law), Chapter 3 Resurrection, Chapter 4 New Testament(God's grace) & spread the word : )
  • Golden eagle - in Reply on Jonah 1
    Nailed it!
  • YoRick - in Reply on Jonah 1
    God said that he would turn a blind eye if Lot could find as few as 10 righteous people. At the day of wrath God said get your family and go: sons at least 2 daughters at least 2 that we knew were virgins wife, yourself, sons in law at least 2 also implies at least 2 NON-VIRGIN daugthers . Lets add that up: Including himself--2 2 1 1 2 2 10. Even THEN Lot only got 3 to leave with him.
  • Ronnie R on Jonah 1
    Jonah's attitude parallels the prodigal son's older brother, and typifies the jealous attitudes of many who hope for the punishment destruction of those who do not agree with them.
  • Jen Howard - in Reply on Jonah 1
    The difference was repentance. God saved the people of Nineveh from the consequences of their own choices because they heard His word through the prophet and believed. They and their leader desired the mercy and grace of God more than they desired to continue in their carnal ways. They allowed the word and will of God to refine them, instead of rebelling against it.
  • Vanessa on Jonah 1
    I would like to think God chuckled when he did this, Johans was stubborn he showed him, he's a good God, it all ties in with Jesus as well, he calmed the sea's , he was in the ground 3 days , you can see Peter here, lack of faith walking on water and sinking
  • Vanessa on Jonah 1
    Jonah didn't want them to repent why he refused to go, he didn't want them to be saved, he didn't like them, he would have perished then do the will of God , but God's will is his alone and it shall be done Amen
  • Maggie on Jonah 1
    I think the main lesson for us all in the story of Jonah is that we cannot run from God. God's will must be done one way or another.

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