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  • JOSEPH on Jonah 1
    We are taught that for storms in our lives to be calmed, we need to let go Jonah. For in the New Testament, Jesus just like Jonah, was sleeping in the boat as well, but his disciples were not, the storm came as they were crossing to the other side. For their storm to be calmed, they had to call on Jesus, who at the time of the storm was sleeping in the boat they were in.
  • Katherine Barrett on Jonah 1
    I think the people of Nineveh were taking too much from the sea. I think Jonah did not want to see what he found there.
  • Latrelle on Jonah 1:16
    Men, gentiles sacrificed Jonah, throwing him out of the boat. Jonah feared the LORD and started praying, even the gentiles that were in the boat started praying the God of Jonah, after they threw him out of the boat. So the mariners witnessed the storm has ceased, so they vowed and started praying.
  • William opare on Jonah 1
    I think Jonah was afraid of the people at Nineveh.
  • Munyiala on Jonah 1
    Jonah knew he cannot hide from the face of God, but he still tried and God’s will had to be fulfilled through him.
  • Traceywright on Jonah 1
    It simply illustrates the point that there is no one or no place where you can go or hide from God and the importance of obedience to the command of the Lord. I would that the whole world would become obedient to avert the impending judgment and all pertaining to it.
  • Jocelyn on Jonah 1
    I think that Jonah could have saved himself from the anguish and suffering that he endured, if only he had been obedient to God and his assignment that God assigned to him. I think that Jonah was strategically chosen by God to preach to Nineveh, because Jonah could have delivered to that city just what his name means, peace. I think that the reason Jonah decided to be obedient is because he realized that he could run from God, but he definitely could not hide.
  • André on Jonah 1
    All such assumptions come when we ‘’…err, because ye(we) know not the scriptures, neither the power of God’’.
    The realities Jonah faced, and how such realities cannot fit with our sense knowledge; not only Jonah, but so many others like Daniel in lions’ den, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego in the burning fiery furnace, and so many others… are part of ‘’things which God hath prepared for them that love him.’’ 1 Corinthians 2:9. And very fortunately, you can also love God and share such things.
    God bless you.
  • Peter on Jonah 1
    Andre - Lucky enough for Jonah. Even though it is bad enough to be covered in fish vomit, I guess it beats the other possibility. By the way, how did Jonah breathe ? I guess God provided air using his super powers. Did he also provide some crossword tablets so Jonah wouldn't get bored ?
  • Picklos on Jonah 1
    The first chapter of Jonah teaches us not go against the will of God. He was sent to preach but decided to go his way. Since God had agenda for him, He (God) sent him still to the right direction. Basically the book of Jonah points out Jesus mission from heaven.
  • André on Jonah 1
    Jonas 2:10 says ‘’And the LORD spake unto the fish, and it vomited out Jonah upon the dry land.’’
    God bless you.
  • Peter on Jonah 1
    When Jonah left the whale, which end did he come out of?
  • Kolawole on Jonah 1
    Jonah think he can trick God as a man of dubious character,but God understanding is what man cannot define.Let us start or continue fearing God always in our dead.Nigerian's fear God
  • Susan on Jonah 1
    Because of God'S Mercies we are not consumed.Even with jonah rejection to go to nineveh.God showeth mercy.I pray for his mercy upon my life and whoever come across this comment.
  • Latty on Jonah 1
    Even though Jonah was tossed over board he was still under the protection of God. God said in is word he will never leave us are forsaken us. We serve a might big god, he can do what know one else can do he is the extraordinary God that's why i serve him and love him.
  • Irshad on Jonah 1
    Jesus said the sign of jonah is my sign."as jonah was 3 days and shall the son of man be(refering 2 himself) 3days and 3nite" Now m asking u brethren how was jonah in the fishes belly DEAD or ALIVE? Answer is He was ALIVE. How was jesus in the tomb DEAD or ALIVE? Your answer is he was DEAD.did jesus fulfiled what he hd profesied? Dear frnds think over it.
  • Mom on Jonah 1
    Being out of God's will is a bad place to be!
  • Kp on Jonah 1:17
    Could this fish that ate jonah been the giant blue whale? Think that fish big enough to shaollw a man without having to chew him.
  • Frank on Jonah 1
    There is more to Jonah than meets the eye:
    Please do a Google Search for:
    "bereansearching wordpress Jonah"
    and the first hit will take you to a blog with an exposition on Jonah that provides insights that most people have never heard before.
  • Bonita on Jonah 1:15
    was jonah dead ?
  • Joe glascock on Jonah 1
    As we look at this we see there's quite a bit going on, so to start off, Jonah is fleaing from God's presence because he has several issues when it comes to the Ninevites, 1. the Ninevites have been known to capture and torture the Hebrew people to death and sacrifice them to their fish god Dagon. 2. Jonah is not only affraid for this reason, he also has deep seated hatred for them because they have probably killed alot of his family and friends.
    Also as you follow this, you'll notice that as it progresses Jonahs life now takes a downward spiral from the moment he gets on board the ship, he goes down into the ship, which is headedto southern Spain (Tarshish)(downward), while the crew who are expert seamen, are doing everything they can to make safe passage through this storm of which they have never seen the likes of.
    Every one but Jonah has prayed to their god, and is affraid of this Storm, so the crew realizing this confront him about it, and he informs them that he is a hebrew and that this storm is because him, and they should cast him out of the ship in order to stop the storm.
    Of course these seamen have heard of the the hebrew God, Jehovah and know how his reputation, so they later toss Jonah out, causing the storm to cease, an example of Gods perfect timing and miracles.
    At this point, most fish are in the bottom of the sea due to the storm, except for the one that God has prepared which swallows him up, and calms the sea at the moment Jonah hits the water.
    Jonah was in the belly for 3 days and 3 nights , because thats how long it's taking Jonah to come to his senses, and eventually live up to the vow he made to God as a prophet in training.
    Ofcorse at this time God is trying to show Jonah, or get him to realize who he should be more affraid of, God, or the Ninevites.
    At this time, for jonah to preach to the Ninevites, is like someone going to Berlin and preaching Judaism during WW2, or preaching Christianity in iraq today, and that's why Jonah is terrified of them!.
  • Rose on Jonah 1
    jonah was under God protection even when the fish swallow him up it means it better for us to obey his commandment as he instruct us jonah move to the land of nineveh.There after we receive blessing from him.
  • Jeff carter on Jonah 1:3
    this scripture also teaches us not to let some in your home,your life, or even your church without learning something about them. when jonah got to joppa he paid his fare and got on the boat with no questions ask, their concernes at that time was the fare. when the trouble began they wanted to know then, who was his people, where was he from, and where he worked. just maybe if they had asked some questions from the start, they would have saved them selves some problems.
  • Nathalia perez on Jonah 1
    it is funny awesome and you can really learn something about God in this book
  • Shirley on Jonah 1
    We are studing Jonah in our Bible Study. Someones question last week was when the fish spit Jonah out, what land was he in.
  • Terry W. Nash on Jonah 1
    I think that the most powerful part of the story of jonah was the point where he had to fess up to the mariners. Whats so amazing about that is how you can affect the people around you when you run from God. These mariners got the scare of their lives in a situation that had nothing to do with them but someone who was amongst them. i look at that and say we can affect our families and friends when we turn and run on God. just a very powerful story.

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