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  • YoRick - in Reply on Jonah 1
    God said that he would turn a blind eye if Lot could find as few as 10 righteous people. At the day of wrath God said get your family and go: sons at least 2 daughters at least 2 that we knew were virgins wife, yourself, sons in law at least 2 also implies at least 2 NON-VIRGIN daugthers . Lets add that up: Including himself--2 2 1 1 2 2 10. Even THEN Lot only got 3 to leave with him.
  • Jen Howard - in Reply on Jonah 1
    The difference was repentance. God saved the people of Nineveh from the consequences of their own choices because they heard His word through the prophet and believed. They and their leader desired the mercy and grace of God more than they desired to continue in their carnal ways. They allowed the word and will of God to refine them, instead of rebelling against it.
  • BSP on Jonah 1
    In verse 9 I really appreciate how Jonah openly confessed his wrong. He took responsibility for his wrong actions.
  • Lucille on Jonah 1
    What's can we learn from Jonah life is not to be Disobedient, unfaithful, stubborn, proud, and altogether bad-tempered, cantankerous,old curmudgeon
  • Sandy C on Jonah 1
    There are a lot of Jonahs out here and we all can learn from his mistake( The word of God tells us that Obedience is better than sacrifices) it explains to us in the book of Galatians that u will Reap what u sew ! And Jonah knew what he had done,he wanted to see if he could get away with it But God was waiting to meet him at his Arrival,u can always run But u can't hide from your Maker.
  • Irene123 on Jonah 1
    When witnessing to souls we need the gift of discerning of spirits, 1 Cor.12:10. To acquire these gifts we must be saved in Jesus' way, Acts 2:38, not our way as just simply saying the words of Rom. 10:13 (14-16). "... calling on the NAME of the Lord ..."; the man of God who baptizes you uses the words of Acts 2:38, Just as Jesus said in Matt. 28:19 "... in the NAME of ..."
  • Linda owami ncube on Jonah 1
    Jonah knew he had done something wrong '' he rose up and fled to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord, the mariners were afraid and cried to their Gods but Jonah remained fast asleep, HE somehow knew he was the cause of the tragedy that had befell them on the chrisian we should learn to be truthful to ourselves, always know that no man can hide from God, or his presence...
  • Michael Paul Vines on Jonah 1
    I have fallen on this story today. I am struggling with a leg and back injury. I am cut off from most of my family. I take most bible teachings with me everyday. I am a sinner and it ashames me. My want to be home with family hastens most interactions with people. I am happy because this stories beggining I hardly remember. I was usually being calmed down for bed, while it was read.
  • Joyce ahlijah on Jonah 1
    Jonah knew he was serving the great God as he told the people, yet he decided to be disobedient because he thought God will blush off his refusal to go to Nineveh for the assignment, may be as before; forgetting that lives are very precious to God and so He decided to give them a fair chance to repent and not perish. That is why God let Jonah taste a bit of the forthcoming punishment for Nineveh
  • Lu2677 on Jonah 1
    V. 17 "three days and three nights" Mon. day. Mon. night, Tue. day, Tue. night, Wed. day, Wed. night=3 days, daylight, 3 nights, darkness. It looks to me that it means what it says.
  • Debra T on Jonah 1
    Please explain how Jonah stayed in fish 3 days and 3 nights when it takes 24 hours to make a complete day/night. I hope this make sense because I was approach with this question. I tried every logic answer but was still challenged. Their point was that it was 4 days and 3 nights,
  • Ravindra Kumar on Jonah 1
    DearBrother sister Like most of us think, jonah also thought the same way, that people of nineveh should be punished, but they came under Gods mercy because of Repentence. lot learn from this ..
  • Nicole on Jonah 1
    i really enjoyed this chapter and it made me think about the extent God would go to show his love and mercy to mankind. God is so merciful and so loving that he will make a way when there truly is no way. had they thrown Jonah into the sea, he would have drowned or even been killed by something but what stood out to me was the fact that God PREPARED a great fish....... After doing some research, as big as the fish may have been, whether it be a whale or shark more than likely a whale it is impossible for one to swallow a human or anything that size whole. So God prepared the fish to swallow him number 1. Number two God had to stop the enzymes and stomach acid from digesting Jonah as well, and three, possibly he had to prepare the fish stomach so it could be large enough to hold Jonah. Perhaps i know there is even more to add, but just the thought of God preparing the fish to inhabit him was amazing and nothing short of a miracle and it shows the love and mercy of God. This chapter help me to understand the mercy of God in a different way than I have ever understood. God is truly love and he showed it even when Jonah was disobedient. He knows and understands the heart. He has a Job for us to do and he wants it done. Mercy truly does reign over judgment!
  • Ayodeji Ebenezer omotara on Jonah 1
    Jonah is a gift of grace despite his disobedience,God still showered him His grace.when he was threw inside the water,he was kept inside a belly of fish for three days and still alive,and because of his grace that God didn't want to kill him,helped others in the ship to be alive because the bible says where the sinners are being waged of there sins,the innocent would surely partake,if not others might perish with him.Jonah's deep sleepy is a sign of peace in trouble which always make some christians today to think they can be backslidding and still want God to understand,I.e God is not a forgottable God because He never forgotten that He sent him jonah an errands short word,we all need grace and mercy because no one is perfect like Jesus christ.
    Jonah, was a man of God,possibly an evengilist who had bad perception about the people of Neniveh, instead of listen to the voice of God he allowed his perception to overide God's instrution.
  • LIZZY on Jonah 1
    the lesson in this chapter is very broad. firstly, the people in the boat did not know the God of Jonah but through Jonah's disobedience to God, he got the opportunity to preach christ to them since they form the trinity God the father, son and the Holy Spirit . secondly,no man can hide from Gods purpose and plan, He said in his word that he knows the thoughts and plans for our lives.Jonah was trying to run frm God's thought and plans but GOD showed him that HE is God and creator of all things therefore, there's no hiding place frm the man of creation. thirdly, God is a God of yesterday, today and forever and when we trust him all other thing would be added unto us.
  • Aby on Jonah 1
    papah Arhin once u encounter God you get boldness of spirit to preach just like Paul, grace u get once you believe in God 's Son Jesus
  • David on Jonah 1
    Yes. Any who try to hide from God 's calling absolutely place the unsaved at risk because you are the conduit to knowing the one true God. With Jonah. As with Moses it is God 's facilitating of those who do not feel worthy but know the one True God. This is again displayed in Peter. Had Peter been successful in stopping the capture of Jesus there woukd be no conduit for salvation. All to display that God 's plan can not be altered by humans. Humans are woven by His hand in their mother 's womb, then corrupted by birth to live a live of sin until rebirth through His Holy Spirit as a child of God. The key about Jonah, he never prayed for God to kill him only for God to forgive him.
  • Danielle on Jonah 1
    I thank God for His mercy today, that though we deserve far worse punishments, we do not see them like Jonah did.
  • Stephen on Jonah 1
    Jonah 's disobedience to God 's clear call put the sinners around him in danger. When we disobey the things God clearly tells us, we put unsaved people maybe even those we love in danger.
  • Linda Hines-gordon on Jonah 1:6
    I think that is a good good story about jonah
  • Teye Amewudah Patrick on Jonah 1
    Obey simple instructions from God almighty and it shall be well with you
  • Papah Arhin on Jonah 1
    Life is not about you alone, it is about you and God. Whatever that hit you hit God. A good father always cares for His sons and knows the best for them. Therefore whatever you seek should not be of your benefit alone, think about God and what He says about you. I think Jonah did respond the words of the Lord because of fear. The fear of the people of Nineveh as God has told him their wicked. To preach Jesus you need an encounter with Him first, that will give you the Grace to preach Him. Jesus told the disciples not to depart but stay and wait for the Holy Spirit. But after the Holy Spirit had filled them everything that is to hinder them from preaching Jesus was destroyed.
  • Jay Kotek on Jonah 1
    I feel that, Jonah is a symbol of ordinary human who receive the message of God, who often ignore and go after mundane safety and pleasure, fall into trap perils of life, again the life and death situasion put him in utmost surrender to God, God is unconditional love, pour grace on him. These are symbolic representation of values of life, if anyone who goes after literal word by word interpretation then reach and remain in the peripheri, shall miss the principle of Divine.
  • Darrell on Jonah 1
    Just believe that God did use real people in this story on jonah and the big fish this was a time when God did a miracle to show that he is a for given God and will give you another chance to get it righ.
  • Barbara Lindsey on Jonah 1
    My comment was a question-Did Jesus use real people in His Parables? Chapter one showed Jonah running away from his assignment that Elohim God had given him, because of un-forgiveness. In the past the Assyria King took the Northern Kingdom into Captivity which was call "Samaria. " Nineveh was the capital of Assyria. Jonah was one of the first Missionary-Prophet who was call to go to a Gentile nation to preach against the sin of that city.
  • Teacher Barbara Lindsey on Jonah 1
    a teacher I knew when I ask a question about the Bible would answer me with a question. My question is "Did Jesus use real people when He taught parables? "
  • Amwayi Kakamega on Jonah 1
    God reveales his to those who dont know him
  • Amwayi Kakamega on Jonah 1
    God reveales his to those who dont know him
  • Kirklon Edwards on Jonah 1
    I think Jonas learn a great lesson

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